You live in Bordeaux, as a professional, student, gamer, parent or grandparent. You have learned about the dangers of blue light and you want to protect yourself or your family from it. You are quite right !

In this article, we'll tell you where to find your pair of anti-blue light glasses in Bordeaux and we'll tell you about the best technology to protect your eyes from screens. Follow us !

In this article :

  • Where to find blue light blocking glasses in Bordeaux?

  • Focus on Horus X technology

Where to find blue light blocking glasses in Bordeaux?

Have it delivered to your home by Horus X

We can only advise you to have your glasses delivered to Bordeaux after placing an order on the Horus X store, which offers the best filtration technologies and the best anti-blue light glasses .

👉 This is the easiest method!

It offers several ranges of glasses for professionals, students, gamers and children.

You can try on your pair online via the 3D fitting, have it sent and delivered to you for free and in addition, if there is the slightest problem and you don't like them, you benefit from the money-back guarantee.

And that's not counting the special patented screen filtration technology (the best on the market). It filters:

  • 🔵 The most harmful blue light

  • 🟣 UVs

  • ✨ Reflections

Comparison of the different blue light filtering technologies

Screens won't scare you anymore thanks to our glasses!

At a Bordeaux optician

The advantage of buying glasses from an eyewear maker is that you can have your sight corrected if necessary (we don't do it yet but it's planned for the end of the year) and be reimbursed by social security and your complementary health .

By going directly to the store, an adviser will be able to assist you in the purchase of your frame. It's a little more complicated for blue light filtering because opticians have little training on the subject and often offer basic Essilor technologies which, as you saw above, don't filter much.

To find blue light blocking glasses, we found two famous Bordeaux brands:

Bordeaux Eyewear Optician

A very nice brand, with very good customer service, which knows how to help you choose a good frame.

The brand offers eyeglasses with a blue light filter. You will also find a selection of sunglasses.

No information has been found on the treatment and therefore the effectiveness of the blue light blocking glasses sold in this store.

The brand has three stores in Bordeaux:

Optician Les Belles Gueules

The store offers lenses treated against blue light thanks to Zeiss DuraVision BlueProtect technology.

Zeiss is a reputable manufacturer but we have not always had good feedback on this technology or some customers have complained about the blue reflections of the lenses and the distortion of the colors.

Glare can cause eye strain, so check for it when testing goggles equipped with this technology.

We recommend this store if you are looking for a particular prescription eyeglass frame.

You can also be reimbursed by your complementary health insurance while having a small protection against blue light from a computer, telephone or TV screen.

You will find two shops in town:

The big franchises

You will find many opticians in town and on the outskirts. We can mention Krys, Grand Optical or Optic 2000.

Be careful, however, to make your choice well too.

These brands, well known to the French, are not specialized in anti-blue light treatment and can offer glasses with average efficiency.

These stores nevertheless have the advantage of offering many frames with an appropriate correction.

Have glasses delivered to Bordeaux by other online brands

Finally, you can find many online stores that will offer you blue light blocking glasses with delivery in Bordeaux.

Be careful what you buy on the Internet, especially on marketplaces like Cdiscount or Amazon. The products are not all checked and you may have surprises.

Focus on Horus X technology

We specialize in the manufacture of blue light blocking glasses in Bordeaux and throughout France.

Since 2018, we have been focusing our efforts on research and development to develop cutting-edge screen light filtering technologies.

Instead of telling you nonsense about blue light, we took the time to analyze the most harmful spectrum and create lenses that target those specific frequencies. Unlike the majority of players in the sector.

Amber technology blue light filtration comparison

We have developed three technologies:

  • Plasma® 86+ : our most filtering indoor eyeglass lens. It filters out 86% of the harmful spectrum of blue light and 100% of UV. We have mounted these lenses on frames designed for gaming;

  • Ghost® 50+ : this is our range of clear lenses for spectacles which are intended to be used on all occasions. The processing filters out up to 60% of the harmful spectrum in version 3.0;

  • Darkmatter® 96+ : these are our sunglasses designed to be worn outdoors. We've gone all out on the lens treatment and block out 96% of the harmful blue light spectrum and 100% of UV.

We are so confident in the quality of our glasses that our products are guaranteed for life !

Blue light blocking glasses in Bordeaux

Now you know where to look if you want to buy blue light blocking glasses in Bordeaux. Home delivery is a good option to get the best glasses, but you also have good stores in the area!

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