Whether for play or for work, blue light blocking glasses are particularly useful. To help you in this fantastic quest, our best eyewear designers have come together to identify the places where you can get the blue light blocking glasses of your dreams.

In this article

  • Our precise opinion on the best place to find your glasses
  • Our tips for not getting tricked
  • The glasses we use and recommend

Where should I buy blue light blocking glasses? What should be paid attention to? What is the best quality / price offer? A few recommendations that will help you avoid being fooled the next time you buy screen glasses.

Find your blue light blocking glasses

So where can you buy your blue light blocking glasses?

Online [Reco Horus X]

Well yeah, didn't you think we were going to put another brand's name in the title anyway? Have you ever seen Microsoft show off the Switch in a Minecraft trailer...yes okay, they did. Forget the example.

But know that one of the best solutions, if not THE best, (we are a little biased but we really think so) is to buy your blue light blocking glasses directly from the manufacturer .

And most often, the manufacturer will sell you its products directly from its website, like us via our catalog . Compared to other ways to buy blue light blocking glasses for gaming or for work that we present to you right after, buying from Horus X offers some advantages:

  • Innovative and recognized technology : well yes. We make our own glasses, we've studied the subject for 5+ years and we know what we're talking about (most of the time). When you arrived on the Horus X site, you did not come across the first Cdiscount page which sells gaming glasses in a pack with a coffee maker and a swimming pool. On our product pages, and you can check it in a few clicks, we always specify the filtration of each pair sold. With precise figures and explanations offered through our site and our blog, you will never be left alone. We're not like the Astroneer developers to leave you to your own devices without any guidance.
  • Affordable prices : you will see for yourself by visiting our catalog, we offer anti-blue light glasses at really low prices. And yet, our technology works very well and we are transparent about our filtration. It's not witchcraft, it's honesty!
  • Satisfied or refunded guarantee : Yes ladies and gentlemen! Few optical brands offer this kind of guarantee, because few brands control their production chain like us and are ready to guarantee their glasses in this way.
  • 1% for the planet : When you buy a pair at Horus X, 1% of your purchase goes directly to an association that supports the planet (like earth and humanism that we regularly support).

Screens emitting blue light

In general trade

When we say "general trade", we mean supermarkets, tourist shops, and even press points. It is also not impossible that your favorite retailer of video games has some on its shelves.

And for good reason, anti-blue light glasses, often associated with gaming, are not subject to any type of prescription , at least for models that are not in your view. So you can buy them freely wherever you find them .

Be careful though, the quality will not necessarily be there and the prices will often be a little exaggerated. These shops are not specialized in the field and rely on your "urgent need" to sell them to you at a high price. It's a good fallback, nothing more.

At an optician

Opticians can be a good idea to buy you blue light blocking glasses. When you think of glasses, what better idea than to go to the optician? So, know that there are positives and negatives, all the same.

The positive is that you will be + sure of the quality of the glasses offered , in terms of filtering the harmful spectrum of blue light in any case (we tell you about it + afterwards so that you can ask the right questions). As a rule, opticians will be able to provide you with the details of the filtration.

On the other hand, going to an optician will allow you to obtain advice from a professional and potentially anti-blue-light glasses in sight, while trying on the frames live.

Nevertheless, the prices applied at an optician are often quite expensive, even for pairs that are not visible and, of course, you will have to go to the store to buy them.

In pharmacy

Pharmacies will tend to apply the same strategy as supermarkets, for example, that is to say, make anti-blue light glasses a product placed in front of the checkouts, offered at a rather high price .

The quality will not be terrible, we are still talking about a pharmacy, but it will not be incredible either.

Beware of blue light blocking glasses in pharmacies .

As with an optician, the staff present may be able to tell you about filtering blue light, but probably not as much as a brand that works exclusively in this area and produces filtering lenses.

Blue light expert in action

The right questions to ask when choosing your glasses

A list that will allow you during your analysis to choose thebest glasses :

  • What is the UV filtration rate of the lenses : must be 100%
  • What is the filtration rate of blue light : if your interlocutor is evasive, it's a bad sign. Ask him about filtration between 380 and 450 nanometers, the most harmful wavelengths. We recommend protection above 40%, if you are sensitive, look for above 80%, the shade will be darker but you will be much better protected).
  • Are they equipped with an anti-reflection: Very important to be able to have the best visual comfort.
  • Are they ergonomic : Have they been specifically designed to be comfortable, light and suitable for wearing headphones, for example.
  • Is there a warranty with the glasses?

Booster sting: what is the point of protecting your eyes?

We are not going to give you all the topo that we offer on our page " The dangers of blue light ", but because you look really nice, we offer you a short summary here. If you do not protect your pretty little eyes, know that you are exposing yourself to some short and long term inconvenience :

  • Short term
    • Your eyes will tend to redden , sting, and dry out fairly quickly. As a result, your vision could become blurry at the end of the day and be dazzled very easily;
    • Your sleep will be worse . Partly because of the symptoms described above, but also because blue light tricks your brain. For him, this light is synonymous with broad daylight, so he is not in the best conditions for falling asleep;
  • In the long term (and it goes bad)
    • For younger children, exposure to blue light can cause attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ;
    • There are also rare cases where harmful blue light is the cause of vision loss , you will find more info in our article mentioned above.

You have all the keys now

Like Link in any dungeon, you have just opened chests containing keys, a compass and the map; by this we mean that you have all the information you need to know where to buy your blue light blocking glasses.

We would also like to make an announcement exclusive to you and you alone: ​​Horus X is developing its own prescription glasses solution, scheduled for the end of 2022.

No more excuses, you know the strong and weak points of the few places of sale offering this type of product. And don't forget that to validate your quest, you have to tell us in the comments where you bought your pair!

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