Do you want to start in the world of gaming? Your budget is as thin as Slender Man? And… you don't know how to choose your material? Freeze! You have come to the right article!

Going headlong into putting together a good setup is not without difficulty . In addition, if you know little about this jungle of computer equipment, you will quickly tear your hair out.

Do not panic ! We have taken the time to study the best of the moment for beginner gamers. Discover in this article our proposals and the best gaming setup for novice players.

In this article :

  • What does a good beginner gaming setup mean?
  • The basis of the beginner set up: the computer
  • Devices and accessories at a good price/quality ratio
  • The Horus-X beginner's recommendation


A good gaming set up for beginners - our roundup

Setting up a good gaming set up , when you start in the gaming world, can become a real adventure. Generally, we want the simplest, the cheapest , the best quality/price ratio. Even if the budget is tight, we still want the most efficient : it's normal!

A gaming installation is made up of different elements that will determine your well-being, your experience and your comfort when playing games. A good setup is not only a question of hardware performance but also a precise reflection of ergonomics of your space, to have the best ease and gaming experience. In other words, the Feng Shui of the gamer.

gaming setup for beginner simple cheap 2021

From one opinion to another, from a Google search to another, you will come across a lot of proposals on how to build your gaming station. Others will advise you to approach certain specialized sites to find the perfect config according to your needs and your wallet. There are several schools.

At Horus-X, we prefer to see things in detail, with precision, because – as we do with our own products, every ingredient counts! And, a good setup is a set of elements that will impact your performance:

  • A computer
  • One or more screens
  • A work plan (desk or gaming table)
  • A gaming chair
  • A special gaming keyboard
  • Protective glasses
  • High quality headphones
  • A microphone and camera (if you want to stream)

We've done a lot of careful research so you can build a high-quality gaming station – and without spending too much!

The engine of the beginner setup - the computer

Before getting into the technical details, there are several things you should know. To make it easier to read, we've answered some questions you need to ask yourself before setting up your PC installation.

Laptop or desktop computer?

This is an essential question. However, we assume that if you want to get into gaming, it makes more sense to focus on a powerful desktop computer .

PC pre-configured or to assemble yourself?

If your nerdy side takes over, and if you feel totally confident with your handyman skills, then assembly is the best way to enjoy building a set up.

If you are more cautious or just a little lazy, then a pre-configured PC will do the trick. The main thing is what's inside .

What is my budget?

This is the thorniest question. How far are you willing to go? 500€? 800€? 1000€? To stay within reasonable budgets, we believe that a range between 500€ and 1000€ can allow you very good things.

cheap gamer setup 800 € 1000 euros

Now let's see how to build a cheap computer with a tiger inside.

The motherboard: the heart of your PC at an affordable price

It is through this centerpiece that everything will happen. The criteria to keep in mind when choosing this element are:

  • the format : this is the size of the box and its various possible options. To understand everything - an explanation link on motherboard formats .
  • sockets : these are the connectors used to interface a processor, for example.
  • chipsets : this is a specific circuit that makes all the components work. This is what determines the number of USB ports, the type of processor, the type of hard drive, etc.

These are generally limited in functionality when you are on the entry level. You have to choose the one that best suits your use .

cheap gaming setup

For a gaming machine, if you are thinking of overclocking (practical to make your PC faster), you will have to bet on cards with components that can withstand the shock.

Nevertheless, it is possible to find superb motherboards between 100€ and 200€ at Asus, MSi or Gigabyte .

Our recommendations

For 100 €: GIGABYTE B460M DS3H
For 130 €: MSi B450 GAMING PLUS MAX


The processor: the IQ of your computer at a lower cost

If you want to weigh in the game of the processor, you should know that: the more threads you have, the better.

Why are you telling us?

Quite simply because with the arrival of new generations of consoles, the power of processors has taken a hit . PS5 and Xbox Series X pack 16-thread, 8-core processors. So, to keep up to date, let's say that the standard would be to have a processor with between 12 and 16 threads .

simple gaming setup

For beginner budgets, we think of the Ryzen 5 3600 at 200€ with performance to make cards like the i7 9700K (which sells for 500€) blush. The Ryzen 5 is really our best advice, with its 12 threads and a good lifespan.

Our recommendations

For 200€: AMD RYZEN 5 3600 ( our favorite ♡ )
For 100€: INTEL CORE i3-9100F ( only 4 threads, which could be obsolete very quickly on big games)

The graphics card: reasonable prices for crazy images

There is a wide range of amazing graphics cards on the market today. In terms of budget, but also a quality setup that will hold up over the long term , we would tend to offer an entry-level card from Nvidia or AMD. A classic.

However, choosing a graphics card also depends on the screen you will have , the type of games you will become a pro on – and above all, the quality you would like to achieve.

So we have to find an interesting compromise for you.

GPU graphics card beginner simple gaming setup 2021

We think RTX or Gigabyte cards are very interesting. We looked at what was the craziest in 2022 from these manufacturers: with several fans, correct consumption for long playing times, with also good software compatibility.

