Despite a particularly precise optimization of your hardware, you still have the impression that your gaming setup is as bad as your grandmother on Mario Kart.

Fear not, we'll try to give you some confidence back by showing you that your setup is far, far from being the worst gaming setup in the world.

So, are you ready to discover the unthinkable? The ugly? To live a horror movie version of PC setup? Alright, then let's get to it.

Why have the worst gaming setup?

When you see the title of this article, we can imagine your surprise. You must be thinking that this is it: we've gone crazy, our motherboards have gone out of order, we're totally buggy... but no! We really think (or not) that having the worst gaming setup is an interesting alternative!

Why? For the few reasons below...

To stand out is to play a different game!

That's right! This aphorism should be the credo of all gamers: to stand out, play the difference! Just in the middle of a game, if your attack strategies are different, chances are you'll win more than the average person. Why shouldn't it work with your gaming setup? Be different!

Shine through the worst, not the best

In our society, we've come to believe that beauty and performance are everything. What if we tried to shine differently? How about it? What do you say? Would you like to try?

Well, if you're not into it, because all you want to do is become the greatest pro gamer, we can also suggest you another article: How to become a pro gamer (in progress).

But, we really invite you to read the rest, at least for a little joke.

A nerdy setup is the new cool

Let's leave the trend to those who care. Let's go back to the basics, the classic, the old-fashioned.

A setup that looks more like Magikarp than Blastoise doesn't mean it won't be classy - especially when you know that a Magikarp becomes a Gyarados, which means everything!

Magikarp pokemon

The ingredients for the lamest gaming setup

If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that gamers are full of creativity.

With just a few clicks on the Internet, you can find a phenomenal amount of photos of setups that are as burlesque as they are scary. In fact, there are so many that it's hard to know where to start.

However, nothing stops us and we took the time to gather the best of the worst, to give you some ideas if ever the crazy idea of having a totally lame setup came to your mind...

Here you will find the ingredients to get a lousy gaming setup very quickly.

A computer that looks like a Soviet-era apartment building

Forget about stylish gaming PC towers that look like tuned cars like Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift. Instead, go back to the good old-fashioned bike, straight as an "i", as high as the Montparnasse Tower.

The idea is to have an ugly block, like a tombstone in Medievil, with relative performance, like i5 or worse with a Pentium 3 processor. Do you see where we're going with this?

No, seriously, to have the worst gamer setup, you really have to do yourself a favor and go for cheap, no-design, frigid capabilities - but, that can still run 3.5" floppies or the game demo CD-Roms released in Joystick Magazine, in 1999.

A screen from the Windows XP era

We continue the descent into hell with the choice of the screen. First of all, you will have understood, we are talking about ONE screen. Two screens is already a level above.

Very old computer screen

To find the perfect screen, you have to bet on a screen that hardly reaches 1080p resolution. You can easily find them in flea markets (not the cat ones!).

Again, you have to bet on a sober, gothic gray design with old stickers of questionable teenage bands that are half torn off.

If the screen looks grungy, it will be perfect for the worst setup of the year!

Speakers as old as the presidents (or Walkman headphones)

As far as the sound system is concerned, we're not going to be picky either. There are two possibilities: either you get speakers or headphones. Both are possible, but you have to stay sober and avoid the superfluous!


There's a wide choice here. You can go with budget speakers, which will go perfectly with your gaming set.

If you're going for a dark, dull setup, with gloomy colors, like a gray that reminds you of a depressed Monday morning, or an off-white Togepi style, then choose a very colorful speaker design to totally miss out on the coherence of tones and colors... because yes, the lack of taste is also what makes a lousy setup!


We were talking about a Walkman headset in the title but it was not a joke. Yes, we don't skimp on suggestions, we really want you to be on top of the worst setup.

Horrible looking headphones

Walkman headphones are nowadays works of art placed in technology museums, but it is still possible to find them. There is a desperate seller on Ebay who is willing to make a few bucks on the sale of a headset.

Otherwise, you can always look at other models. You probably have an old headset lying around from your college days that you could dust off and reconnect with old memories - like listening to Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid soundtracks.

(And if, by chance, your headphones or speakers crackle, then you've hit the jackpot!)

A gaming mouse straight from the office

Maybe your parents still use them, but if you can ever get your hands on a mouse with a gum ball in the middle, that's just fine, you can't beat it!

Joking aside, there's always that "Office" section in big shopping malls where you can find nice desktop mice in simple designs, without neon effects under the chassis. Generally, these mice are the ideal object to end up with joint pains after two years of use - on the other hand, they hardly know obsolescence. It's an investment for life! And... an essential investment for the worst gamer setup!

A keyboard with big, noisy keys

When it comes to gaming keyboards, there are several schools of thought: those who appreciate the responsiveness of mechanical keys and those who prefer the flexibility of membrane keys.

But what we are interested in is a keyboard with no ergonomics, no illuminated keys, no technical specifications. Nothing. Just letters on black or white squares that you press!

old beige keyboard

You're really going to tell us that we're exaggerating, but when it comes to achieving perfection, we're not kidding. So you've got an old keyboard sitting in your attic that could do the trick, right?

The desk straight out of a CIA interrogation room

Here again, you'll have to go all out. Choosing the right gaming desk to support your entire setup from hell is going to take some serious thinking. We have several ideas to help you find the 7th wonder of the gamer desk world:

  • A Louis 16 style desk to really make sure it doesn't "clash" with your computer equipment at all;
  • An industrial design table, heavy as cast iron, that will never move once installed in your gaming room;
  • An ironing board.

The ugly chair that creaks, that hurts your back, without armrests

Again, there's no shortage of ideas and we really think you'll find the perfect piece of furniture to sit on.

Some ideas to help you out:

  • A beer keg of questionable quality
  • A stool - basic stuff
  • A dusty old Rococo chair
  • A beanbag in the shape of Ronflex or Dr. Robotnik (and even that is stylish!)
  • Your old uncle's rocking chair with its linen cushions that still smell of pipe tobacco.

old stuffed chair in the grass

The TOP 3 worst gaming setups for video games

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. It may be hard for you to match all these wonderful ideas to your crazy setup. To put words to pictures, we've scoured the depths of the web to find the worst gaming setups. So, here we go, let's finish with a bang!

N°1 - The DIY Gaming setup 

two screens mounted on a plank held together by blue moon beer packs


Worst gaming setup - Discovered on ThinkComputer s website

N°2 - The classy (but not too classy) setup

horrible gaming setup with even worse gaming chair


Setup for dummies - Discovered on the GameByte website

N°3 - The Apocalypse setup

Monitor on an ironing board


Worst gaming pc setup - Discovered on Reddit

Dare to be the best of the worst

You will have understood, this article is obviously full of humor and second degree. However, it's a nice way to realize that you probably don't have such a bad setup after all. As long as you are equipped with the right gaming glasses, nothing can be that bad.

Never forget that there will always be better and worse in the competitive world of gaming. The important thing is to enjoy yourself and to be able to play, no matter what hardware you use.

Well... we hope you don't play on an ironing board!

If this is the case, we have a very complete article to help you make a great setup for not very expensive: Best gaming setup for beginners.

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