You've had enough Digital eye strain keeping you from running a marathon or late-night gaming session? There's nothing worse when encountering the ultimate boss than finding out that you haven't blinked once and they start to tear up, obscuring that last kill.

This is where a good cheap gaming glasses can help you . Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on a pair of glasses to wear indoors. We are here to help you: here are the 10 best inexpensive gaming glasses , between 15 and 50 euros.

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Gaming eyewear: The gamer's insurance policy

If you are a serious gamer who suffers from  headaches , sleep disturbances, blurred vision or red and dry eyes, gaming glasses can help you .

Whether you're a late-night gamer or a mid-day speedrunning marathoner, you can reduce these adverse effects with  blue light filtering and the anti-reflective technology of gaming glasses.

How to choose quality glasses at an affordable price?

woman wearing affordable gaming glasses

A good frame, chosen with care, will offer your eyes the comfort and safety necessary to be efficient throughout the day and have (almost) never doubts about your performance in game.

Pay attention to these 5 things:


It may sound superficial but if you feel good like a truck, you feel good, and if you feel good, your level of self-confidence increases and you can play better. Even if no one is watching you, you "see" yourself (#jcvd). Don't compromise on style, some glasses are affordable AND stylish.


Make sure your glasses are designed to be worn for a long time. Especially if you have headphones that will add extra pressure.


Your glasses should have a lens that filters UV rays, protects you from harmful blue light and prevents glare. Do not compromise on this point, especially on the protection against blue light.

Studies have shown that the most dangerous blue light is between 380 and 450 nanometers, so it's essential that you try to find glasses with glass that filters out more than 85% if you play intensely and/or are + sensitive or around 50% if you play normally and/or are not too sensitive to light.


That's why you're on this article if I'm not mistaken. The price of glasses can vary from 10 to several hundred euros. It is rare that a product under 20 euros is really serious (it may not even protect you) and beyond 80 euros, it will be more about aesthetics than performance.


Does the company you buy your glasses from guarantee them? We'll let you in on a little secret: there's only one pair with a lifetime warranty on this list (see our top pick).

Top 10 cheap gaming glasses

1 - Horus X | The Gaming One

Horus X gaming glasses

Price : 34.90 euros

Key Feature: The best blue light gaming glasses with 100% blue light protection at 400nm and 86% at [380-450] and UV light filtration with lifetime warranty.

Notable info:

We obviously think the Horus X are the best for their price, because that's what we wanted to do when designing them. But we don't need to convince ourselves (the whole team is already equipped and more than 100,000 gamers have already chosen these glasses ). Here are some + objective reasons why you could choose our glasses:

We offer glasses that offer you 100% blue light filtration at 400nm and 86% on the widest dangerous spectrum from 380 to 450 nanometers (look carefully at the other brands on this list and on the market, we are the only ones brand to do this).

Gone are the days when you closed your eyes to see your game unfold in an infinite loop (well almost). The Horus X glasses will help you preserve your sleep and have fewer headaches - and they're guaranteed for life, so we're happy to walk the talk.

Our glasses are designed specifically for gamers and we know how much gamers love to play over time. We therefore used temples and lenses made of polycarbonate, a light, flexible and ultra-durable material, for maximum comfort.

In addition, they are designed to fit comfortably under your helmet and are suitable for both men and women.

Finally, Horus X is committed to improving its environmental impact year after year. Members of the 1% for the planet association, which means that we donate 1% of our sales to non-profit environmental organizations that have a direct impact on our future (in 2021 it's more than 20,000 euros donated! )

2 - Gunnar Optiks | Vertex

gunnar's vertex glasses

Average price : 49.99 euros

Main assets : The focusing technology and their option of glasses in sight.

Summary :

It probably is the best known brand on the market (although this does not always mean the best quality, we are good players so we had to talk about it).

Whether that makes them better or not is definitely up for debate, but they make solid quality products and deserve to be in this top 10.

These are the only glasses on this list, except for the Horus X, which advertises the actual volume of blue light they filter out, with different lens options for different levels of 35, 65, 90, and 98% protection at 450 nanometers.

Strangely, they highlight this frequency instead of the high energy blue light spectrum (from 380 to 450) but at least they are a bit more specific than other brands.

One unique factor that Gunnar's boasts about is its claim to offer "focusing power" with a range of "focus" options available. It's unclear how effective this technology is, but they claim it allows for sharper, clearer vision (it gives us more headaches than anything else).

Without wanting to disparage Gunnar, we're not sure that's a good enough "plus", given that these glasses are much more expensive than regular gaming glasses. Also, some people feel extra tension with this zoom that isn't always natural, so you'll have to see for yourself.

Another feature that Horus X doesn't have yet (but will be available very soon) is that of eyeglasses . If you already wear glasses, this will be very useful for you to obtain additional protection. Prescription gaming glasses are essential if you need a specific correction for your eyes (the price will not be the same, however, you will have to see with the security and/or your health insurance fund to obtain a refund.

3. Horus X Gaming Glasses | Casual

Horus X casual glasses

Price : 34.90 euros

Main feature : Casual style with 100% blue light protection at 400 nm and 50% at [380-450] nanometers and UV filtration with a lifetime warranty.

Summary :

Alright look, we couldn't resist adding another pair of Horus X goggles, but we have a very good reason to do so.

These glasses are best suited for gamers who don't spend as much time staring at a screen and have need a more casual style to go out while being protected from UV rays or blue light from artificial lighting.

If you're less sensitive, only game an hour or two a day, or are a streamer or digital nomad, you might prefer these mounts as they're just that little bit lighter and sleeker. while offering optimal protection (50% on the broadest spectrum).

