If like all of us you spend a lot (too much) time on your computer screen or any other type of screen, then you are probably a victim of digital eye strain otherwise known as computer vision syndrome. To protect yourself, there's nothing like a pair of anti-fatigue computer glasses. Find out how to choose your anti-fatigue computer glasses in this guide:

  • Our selection at a glance

  • The problem of digital fatigue

  • 10 essential tips to counteract digital fatigue

  • How to choose your anti-fatigue computer glasses

  • The detailed selection of experts

The selection of Horus X experts

Use Photo Product Price
All day - Office Ushuaia 54.90
Intense Sessions - Gaming Revolution 54.90
To put on your glasses Shields 29.90

To understand how this selection of anti-fatigue glasses was made and to discover a larger selection of models, continue reading our detailed article.

What is digital fatigue?


Fatigue is felt in the eyes but not only:

  • 😵 Generalized eye fatigue: blurred vision, dryness, tingling, irritation

  • 🤯 Headaches , neck pain

  • 🥴 Dizziness , dizziness, difficulty refocusing the eyes

Why do screens tire the eyes?

Digital fatigue is a recent illness that has slowly entered our lives with the gradual arrival of screens. Whether computers, tablets or even smartphones, screens are everywhere!

Technology has moved too fast for our eyes

Modernization of screens has intensified visual problems with increasingly vibrant colors powered by LED technology. A very effective technology but that our eyes have trouble taking in the long term.

The equation is simple : 💻 permanently ultra-modern screen technology + 👀 a human eye that hasn't evolved so much for several millennia = 😧 significant consequences.

By the time we find a way to turn into a cyborg with superpowered eyes, we are forced to set up a serious plan of attack (finally of defense) to thwart the light of the screens.

Myopia epidemic

Not to mention technology, staring at an object up close for many hours seems to throw our vision out of whack. Our eye needs contrast, to see close, far, half close, half far and half close behind (#Kaamelott). A glaring example: an epidemic of myopia is developing all over the world and especially in Asia .

The change of posture

On top of that, a simple but sneaky change has also taken place. We have gone in a century from a society of relatively physical professions where the body can fully express its capacities to a society hunched over its computer. These new working (and playing) methods profoundly affect our posture which will add additional tension and consequently general body fatigue (have you ever noticed that strangely when you play sports you still have more energy? )

a young woman works on her laptop

5 rules to counter digital eye and body fatigue

You can find lots of info on our article how to take care of your eyes naturally , but here is a little ultimate summary just for you:

💦 Hydration : drink a lot, drink regularly. Your eye is particularly sensitive to dehydration. Just give it what it needs to function (and it'll give you enough tears to cry a lot when you watch the final season of After Life on Netflix).

🍲 Food: your eye needs lots of essential nutrients to function well. Vitamins , zinc, omega... The list is long. When you feel like your vision is getting tired too quickly, there's nothing like incorporating foods you're not used to that contain all those good things. The list is long but we recommend:

  • Carrot + Kale + Red pepper + Salmon + Oysters + Walnuts + Eggs + Blueberries (you could almost make yourself a nice big smoothie with all that ^^)

🛌 Sleep : 7 to 9 hours per night is the base (average observed in adults). Each person is different but the difference is very quickly noticeable if you sleep badly. And your eyes are a great indicator. Add a quarter of an hour or even half an hour of sleep per night and see the difference! And if not, take a 20-minute micro-nap after lunch. We are followers in the team!

⌚ Balance : Take regular breaks and think about looking at something other than your screen whenever you can. A good daily walk in the forest, nothing better to give a little more contrast to your eye and allow it to rest. While eating, remember to watch your better half or your dog, being in the present moment is good.

🏃‍♀️ Exercise : Exercising relieves intraocular tension. As with the rest of the body, increasing your heart rate is good for your eyes! At least 3 times a week. Ideally a little every day! And yes my poor lollipop, must not let go.

In addition to these 5 essential basic rules, the most effective tool is obviously a good pair of anti-fatigue computer glasses.

How to choose your anti-fatigue computer glasses

We have been working tirelessly for more than 5 years on the most advanced technologies in screen protection. Here are the secrets to choosing the ideal pair of glasses:

UV filter

Even if UVs are less present indoors, this advanced protection is essential to completely block these most dangerous rays that come directly from the sun and can bounce off different surfaces. You never know if you end up telecommuting on the beach.