As a result…

Our recommendations

Under €100: Nvidia GeForce GT 1030
Under $200: Nvidia GeForce RTX 1650s (excellent choice for HD gaming)


Random access memory or RAM: reduced prices to remember

Nowadays, 8GB of RAM is enough, although having 16GB at a good price will not be a denial. In any case, it will always be possible to add memory modules later , if you need them.

On the manufacturer side, there are several names that are synonymous with quality: Kingston, Crucial, Corsair.

Regarding the technical prerequisites, you should know that the RAM speed influences the number of FPS (the number of images per second), which is very important in gaming practice. If the memory access is too long between your components, the result will be noticeable on the screen.

Whether you use an Intel or AMD processor, always choose a RAM model with a very high MHz frequency (usually above 3200 MHz) with a low CL. The CL corresponds to the data routing latency between the reception of an “ I click to shoot ” command and the internal reaction time “ My character shoots ”. The lower it is, the shorter it will be and therefore, you will have a better gaming experience.

gaming setup for beginners

In gaming configurations, DDR4 technology is the standard for RAM . This technology offers an exemplary speed of 2133MHz in base frequency and a better balanced energy consumption.

Our recommendations

For less than 100€:

Ballistix Sport LT 16GB ( 2 x 8GB ) DDR4 2666MHz CL16
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO Series 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200MHz CL16

Hard disk or storage: large memory for low prices

For a beginner's budget, it is better to start with a 7200rpm HDD to store your games and an entry-level SSD that will act as an installation disc – in order to favor a loading speed on this disc and get better response times.

If you want to have lots of games, then favor a large storage capacity on an HDD. There are great prices for different storage sizes.

Food: find out about the best deals online

Without a good power supply, the various components of your computer will be damaged in the long term because each part of your machine is subjected to variable overvoltages and undervoltages . That's why you always have to think carefully about what you want in order to ensure a long life for your equipment.

Among the manufacturers, the mainstay of the PC power supply is the Seasonic company… they are so good that most of the other power supply suppliers go through them to design their products.

But… which power should you choose?

Everything will depend on the hardware your computer uses, and especially the graphics card – which is the most energy-consuming component.

If your graphics card uses XXX Watts, you must add this number to the consumption of your processor, then to that of your motherboard, the fan, etc. to have an overall view of the consumption of your PC.

You are lost with all this. ? There are online tools that allow you to do the math - here is a link to one of those calculators .

A tip :

Choose a power supply of at least 650 to 750 Watts. The names White, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium correspond to the performance certifications of the different power supplies.

Our recommendations

For less than 80€:

Corsair CX – 650W
Seasonic S12III – 650W

Ventilation system: gear for breathtaking prices

Two types of ventilation are possible: air cooling or water cooling . In the case of the latter, the installation of the device can be a little perilous if you want to set up your setup, all by yourself.

gaming setup for beginners 2021 cheap graphics card

Fans or air cooling are still excellent ways to cool your computer . There are also great products at Noctua or even at the manufacturers Zalman or Thermaltake who have designed very high quality gear for incredible prices.

Our recommendations

For less than 30€:

Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO

The computer case: a beautiful adornment for a few deniers

The choice of case is a matter of feeling , but you still have to know that some of them can be poorly designed, letting through the vibrations and noise of the various components that run at full speed when you play like a chef.

At reasonable prices, there are a few well-established manufacturers: Fractal Design, Cougar, Corsair, Antec, Cooler Master … all of them offer neat, hyper-insulated designs with a high level of finish.

I think you can find your happiness for less than 50 euros at one of them.

Namely : the size of a case is also made in relation to the formats of the different components that you want to add inside it.

Our recommendations

For less than 50€:

Zalman T7 Black Case
Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 5

The screen: the cockpit of your fighter plane at a dizzying price

Finally, we come to the choice of screen. This is where all things are going to happen. It's the view of your ship, where you will measure yourself against others, where you will fully feel the emotion of the game.

For a good classic gaming setup , the standard recommendation is to have a screen of 24 inches minimum, 34 inches maximum . As far as the format is concerned, we recommend 16: 9 which offers better reading for the gaming experience.

A player station generally has 2 to 3 screens, but for a beginner, we will stay on 1 or 2 medium-sized screens to start quietly.

The screen definition:

The more you want a precise image, the greater the amount of information on the screen. Therefore, the definition you want will also depend on the capabilities of your graphics card .

There are many screen resolutions : HD, HD+, FHD, FHD+, DCI 2K, QHD, QHD+, UWQHD, UW4K, 4K UHD, DCI 4K … Yes, I know, sounds like the name of the weapons on Warzone…

A classic 24-inch screen has a definition of 1920 x1080 (i.e. FHD).

And, for a beginner, it's already the best!

make a nice gaming setup 2021 newbie beginner

The type of slab:

The slab is the screen. In gaming, it must be reactive, with excellent colorimetry, good contrasts and offer a good viewing angle.

