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Welcome to Horus X

Our mission ? Propelling digital well-being to the heart of everyone's concerns (intensive gamer or keyboard pro), thanks to stylish glasses that you can wear with pride. Come see us quickly, we're here for you 👇

Team Horus X

The team behind the brand. Real people, at your service to protect your performance and your well-being and realize your full potential.

⭐️ Adopted by more than 210,000 people and recommended by the most discerning connoisseurs ⭐️

Our Commitments: What do we do here?

💎 Quality like never before
🛡️ Best Protection & Patented Techs
😎 Crazy Style
🔖 Incredible Prizes
🤯 Lifetime Warranty

+ 1% of our sales donated to the planet 🐻‍❄️


A French design, manufactured in the best optical workshops between Taiwan and China , the best components (used in ballistics), ANSI/CE standards, glasses approved by the FDA.

In fact, we are so confident that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our glasses. ( A message to - we will replace them or refund them completely at our expense. )

Ultimate Registered Protection ®

Ultra-targeted protection against harmful blue light between 380 and 450 nanometers and UV rays.

The most powerful and innovative filters on the market with unique treatments ( technology & patents registered ). More info here

For ultimate concentration, a cutting-edge range, and above all long-term protection. Your eyesight is not a gadget.

madness style

A beast of style for a refined, simple and effective eyewear. Our designers are the first to use our glasses!

We work for several months on each of the models to offer you a solid and durable style.

Revolutionary price

You can relax, focus on your game, we take care of the rest.

A premium bezel for a really affordable price. We have not found better elsewhere!

Lifetime warranty

We really trust our glasses. So much so that we not only offer you a lifetime guarantee , but also without returning the product.

If you have the slightest problem, write to us at, and we will refund you or return a pair at our expense.

No risk, buy with confidence

Emma sur un chemin de campagne équipée des lunettes de soleil anti lumière bleue Stockholm avec reflet violet

...and oustide

Good design is good for the planet. Respect for nature guides our creation and development process: built for a lifetime of adventures.

1% of our sales donated to associations that protect the 🌎

This year :

  • Earth and Humanism
  • Wings of the Ocean
The story of Horus X

Where does Horus X come from 🦅

We draw our inspiration from ancient Egypt, with a name that evokes the powerful protective god Horus, with the head of a falcon, the ultimate symbol of clear and piercing vision. The "X" that accompanies the name embodies the bold spirit of exploration and innovation.


The genesis

Between two games of Call of Duty or Dragon Ball Tenkaïchi but above all constantly in front of a screen in their taff...

Paul, Stéphane and Matthieu have been constantly exposed to "digital eye strain" (impact on sleep, fatigue, discomfort, consequence on well-being) for more than 10 years.

The problem

At the time, they are looking for solutions, and come across nameless horrors...

In these dark times, equipping yourself with screen glasses meant drawing a line under all social life by choosing to become Bono's low-cost look-alike.

The existing glasses were expensive, not certified, anything but modern, with ineffective filtration and with a style to decorate the goats.

One fine morning in 2016, the 3 friends took matters into their own hands.


The birth of the brand

With a certain expertise of Matthieu in optical technologies, they decide to create an involved brand, with an authentic link with its customers, a full remote team, a functioning against the current of traditional companies.

Marriage of a passion for gaming, optics, and entrepreneurship, Horus X was born.


The first glasses

The small team works for many months on innovative technologies and brand new designs.

They struggle and take a lot of walls, but they end up designing a first version of Horus X glasses at the end of 2017 which they are satisfied with...😬

The success is then immediate, confirming to the 3 friends that they were not the only ones to be confronted with this problem!

Lucas sur fond gris porte les lunettes de soleil anti lumière bleue de face avec une chemise en jean


Since then, the products have evolved...

Investments in R&D, support from innovation partners such as BPI France, development of proprietary technologies and new models.

Now Horus X is one of the galaxy's most successful leaders in eye protection 😍!

( conquest of the universe planned for 2030 🚀)