Blue light filter

When we talked about harmful light from screens earlier in this article, we were referring in particular to blue light . This concentrated light is harmful on a certain wavelength. Between 380 and 450 nanometers for the most scientific among you. This data is important for two reasons:

  • If the filtration is too low on this spectrum, visual fatigue and long-term effects are not covered!

  • If the filtration extends over all of the blue light (up to 500 nanometers) the filter will block the part of the blue light that is beneficial to your body.

In short, check that the brand that offers you glasses for anti- blue light screens highlights the filtered wavelength .

Anti-reflection filter

The reflections are sneaky. They are present on almost all screens (a little less on the screens of digital ink readers ). Your eye and your brain receive a lot of contradictory information, between the good images on your screen and the reflected rays, this will create significant discomfort and gradually tire the eye. A good anti-reflection reduces this effect. Always check that your glasses are equipped with them.

Ergonomic frame

If you buy from your optician, you can check directly. If you buy online, you'd better make sure that the brand that created your screen glasses has taken into account the ergonomics of your glasses, ie the way they fit your face. For example, if you wear headphones over your glasses , you must ensure that the glasses have been designed to reduce contact points. A quick check:

  • The nosepad or support at nose level must be comfortable and must not slip

  • Temples should be thin and flexible enough for comfort during long-term wear


Anti-fatigue blue light glasses must meet demanding standards. European conformity via the affixing of the CE logo or conformity to American standards (ANSI), your glasses must be able to pass the tests! These tests should ideally be carried out by an independent laboratory. A little check does not hurt, you can also very well ask for test report extracts to make sure.


Are the glasses protected by a manufacturer's warranty or a lifetime warranty? If the brand in question offers you this kind of guarantee, it means that they really trust their products. Another clue to a good pair of glasses.


How much do anti-fatigue screen glasses cost ? It obviously depends but between 30 and 70 euros seems to be a good average. Below it is difficult to have effective protection technology. Above it's a bit of a scam (At Horus X we know the technologies and their cost well, ours is also one of the best on the market (well ok it's the best on the market) and we tell you offers at cost price (no it's not true we have to pay for the kibbles of our mascots Yoda and Getro but whatever happens we do everything to offer you a fair price!)


And finally, it's not because we have a functional and effective product that it has to be ugly. Choose a pair of glasses that you like and that adapts well to your face to mark your personality even more!

Is there a correction on these glasses?

If you are looking for screen glasses you do not necessarily need correction. Some glasses offer a small optical zoom which can help a little. If that's what you're looking for, it's better to go for reading glasses. We recommend instead glasses that restore images without distortion so as not to disturb your vision but equipped with a powerful protection filter.

In short, a lot of important criteria to check that will ensure a better experience of working and playing in front of the screens.

Anti-fatigue computer glasses: Editor's choice Horus X

What glasses to protect against screens? It is by taking into account all the remarks of the previous paragraph that we have selected for you the best glasses according to your style and your use.

For everyday use anywhere:

These blue light blocking glasses for mobile screens are perfect for use in the office, at the coffee shop, at school. A clear filter (Ghost protection technology) for incredible color reproduction and optimal protection.

For intense use, in the evening and for those who play a lot of video games

Here we enter the field of high aerobatic protection. Two filters are possible on each model. The clear, similar to everyday glasses or the amber filter (Plasma technology) to protect you really thoroughly.

If you already have glasses

The ideal would be to have filters integrated into the glasses (we are working on it, planned for 2023, follow us on the networks if you want to be kept informed!). But in the meantime we have designed a filter that clips onto most prescription glasses. Check the size carefully and presto, maximum protection guaranteed.

The final word: Anti-fatigue blue light glasses

Screen work and eyestrain go hand in hand. If it is difficult to avoid it completely, you can still rest your eyes by implementing effective strategies to protect yourself and optimize your work and play sessions. Follow the 5 basic rules and combine this with good screen rest glasses and you should significantly reduce your eyestrain when working on a computer.

Once again, anti-fatigue glasses are a superb tool that must be chosen with care because not all brands are created equal. Tell us if as soon as you have found your happiness either in the comments or on the networks!

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