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La One (Amber)La Urban (Amber)La Révolution (Black)La Urban Révo (Amber)Pas de Gaming+ 2 de plus
La One (Clear)La Urban (Clear)La Ushuaïa (Silver)La Urban Révo (Clear)Pas de Daily+ 2 de plus
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Come on, we'll help you choose the perfect pair of anti blue light glasses!

Ghost filtration technology by horus x for blue light glasses

A Horus X innovation

Les écrans agressent vos yeux au quotidien. Fatigue oculaire, lumière bleue, éblouissements, et même UVs. Conçues pour protéger vos yeux contre la lumière bleue grâce à notre technologie déposée de filtration Ghost ®, nos lunettes anti lumière bleue te protègent sans compromettre ton style et ton confort visuel.

They talk about us (in a good way)

Blue light glasses for adults (unisex)

Ushuaïa (Gold)

An assertive style that will reveal your extraordinary personality during your next stream. Golden Boy.

Ushuaia (Silver)

A more discreet tone than the Ushuaïa Gold to emphasize your smile just right.

Stockholm (Tortoise)

A chic, retro look that serves your elegance above all else. With these glasses, there's no need to force the line.

Stockholm (Frost)

Sleek, elegant, timeless vintage style that will enhance your supernatural charisma.

Roma (Tortoise)

Glasses designed to ask the right questions at the right time. Let's be serious.

Roma (Blue)

A feeling of calm, of stability, of rest. Glasses that spread out over the horizon like the sea.

Anti blue light glasses for children


Osaka at the top of the skies. Because your child is already the cutest kid at school, he or she deserves a pair of glasses to match his or her cheeky face.


Your child is already showing signs of extraordinary intelligence, all he needs are these glasses to become an Olympic dictation champion.

Our advice on anti blue light glasses.

Protect yourself every day

Blue light affects your health and well-being.

You are mainly exposed to it in front of the screens (Computer, TV, Smartphone, Tablet...etc) and it is at the origin of many inconveniences: headaches, visual fatigue, difficulties of sleep...etc.

The anti blue light glasses allow to filter this harmful light for your eyes and your body in order to protect your sight, your health and your sleep.

The ultimate scope

All of our blue light glasses are unisex and designed exclusively to ensure comfort and style throughout the day.

If you have any doubts about the shape of the frame or the color of the lenses, you can use our virtual fitting tool on each product page by clicking on the icon similar to the one below.

Eyeglasses or glasses without correction?

If you don't need any visual correction, no need to consult an ophthalmologist, our anti blue light glasses are perfectly adapted to your needs.

On the other hand, if you already wear glasses, you can opt for a pair of anti blue light glasses like our Shields.

If you have a prescription, unfortunately we cannot meet your needs today because we do not yet provide prescription glasses. But we are working on it!

Why Horus X?

We have developed a unique blue light lens technology to make blue light protection more accessible and effective. Our mission: to offer you the best blue light filters on the market at the most attractive price while guaranteeing you a chic and trendy style for all-day protection without compromising your look.

All our glasses are guaranteed for life!