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Tout ce que tu dois savoir sur cette lunette et ce qui fait d'elle la meilleure lunette anti lumière bleue ! Matériaux, filtration, monture, il te dit tout !

Horus X protects your eyes against blue light

Thanks to years of experience and registered technologies we can offer you today the best filtration of the market with glasses stopping more than 86% of blue light.

Whether you're a weekend gamer or an e-sport champion, whether you're a desk jockey or a digital nomad, Horus X creates innovative technologies that allow you to express yourself in your passion.

Choose your technology

For Gaming

Glasses that give you a superpower: the ability to play at your best longer without headaches or eye strain. Horus X Plasma® 86+ technology with amber lenses filters out up to 86% of harmful blue light.

For everyday screens

Des lunettes stylée que tu peux porter n'importe où et n'importe quand, avec n'importe qui sans ressembler à Bono. La technologie Ghost® 60+ des verres clear filtre plus de 60% de la lumière bleue nocive. De quoi finir tes journées en pleine forme.

For the great outdoors

The sunglass adaptation of our two now iconic frames: the ONE and the URBAN. Darkmatter® 96+ technology filters out over 96% of blue light and protects you from that nasty sun! It's just one more reason to get out in the fresh air.

Our most beautiful glasses for screens

Are you still looking?

Let us guide you and find the model that suits you:

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1% of our sales is donated to the planet

Horus X et l'environnement

We believe that good design is good for the planet. Respect for nature guides our design and development process: sustainable, no shortcuts and built for a lifetime of adventure.

Do you have any questions?

Vous vous dites soucieux de l'environnement mais vous produisez vos produits en Asie ?

Yes, our glasses are made in China and Taiwan!

Often synonymous with very poor quality merchandise (and even let's face it, often counterfeit),"made in china" or"made in taiwan" can on the contrary be a sign of quality in the optical industry 😍(as long as you meet certain criteria!).

We found the rare pearls: workshops and factories located between China and Taiwan (depending on the eyewear model, the materials used, the design "phase"), capable of respecting technical specifications and registered technologies 🔥

Nevertheless, we are aware of the environmental and social issues involved 👇👇👇

1/ Social

The factories and workshops with which we collaborate are carefully and frequently audited and comply with internationally recognized standards (notably the SA8000 norm), which guarantee humane and ethical manufacturing practices.

2/ Environment

Logistics : Our imports are mostly done by boat rather than by plane (we are currently working to favor the train).
Manufacturing: We are currently designing new frames using natural and recycled materials. At the same time, our factories respect the ISO 14001 standard.
Donations: We are members of 1% for the planet in order to be able to donate 1% of our sales to French associations that fight daily against the effects of climate change(in particular Terre & Humanisme)

+ More info here on our factories, certifications and labels

Is blue light really dangerous?

According to the Ministry of Health and the Anses report (2019):"Recent scientific data, taken into account in the framework of the new expertise, allow us to establish that the phototoxic effect on the retina of acute exposure (less than 8 hours) to blue-rich light is proven and that the role of chronic exposure of the retina (several years) to blue-rich light on the occurrence of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is also proven"

Everyone talks about it but few seem to really measure the impact it can have.

Unfortunately, some brands even add confusion and distrust, by not being transparent about the filtering offered.

The most harmful blue-violet light is that between 380 and 450 nanometers, because its very short waves are the most energetic and therefore the most harmful to the eye. These are the ones to be avoided.

With our Amber filters, you get over 86% filtration against the harmful spectrum. With our Clear filter, it is more than 60% of filtration achieved.

Every day, we are exposed to screens for about 6 hours, and the increasing use of new technologies leads to an overexposure of the eye to harmful blue light.

Visual fatigue, sunlight disorders are recognized short-term dangers. Vision loss (AMD), attention deficit (ADHD), potentially in the long term. Even if there is still a lot of research being done on the long-term effects, many effects are now recognized by the scientific community.

All our scientific references are at the bottom of this page here (click).

What is the difference with software? Are glasses really more effective than an application?

Software and applications block blue light directly on your computer or smartphone screen. They work either by transforming the color in the video driver or with a colored filter on top.

It's quite effective and frankly we recommend them, most of them are free! It is better to install a software than to do nothing. (our article here for more info on anti blue light applications)

But the protection is not complete. They are not able to block all the blue light emitted, or even to block the LED backlight.

The glasses protect you from all sources of blue light. It is difficult to reduce the blue light from your TV screen for example if you are playing in console mode, or when it comes to LED lights on the ceiling.

If you are in an environment where you are switching from one screen to another (group work, coworking, etc.), then blue light goggles also provide you with better protection.

If it's a question of price, we offer ultra-efficient models with our latest technologies, starting at 34.90€!

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Will the glasses distort the colors?

It depends on the intensity of your protection.

We have designed one of the strongest lenses on the market in clear lenses. In"Clear" filtration, the lenses offer an almost invisible color deformation for optimal protection for everyday use.

With the intense"Amber" lenses, we chose an amber-colored lens to minimize color distortion while providing truly intensive protection for the heavy player.(Our filters and technologies are among the best in the business.)

In any case, even with a slight color change, you'll adjust very quickly. In a few minutes, you won't even notice them anymore!

If you're a graphic designer or photographer and need a visual of your screen with an exact color, a quick look over the glasses and you're done.

Do you offer prescription glasses?

For the moment, we only offer our glasses in a standard model, without correction.

We are in the middle of developing these new models, which should be available in 2023

If you wear contacts, our glasses will fit you perfectly.

What is the difference with the opticians' filters?

Opticians now tend to offer an anti blue light filter on corrective eyewear, but we have to admit that we are not very satisfied.

The level of filtration offered is often very low, so check with your optician(mention the 380-450nm spectrum to make sure the answer is serious!).

+ More info on how blue light glasses work here

How are Horus X glasses different from the competition?

1/ The best technologies of the market

2/ A revolutionary price

3/ All your glasses guaranteed for life.

4/ An team ultra nice ❤️