For video games, it is recommended to turn to IPS (In-Plane Switching) or TN (Twister Nematic) panels . If you want to do some FPS on your new setup, make sure that the response time of the IPS panels is under 5ms... for supreme in-game comfort.

The refresh rate:

This is the number of frames per second that your screen generates. This value is expressed in Hz and varies between 50 Hz and 240 Hz. The higher the frequency, the more fluid the game will be and therefore, the more time you will have to kill the enemy before it is him who takes care of it. .

For fast games, 144Hz is the minimum . This will reduce motion blur, latency or even image tearing.

On the other hand, it is useless to go through a 144 Hz screen if your graphics card does not have the capacity to run the machine.

Our recommendations

Less than 200€:

ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD

Less than 150€:

AOC G2460VQ6 (75Hz)
Acer KG241Qbmiix (75Hz)

Less than €100:

Acer SB230

Devices and accessories at the best value for money

Once your machine beast is ready, you will need other equipment before venturing into Azeroth.

setup gaming accessory cheap beginner 2021


The table or desk: this is what your future as a gamer will rest on

To hold all your brand new config, you need a stable, wide and solid table, with a good height , to play in peace.

You have to be able to put all your equipment on this work surface. The height is also very important in order to avoid back problems, recurring among passionate gamers.

This is why solidity and sobriety will be the key words for your very first setup.

You can find very affordable gaming desks at Oplite or Berserker , or simply in a furniture store.

The chair: a good throne generally makes a good king

To reach the level of the best players, a beginner spends as many hours playing as a pro gamer . So he needs a comfortable chair that will allow him to swallow up days of play without having a sore back.

The details that should concern you are: the seat, a good height, the possibility of adjusting the chair, comfortable armrests .

There are very good offers online. Take a look at OFM ESS, GTRACING E-Sports or Hbada Gaming Chair.

The helmet: immerse yourself, to become one with the game

Sound design in video games today is incredibly fine. Playing with a good quality headset can also help you better hear the arrival of an opponent or the call of a teammate in distress. And then, with the explosion of multi-player, a headset (with microphone) is still the basis!

Beginner gaming setup headset

A good headset is first and foremost a clear and precise sound reproduction, without forgetting comfort.

There are different models: circum-aural, intra-auricular, with or without noise cancellation, with or without microphone, in stereo or Surround.

In the low prices , we have selected some very good products: Corsair HS35 ( 50€ ) / Logitech G332 ( 45€ ) / Hyper X Cloud Stinger ( 40€ )

The keyboard: where the action takes shape 

The keyboard is your control panel . There are different types, for all kinds of players. For gaming, turn to a responsive keyboard that will allow you to play like a pro.

keyboard setup simple gamer gaming beginner

Our shopping leads : Corsair k55 RGB keyboard ( €60 ) / MSI Interceptor DS4200 Gaming Keyboard ( €50 ) / Spirit Of Gamer Pro-k5 ( €25 )

The mouse: a few clicks for gear that slams

Ergonomics, grip comfort, weight, wired or not, laser or optical… so many questions for such an important element in the accessories of a gaming setup. Today there are many models for many prices.

Our recommendations : Razer DeathAdder Elite mouse ( €40 ) / Logitech G203 LightSYNC ( €30 ) / Corsair Harpoon RGB Pro ( €25 )

Gaming glasses: the eye-catching accessory

To quickly reach the level of the pros, you will have to train and spend long hours refining your performance.

To protect your eyes from screen light and prevent them from getting tired too quickly , we strongly recommend that you equip yourself with special gaming anti-blue light glasses.

At Horus-X, we have a pair of glasses that combines the highest protection rate on the market with a unique design for an unbeatable price.

To consult this model: discover our online store .

Our special beginner Horus-X recce

After so many tips for you to start in the best conditions, we couldn't finish without giving you the special beginner PC Horus-X recce .

Horus-X Beginner Gaming Setup Computer

The Horus-X computer for small budgets

Motherboard: GIGABYTE B460M DS3H – 100€
Processor : AMD Ryzen 5 3600 : €200
Graphics card : Nvidia RTX 1650 : €200
RAM Memory : Corsair RGB Pro Series : €100
Hard disk : Storage 1TB 3.5 – 7200 RPM: 50€ (+150€ to add a main SSD disk)
Power supply : Seasonic S12III : €60
Ventilation : Cooler Master Hyper TX 3 Evo : €25
Computer case : Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 5 : €70

Total: 800€

For a beginner setup, a budget between 700€-800€ will allow you to get great gear to perform like crazy on the majority of people at the moment.

Then all you have to do is equip your machine with a screen and the best accessories recommended in the article to obtain the most appropriate comfort for your gaming posture .

Before you go play with your new PC...

We hope that these many tips can help you in this quest for your first gaming setup. It is obvious that there are different ways to set up your gaming station and optimize it later.

If you have any doubts about something, if you need additional information, do not hesitate to ask us your questions in the comment space below, we will be happy to help you.

Until then, happy editing and happy gaming!

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