We're not going to brag too much here (we've already done that) but if you're looking for a more transparent and lighter lens, then our Casual glasses are your best bet.

Like our gaming one glasses, they will reduce glare and headaches, while improving your sleep by filtering blue light harmful. They're both anti-glare and anti-scratch, so the lifetime warranty will truly last, well...a lifetime.

And don't forget that by choosing Horus X, you can outdo all your friends by telling them that your glasses purchase has also helped the planet.

4. PlayStation Glasses

playstation gaming glasses

Average price : 23.99 euro

Main feature : A good price for a known brand.

Summary :

For their low price, these PlayStation glasses seem like a bargain even if their style is still to be desired.

They are the only glasses that can say they are an official PlayStation product , which for some may be reason enough to buy them.

Plus, they sport the PlayStation colors of blue and black, and are adorned with small X and square symbols on the temples - so they might not be made for hardcore Xbox fans.

In addition to offering the usual protection against UV and blue light, they boast of increasing the perception of contrasts and sharpening the details of digital screens.

Their tinted lenses change the color spectrum, which they say helps visual efficiency, which when playing a game with a ton of colors like Breath of The Wild can help your poor sore eyes.

They also market themselves as the perfect glasses for gaming marathons, claiming the natural arch and nose pads help eliminate fatigue and reduce nasal pressure. For their price, they are one of the best and cheapest gaming glasses available.

5. Syght Micron Computer Glasses

micron syght glasses

Average price : 39.99 euros

Main feature : Stylish enough to use outside your gaming room .

Summary :

One interesting thing about Syght glasses is that they all seem to be advertised with the exact same specs, regardless of model, with a standard "benefits of Syght" section on every product page, with no real explanation of the differences between the pairs. or any actual blue light filtering information they offer.

That being said, if you're looking for a standard pair of gaming glasses, these will do.

They are sleeker than the average gaming glasses, come in a variety of colors. You can go from game to real life without having to switch pairs.

Like all gaming glasses, their primary purpose is to offer blue light blocking technology (although Syght isn't very clear on the filtration numbers).

They also seem particularly proud of how light the goggles are, bragging that they're almost "weightless," which could be a big plus if you've always dreamed of going to space.

6. Cyxus Retro Blue Light Blocking Glasses

cyxus vintage glasses

Average price : 24.99 euros

Main feature : The retro look + cheap

Summary :

Cyrus has been designing glasses since 2009, a rather well-established brand specializing in cheap glasses.

These glasses are nice for the retro style gamer. The lenses are clear, the anti-blue light filtration is therefore not a plus, especially since the information regarding the filtration is not precise.

We don't recommend them for intense games and long sessions, but they do the job for lighter sessions.

There is not much more to say about these glasses. The best thing about them seems to be their style factor and the fact that Cyxus has made a name for itself in the eyewear market over the past few years. Beyond that, they don't have the fancy bells and whistles of more expensive pairs, but if you're looking for something simple, these glasses may do the trick.

7. Klim Optics Glasses

cheap klim gaming glasses

Average price : 29.90 euros

Notable point : 2 glasses for 2 uses

Summary :

Klim is a company specializing in the design of gaming accessories. They claim that their glasses stop 92% of blue light (on their yellow lens model) but do not specify on what wavelength. The shade is quite dark and should offer a good level of protection but difficult to know exactly. On the harmful spectrum we should be around 75-80%.

They offer two mounts that can help distinguish "casual" players from those who are up all night. These goggles are relatively popular, with good reviews, and are made of TR90.

They look a lot like regular glasses with a classic bridge frame. The style is a little old fashioned for our taste. A fairly basic goggle but offers good protection.

8. ATTCL Goggles

attcl gaming glasses

Average price : 19.99 euros

Notable Features : Pricing and Color Choices

Summary :

A nice variety of colored models with an announced filtration of 93% of blue light but, once again, no + indications and with this level of tint (their glass is hardly tinted) we have big doubts about this digit.

Overall, ATTCL goggles are not our favorite brand and could benefit from more information about their technology. They are mentioned in this guide because they are one of the most popular models in this price range, but we recommend looking elsewhere.

9. Gimdumasa

Gimdumasa glasses cheap

Average price : 20 euros

Main characteristic : An unpronounceable name

Summary :

They are simple and seem to do what is written on the offer but again no information on the precise filtration. There aren't any fancy extra features offered by many big name brands, but that's reflected in the price. They seem to do the basic job they're designed to do: they help reduce eye strain with blue light blocking lenses.

For a simple set with light frames and a rather nice style, this pair can be interesting.

10. Asiv Glasses

Asiv gaming glasses

Average price : 16 euros

Notable feature : the most cheap of the ranking

Summary :

The Asiv glasses are a bit odd with their pee yellow tint. Nothing sums up this scope better than the comment of one of the satisfied customers after his purchase:

Arrives in a glasses case that put the ultra cheap plastic limit you smell cancer. Otherwise the glasses are very yellow so do their job for the screens I think. Very cheap glasses, it's not high quality that will last for years but considering the price it's normal. So do the job cheaply but don't expect to keep them for 20 years.

Although they advertise that their glasses reduce the amount of harmful blue light, there is no information on the percentage or range in which they do so.

A very basic model for the smallest (soft) purses.

Cheap gaming blue light blocking glasses | The final word

All in all, if you're looking for the best cheap gaming glasses , it's hard not to choose Horus X. And if you don't, no hard feelings, we hope you've gotten all the information you need. need to find the right pair. All of these glasses will protect you to some degree from artificial blue light.

Less eye strain , less blurred vision, less long-term impact, and more in-game satisfaction. GG

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