Dirty glasses can feel like you’ve just taken a faceful of ink from a blooper. Staring through smudges can make real-life seem like it’s in 1080p, taking you out of a good gaming experience.

Whether you’re an all-the-time glasses wearer or just someone who exclusively uses them for blue light filtration when gaming, it’s important you know how to take care of your equipment.

Why is it important to keep your glasses clean?

The most obvious reason you should keep your glasses clean is to see more clearly but the most important reason that goes far beyond simple convenience is that cleaning gaming glasses will help protect your eyes, as well as your own health.

Dirty Lenses = Extra Eye Strain

If you’re wearing a pair of gaming glasses, computer glasses or any type of blue light blocking glasses, it’s probably because you’re looking to reduce digital eye strain and harmful blue light.

If your lenses are dirty, it is decreasing your vision, your perception of details and you have to squint even more to make that kill shot.

This leads to eye fatigue, which is the exact thing you bought the glasses to avoid. 

Gamer with clean gaming glasses

Dirty frame = Dirty Face

Imagine little green splodges dancing all over your face - that’s what's happening when you don’t keep your glasses clean.

There are natural oils on our faces and fingertips, so every time you handle glasses or put them on your face, you’re exposing them to these dirty oils and bacteria.

Over short-medium periods of time it is no big deal (guilty as charged) but after some time, grime and gunk build-up, so it's important to give them a good cleaning to avoid turning into Nemesis. 

How to clean gaming glasses

Everyday glasses wearers may be more familiar with maintaining their glasses cleanliness, but that's not to say they're not missing a trick or two.

1. Microfiber Lens Cloth

The easiest and best way to clean glasses is using your microfiber lens cloth. If you’re wondering what that is - you know the cloth you see in glasses cases? That’s it!

A microfiber lens cloth is a must-have for any glasses wearer. You may already have one, or you can purchase it cheaply online. It’s a good way to get into the corners and wipe away little bits of debris and grime without smearing it across the lenses.

Although sometimes something else (like your shirt or a paper towel) may be in easier reach, those are grimier than you think.

After all, they’ve been exposed to the elements of nature and they have also been lying against your skin, so they’ve absorbed scratchy micro particles and some of your natural oils, which you probably don’t want transferred to your lenses.

Microfiber is designed to pick up tiny particles and grease. This means it is more effective at picking up and holding dirt than regular clothes, guaranteeing your lenses remain scratch-free and grime is wiped away effectively.

microfiber cloth cleaning gaming glasses

2. Glasses Cleaner / spray

A microfiber cloth alone is a quick fix, but to make your glasses squeaky clean and fully blemish-free, the most effective solution is a lens cleaner. It’ll move the more stubborn streaks. Just wiping down your glasses with a cloth may not.

You can buy lens cleaners at a reasonable price online, and even Tingle could figure out how to use them.

Simply spray each side of your glasses from about 10 centimeters away and then wipe them down with your microfiber cloth for sparkling clarity.

But beware! Not all lens cleaners are created equal.

Some cleaners are simply too harsh for glasses equipped with more delicate technologies.

Make sure to check that the cleaner you choose is Anti Reflective Coating compatible (should be written in the back).

Spraying gaming glasses

3. Dish soap and warm water

You're still here? Your glasses were dirtier than I thought. Ok, let's get the big guns out. If your glasses are not getting clean enough after the first two methods, you may have accumulated too much dirt.

We can dissolve that using dish soap (we recommend Dawn) with warm water.

Notice, we say warm, not hot. Very hot water can damage the protective coating on lenses and leave them susceptible to damage. And if you live in a hard water area, consider using filtered water to avoid potential scratching.

How to: Place a drop of dish soap on each lens, rub it in and run your gaming glasses under warm water, before gently wiping clean with your microfiber cloth.

Note: Be careful what dish soap you use and be sure not to substitute our suggestion here with a chemical cleaner like acetone or nail polish remover that will actually end up damaging the plastic of your frames. 

4. Compressed air

After your glasses took a dip, one way of drying them is by using compressed air.

You can also use it beforehand to remove small specks of dirt or dust without risking scratching the lenses.

A short blast to each lens will dislodge any pesky bits without pushing them across the lens and scratching it. This way, when it comes to using the lens spray or hot water, it should only be tackling any smudges or fingerprints.

5.  Get an expert to help 

If your glasses are truly clogged up, and I mean Lara Croft after a day of tomb raiding dirty, then sometimes it’s best to let the professionals take over. 

Eye doctors have special cleaning devices in store that will shake out the debris from those hard to reach places, and ensure your lenses are squeaky clean upon their return. 

How to clean the frame

This tip will remind you of our previous step number 3 to clean the lens. Lukewarm water and dish soap is your best bet to keep your glasses clean and your skin and eyes healthy. 

First of all, rub a little bit of dish soap all over your frame and with extra love on contact points (temples, nose pad). 

Rinse under lukewarm water and dry with your microfiber cloth. 

That's it! You are now cleaner than 99% of all glasses wearers. 

Cleaning glasses with Doctor Eye Health 

Extra tip: Be gentle and use a protective case

Every time you carry your glasses without their case, you increase the likelihood of picking up extra dirt, not to mention permanent scratches.  

How many times have you dropped your gaming glasses in your bag? 

That's the number one cause of dirt buildup, accidental breakages and scratches. Think about how you treat your console or PC. Your glasses deserve the same level of care. 

Handle them like Joel would handle his guitar - with reverence. Treat them well and keep them in a protective case when you’re not gaming to ensure they last for years.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget, the more often you clean your glasses, the better condition they’ll stay in. Routine maintenance will prevent the build-up of gunk and grime, and keep your view 4k.

How often should you clean your glasses? A small wipe-down every day with a more in-depth cleaning once a week is optimal. Keep your glasses fresh and vision unblemished, and you’ll be ready to tackle hordes of zombies from the back of Deacon St John’s bike in no time!  

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