Your eye itches and you don't know how to relieve it? We tell you how to soothe itchy eyes with simple tips.

In the list of eye discomforts and minor ailments, the phenomenon of itchy eyes holds a good place. It can be very common and caused by several factors, such as allergies, eye irritation or conjunctivitis.
But don't panic if your eyes scratch or sting, the HORUS X editorial staff has the solution!

In this article :

  • 👁 Itchy eye: what is it?
  • 😫 Itchy eyes: the main causes
  • 👀 Prevent itchy eyes
  • 🧑‍⚕️ How to soothe itchy eyes

Itchy eyes: what is it?

Eye pruritus is the strange name given to itchy eyes in scientific jargon.

👉 You should know that the mucosa of the eye is particularly sensitive and therefore prone to tingling, irritation and itching.

Most of the time, it is felt in the inner corner of the eye, but the itching can also come from your eyelids where the skin is very thin (and therefore very fragile).

Why are my eyes itchy?

We reassure you, most of the time, having itchy eyes is rather benign and it goes away on its own.

To relieve them, the best thing is to know why!

For this, it's always better to make an appointment with your ophthalmologist who will be able to make a better diagnosis than a bunch of happy fellows on the internet.

Anyway, we're here to help you, so here are the most common causes:

  • 🤧 Allergy, especially seasonal allergies like hay fever,

  • 🥵 Irritation related to eye fatigue,

  • 👁 Ocular pathologies ( conjunctivitis , blepharitis…),

  • 🪰 Presence of a foreign body...

Man wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun

Eye irritation related to eyestrain

Very often, an irritated eye is a tired eye! And at HORUS X, we are quite knowledgeable on the subject of eye fatigue: we know that it can cause dry eyes, watery eyes , headaches, an eye that jumps, sleep disorders...

The number one cause of eye strain? Screens and blue light of course!

After hours of playing Fall Guys, no wonder you feel some discomfort, and it's not just about losing most of your games.

👉 Our advice is to reduce your screen time AND protect yourself withanti blue light gaming glasses to play while protecting your eyes.

Young woman playing video games wearing gaming glasses

Allergy causing eye itching

Often, when you suffer from allergies such as pollen or grass allergy (or hay fever), one of the first symptoms is itchy eyes.

This cause is rather easy to distinguish from the others because it is a recurring seasonal phenomenon which is often accompanied by sneezing.

Pathologies that cause itchy eyes

Apart from rather frequent and minor causes, your itchy eye can also be a sign of a disease.

It may be conjunctivitis: whether viral or bacterial, this inflammation of the eye is rather common. In this case, other symptoms like discharge, red and swollen eyes are also observed which require medical treatment.

Other diseases such as blepharitis cause itchy eyes: the symptoms are practically the same as in the case of conjunctivitis but the inflammation is located in the eyelid.

Don't worry, these conditions can be treated very well with the right treatment!

Other causes

Finally, if your eye itches, it may also be related to something else: insect bites, stye, presence of a foreign body...

Prevent Itchy Eyes | Basic principles

Do not wait to have itchy eyes, whether they are dry or irritated to act! As always, prevention is better than cure . (You'd rather keep your medkits than spend all your life points, right?)

Protect your eyes from the sun and blue light

As we said above, blue light causes eye discomfort. To protect yourself, think about reducing your screen time, avoid using your phone before going to sleep and equip yourself with effective blue light blocking glasses.

We do not forget that the sun and UV rays can also cause damage: sunglasses are therefore essential outdoors, especially if you also like to look at your screens in the middle of the sun.

Healthy eyes in a healthy body

Ok, it's not exactly what the saying goes but you will have understood it: taking care of your eyes also involves a healthy lifestyle!

😴 Sleep enough: good sleep is essential to preserve your eyes.

🥤 Drink water regularly and in good quantity. If you like hot drinks, know that there are herbal teas to prevent and relieve irritated eyes .

🥗 Finally, a balanced diet will provide you with the nutrients and vitamins necessary for healthy eyes .

Absolutely avoid

  • ❌ Wearing your contact lenses too often and while sleeping : In fact, you should avoid as much as possible if your eyes are sensitive and favor your glasses. And remember not to use them longer than intended

  • ❌ Not to remove your make-up : it's painful I know but keeping your make-up on from one day to the next is particularly harmful in the long term. Not only for your eyes, but also for your skin.

How to soothe an itchy eye?

A brief overview of remedies to soothe itchy eyes:

  • 🧑 ⚕️ Consult a specialist to make a diagnosis and have an appropriate treatment.
  • ❌ Avoid scratching yourself! You would only make the irritation worse.
  • 🌿 As in the case of crying eyes , you can apply hot herbal compresses: chamomile and blueberry decoctions are grandmother's remedies known for their soothing and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • 🥲 Artificial tears to prevent dry eye: If you regularly suffer from allergies or dry eye syndrome, you should be used to eye drops available in pharmacies, which prevent tingling, itching and dry eye.

The final word: how to relieve itchy eyes

  • An itchy eye is often a mild symptom,

  • The causes are multiple, ranging from allergy to eye fatigue through viral or bacterial conjunctivitis,

  • To prevent itchy eyes, protect yourself from UV, blue light, think about getting enough sleep , drinking enough and eating a balanced diet,

  • To calm itchy eyes, it is best to see a professional, use artificial tears or warm compresses.

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