Today we take you with us for a preview of the latest video game everyone is talking about.

Already available on PC, PS5 and Xbox series x & s we have covered the first hours of play to give you an overview of this open world role-playing game with Harry potter sauce.

Lazy to read? Take a look at the gameplay directly here with Mathieu our favorite CM. A preview guaranteed almost without spoil where we give you our opinion without revealing the story!

Back to Hogwarts

In the beginning, he was no longer very young...

return to hogwarts in hogwarts legacy

It all starts when you join the other wizarding apprentices of Hogwarts to enter directly into the 5th year!

A bit old to start a wizarding career but it's never too late, especially in Hogwarts Legacy !

harry potter test hogwarts legacy

A beautiful cinematic and a few seconds later, we are launched into this adventure. And there, it is clear that we were amazed by the sets and the staging of this action rpg Harry Potter.

the introduction of hogwarts legacy

A real call to contemplation as there has been work to make this experience as immersive as possible.

hogwarts legacy test harry potter

There is always something going on and the open world is teeming with constantly moving details. Not to mention the castle which is just beautifully made and faithful to our memories.

jk rowling's world in hogwarts legacy teems with life

We immediately find the atmosphere of Harry Potter and we quickly find our place once a few administrative details have been settled.

Houses and equipment

The game immerses us a little more in the shoes of a Hogwarts student by making us go through two compulsory stages of the journey of sorcerer students.

The choice of house

Indispensable and essential for the rest of your adventure in Hogwarts Legacy, choose well and take the opportunity to innovate! ;p

a question of choice for the continuation of a beautiful story in hogwarts legacy

The choice of wand

Going to Hogsmeade to choose your baguette is certainly one of the coolest parts of this early adventure.

You can choose the type of wood, the heart and the general design. So many customization options that contribute a little more to immersion.

the wand in hogwarts legacy

Incidentally, parenthesis on this aspect of the game that we really liked: the customization is very advanced, whether in terms of your character, his equipment and even the wand.

menus in hogwarts legacy

If, as in many RPGs, you can end up with a costume worthy of the most beautiful fancy dress parties by dint of changing for the best equipment, know that Hogwarts legacy offers an option to modify the appearance of equipment elements that are not necessarily very pretty and apply its stats to another design of equipment of the same type.

Pretty cool for not looking like a saucier but a wizard.

warner bros and avalanche software offer lots of customization in hogwarts legacy game

Sunday walk

hogwarts legacy hogwarts legacy the last rpg harry potter

Once geared up and barely settled into the quarters of our favorite house, we wanted to head off to explore the open world and take the time to quietly get into the action by taking a tour of the castle and what the game has to offer us. term of environments at the start of this adventure.

Without telling you more about the environments so as not to spoil you, just know that everything you could expect from a Harry Potter game is present and that walking around Hogwarts is a real pleasure as the title is full of things to do and of side quests without falling into excessive repetition of tasks.

Hogwarts legacy the legacy of Hogwarts harry potter

Merlin's challenges, room of demand, broomstick ride above the forest ... in short, all of this has something to delight the Harry Potter fan in us and the artistic direction of Hogwarts legacy the legacy of Hogwarts is once again to salute.

Okay, no more fooling around, let's get down to business.

In terms of gameplay, what does it look like?

Dynamism and ease of handling

Movement and combat are very easy to master and are never heavy.

If you like to have a little more challenge and immersion do not hesitate to deactivate the mini map to make the most of the exploration and raise the level of difficulty for more challenge against the enemies.

The visual effects during combat are beautiful and never make visibility in combat difficult.

the light effects are intense but beautiful

On the other hand, they are very bright and we were very happy to be equipped with ourgaming glasses so as not to suffer too much. Notice to those who are sensitive to excessive brightness!

info test Hogwarts legacy the legacy of Hogwarts rpg harry potter

Rather clear and well-constructed menus

Who says rpg and customization says a lot of menus. Yes, but the whole is rather well done and we find ourselves there quite easily .

game menus harry potter hogwarts legacy hogwarts legacy

We would have liked perhaps clearer indications on the screen when you unlock certain levels (especially during the trials of Merlin).

info and test Hogwarts legacy the legacy of Hogwarts

Don't hesitate to take a look in the corresponding menus regularly to check that you don't have unlockable options, you may have missed them!


test Hogwarts legacy the legacy of Hogwarts adventure of wb games in the harry potter universe

The game published by Warner bros games and developed by Avalanche software made a strong impression on us!

The little child fan of Harry Potter and who grew up with these stories of wizards and magic is fulfilled but above all he is impressed by the life that abounds in this open world and the fidelity of the atmosphere that we find there. There is a real madeleine side of Proust to dive into this adventure.

We haven't finished the game yet but after almost 10 hours of adventure we can say that we like everything that has been done and achieved.

From immersion in the universe to accessible and challenging gameplay as little as you want, including all the references to the adventures of our favorite hero, everything is there.

Harry Potter just has to behave, the next generation is here and Hogwarts Legacy is meeting the expectations of players.

For all these reasons and if we had to give in addition to our opinion a note to this test of Hogwarts legacy the heritage of Hogwarts , we would give a 9.5/10 as we have little to reproach the title of the studio Avalanche software to this stage of the game.

If you haven't yet, go for it, and if you're waiting for the release on other platforms, the game will be released:

  • July 25, 2023 on Nintendo Switch

  • April 4, 2023 on PS4 and Xbox one

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