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⭐️ Gaming glasses adopted by more than 200,000 gamers and recommended by the biggest ⭐️

Need help choosing your gamer glasses?

Cover your back

Horus X signature patented filtration technology on simple & highly efficient frames.

Taking it to the next level

Powerful style, ultra-thin and adjustable ergonomic temples made of Horus X metal alloy, for perfect comfort with headphones.

For competition

Designed for competition and sportsmen: Patented technologies of high level, incredible curve, ultra light and comfortable frame.

Level 1 - Expert


The source of Horus X authenticity. The original, sleek, curved gamer's eyewear that has been used by over 100,000 gamers.


The ultimate casual round gaming glasses. The ultimate best seller with incredible comfort.


The gaming glasses for kids. Designed for thin faces and equipped with our best filters to protect their sensitive eyes.

Level 2 - Master

One Revo

The revolutionary evolution of the Gaming One. Even more stylish, even thinner, adjustable temples for an even more comfortable wear with a headset.

Urban Revo

Our Urban version metamorphosed with new metal Horus X alloy temples. As powerful as ever, unparalleled protection.


Level X - Legend 🔥

The pro gaming eyewear, developed for the sportsman. Streamlined, lightweight eyewear inspired by the best sports eyewear and infused with Horus X filtration technology.

A Horus X innovation

Rested vision, improved sleep, bionic concentration. The best anti blue light gaming glasses to perform like a god.

Thanks to Horus x Plasma® 86+ technology

All glasses have our proprietary technologies.
More info here about our filters

How to choose your gaming glasses?

Are you one of those people who want to understand everything in order to get the best gamer glasses? Wake up the engineer in you. Discover the basics of choosing a powerful pair of gaming glasses.

☀️ 100% Anti UV (A,B,C)

Ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful to your eyes. They are not very present indoors, but they sometimes manage to sneak through your window. The anti UV fitlre of your gaming glasses must imperatively filter these rays. No compromise here!

💙 Powerful anti blue light

Not all blue light is harmful! It is essential to filter it at the right time and on specific light frequencies. Depending on your use, you will have to use different filters.

During the day, the harmful part is limited to frequencies close to UV, in the evening, all the blue light can impact your health

🔴 [380-430] nanometers - Near 100% filtration on the ultra-harmful spectrum between 380 and 430 nanometers

🟠 [430-450] nanometers - Filtration to be adapted according to use. Ghost for daytime use in pass-through, Plasma for evening or intense use, Darkmatter for outdoor use.

✨ Anti-reflection

What is the purpose of the anti-reflective coating on the glasses? The anti-reflective coating is the final touch, the icing on the cake of a good gaming glasses. It allows to counteract all the bad reflections inside and outside the gaming glass. It's unbreakable for a pure vision by improving your color perception.

🌈 Color rendering

Clear or amber filter? The color of the filter greatly impacts your perception of the game. The lens of your glasses should be a perfect compromise between protection and perception. While yellow is generally used to filter blue light well on low-end glasses, additional technology must be incorporated to reduce any distortion.

⚒️ Materials

The design of exceptional eyewear is of course based on a choice of quality materials. Lightness, durability, compatibility with your skin. At Horus X we choose polycarbonate, the most versatile material in the optical field. Used in the world of ballistics!

👓 Ergonomics

Like any self-respecting gamer, you probably wear a headset over your glasses. Your glasses must fit over the headset to avoid painful contact points. Your glasses must be designed for long term comfort, without compromise.

✔️ Compliance with standards

This is really a minimum! And yet! A large part of the gaming glasses do not even respect the regulation (which is already very basic). In Europe, this is the standard EN ISO 12312-1 201. For America, we are talking about ANSI Z80.3.