Who doesn't dream of having their own gaming room? In the attic, the basement, in your bedroom or in a corner of your apartment, it doesn't matter! Everyone, right? Creating a gaming room requires expert knowledge. But just like in a video game, there are cheat codes and tips to boost your control room with a snap of your fingers (or joystick!). We've consulted with the top experts to give you the best tips on how to design a gaming room.

The importance of a gaming room for a gamer

Whether you're a Chocobo chick or an Ultimate Warrior, a gamer needs to have a place dedicated to his activity. And, there are several reasons for this:

  • To feel comfortable in his room
  • To be at one with his computer and to reach the top level of his performances all day everyday.
  • To have a place that reflects your personality in order to dive into your world without any external judgment.
  • To train without being disturbed by the real world.
  • And last but not least, it looks freakin' awesome!

The most important elements of a gaming room

There are two ways for a gamer to create a gaming room: to call upon an interior designer or to try this beautiful adventure for yourself.

We're in favor of the second option, because there's nothing more satisfying than being the architect of your own happiness! Isn't there?

In order to support you, like a teammate in a RPG fight, we've thought about the different details you'll need to consider.


Whether your room is small or large, with or without an attic, you'll need to think about the furniture that will make up your gaming Garden of Eden. In fact, you need to have a very clear vision of what you want in order to make the most precise choices.

The gaming desk

It will be the central element on which you will deploy your entire setup. It has to be the right size so that you can put all your equipment on it (one, two, three screens?). It also needs to fit in your room, so think carefully about these two details.

There are many gaming desk designers. We think of Eureka, ZLD (Z-Line Design) or Oplite and R2.

cool gaming room with vibrant rgb colors

The shelves

If you have the possibility, maybe you will appreciate adding one or several shelves to gather all your console games, your magazines, your favorite figurines of Naruto or other incredible accessories which bring you luck in the middle of the game.

Lighting of your video game room

Lighting is one of the most important elements of a gaming room. The layout of the different lights that will decorate your room must be thought with a logic of comfort for your eyes, but not only!

First of all, good lighting will allow you to be completely immersed in your gaming room by bringing an atmosphere that will echo your tastes and your expectations in terms of brightness.

Secondly, there are smart lights that combine and synchronize perfectly with the light of your game, in real-time, to reflect the same light of the game in your room. This technology is really interesting to get the most out of your gaming experience.

Finally, a calm and comfortable light also helps to reduce the visual fatigue that can occur after long hours of hard fighting on Crusader Kings III.

a compact gaming room in a corner

If you are looking for more details about the lighting for your setup, we have made a very detailed article on our blog: Lighting for your gaming setup | Our recos

Gaming decoration

A gaming room is a space for expression, yours, and nothing else. That's why the decoration will take on a very particular meaning. Earlier, we mentioned furniture. The decoration finds its place among the furniture. You will be able to install all that you wish: your library of mangas, your collection of figurines, your gadgets of any kind.

On the walls, get creative. Wall art makes everything else pop Why not hang your original limited version replica of Aragorn's beloved Elendil sword? Or how about posters of games that have marked your childhood forever?

If you search the Internet, you can also find a lot of items to complete your room decoration. But we're sure you already have something to hang on your walls and put on your furniture.

The accessories

A gaming room is only complete when you add the final accessories. Among these last minute items, we think of:

  • Cable organizer: We don't always think about it, but... if you don't want your gaming room to look like the Nebuchadnezzar (you know, the ship in The Matrix!), then think about getting a cable organizer to keep everything connected and organized. You'll see, it's a really good tip!
  • The gaming seat: We could have put it in the furniture at the beginning, because it is indeed important. The gaming chair will depend on your gaming style, your posture, the comfort you are looking for but also on the decoration of your room. The sound system: Dolby Surround, speakers, headphones, in-ear monitors... the choices are plenty (so toss a coin to your witcher). Always choose a quality sound that can isolate you from outside noise so that you can be immersed in the game, as if you were playing a game of Jumanji.

gamer with audio headset looking at a gaming screen

The setup and gaming equipment

The best for last! The setup and gaming gear is of course the most important part of your gaming area. Since this part deserves a lot of details, the best thing to do is to click on the following links to discover our in depth articles on how to create the best gaming setup - for beginners and pros:

In it we talk about everything in your PC gamer from screen type to keyboard to gaming chairs...

Examples of gaming rooms and our comments

This time, no bad jokes about setups as we did in a previous article: the worst gaming setups.

No, this time, we're going to offer you three images that we'll comment with you to give you some practical and tactical advice.

Gaming room setup 1

Our selection of a good gaming room with beautiful lighting

In this image, the gamer has favored ergonomics and sobriety. He opted for a glass and metal table to ensure stability and security during the game. The light is soft and particularly well chosen in order to give a fantasy atmosphere. It seems that it is even synchronized with the image of the screens.

We may advise a gaming chair more design and more adapted to long time of game.

Gaming Setup Idea 2

Our second selection of a good gaming room with natural decor 

This time we have the image of a gaming room that seems to have adapted itself to the design of the house. With its exposed stone wall, this gamer has tried to merge the two worlds: that of his home with his ambition to play. We find the glass and metal table for a solid desk. We appreciate the idea of the suspended PC tower, in a glass frame, which highlights the hardware and power aspect of the setup.

However, we regret the lack of customization of the room and this light that does not work too well with the salmon colored wall (and this green trash can ... yuck!)

Gaming room idea 3

 Our third selection of a dark gaming room

For this image, we appreciate the large wooden desk and angle that allows installing these two large screens well. The luminous mouse pad works wonderfully with the rest of the LED string lighting installed behind the screen. The figurines add a personal touch to the setup and the tower with its clear shell is the icing on the cake.

We would have liked to see a little more, with something hanging on the wall perhaps, but these details really belong to the gamer, his or her taste and what he or she was looking for in terms of atmosphere.

Ultimate Setup: the perfect gaming room?

A huge setup for a modern gaming room design

Last but not least. This is really the gaming room of the future to get directly into that video game vibe. A design of this type obviously implies a substantial budget. It is difficult to find negative sides to a style so well thought out and particularly well thought out to offer players the best gaming experience. But, if we want to criticize it, we would say that it lacks a personal touch, to make this gaming room, HIS gaming room.

Now if you really want to splurge you could also turn your gaming room into something extra : pool table? Board games? Arcade games? Ping pong table? Foosball table? The sky is the limit!

Final thoughts : Put ideas in your gaming room

Creating your own gaming room is not as complex as you might think. Sure, it can be time-consuming and a bit expensive, but with a little patience and a lot of love and passion, you should be able to create the gaming room of your dreams!

To find answers to your questions, we'd like to remind you that our blog has several other articles on how to perfect your gaming room, just like the links we've added to the article.

Don't hesitate to check them out, we're sure you'll find some useful information! And if you're looking for more ideas, we suggest you check out the TOP Gaming Setups from Randomfrankp excellent Youtube channel:


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