Anti-blue light glasses are designed to relieve and protect against the effects of overexposure to screens. But their effectiveness is often debated . And not without reason! How do you know if you are not being lied to? You are right to ask yourself the question! It's hard to tell if this is the latest fashionable marketing gimmick. How do you know if blue light blocking glasses are working? We decipher with you, point by point, the usefulness and the real efficiency of these glasses.

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Why wear blue light blocking glasses? The arguments of the brands

young woman wearing blue light blocking glasses

The arguments put forward to justify the use of blue light filters are numerous. But are they relevant?

Filter blue light ⚡

Why filter blue light? Blue light is recognized as dangerous on different levels. The opinions of experts and various ophthalmologists highlight several risk factors and proven dangers of overexposure to this light, which is the most energetic of the visible spectrum. Among the most important effects:

  • 😴 Sleep : Blue light blocks the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone. In high doses, at the wrong times of the day, it can have an impact on your circadian rhythm and therefore on your health. On this point everyone is in agreement.
  • 🫣 The effects on the retina (AMD), headaches and digital fatigue: research is increasingly highlighting the responsibility of blue light on daily life but also on the long-term effects of this overexposure. There is still a lot to discover at this level and the scientific community does not always agree, but the more the studies are refined, the more the results highlight a significant impact.

Filter UV (ultra violet rays) ☀️

Blue light blocking glasses are ultimately misnamed. Yes, they filter out blue light, but they actually go much further in protecting you .

Anti-blue light glasses with bluish reflections

UVs are normally less present indoors when you look at your screen. But they are still there! And they are still more powerful and dangerous than blue light. On top of that if you decide to look at your smartphone in direct sunlight , the effects can be severe.

Good screen glasses have lenses that block blue light but are also UV blocking glasses .

In this they protect you from the ultra harmful effects of UV rays: cataracts, photokeratitis , pterygium , eye cancer...

In normal use of screens, UVs are normally not very dangerous but it is not enough to take an extra dose without really realizing it. Important here to cover your back (and front 👀).

Protect against reflections

Reflections are unavoidable and disrupt vision. They strain the optic nerve and greatly increase visual fatigue.

Symptoms can range from simple embarrassment, through dazzling , to complete dizziness where you won't see anything for a few seconds.

Good anti-blue light glasses are equipped with anti-reflective lenses and reduce this unpleasant and dangerous phenomenon.

little girl wearing blue light blocking glasses looking at a computer screen

It is therefore quite logical to want to filter all these harmful rays. There is therefore a real utility in wearing blue light blocking glasses. But how do you know exactly if the glasses you are about to choose are really effective?

Are blue light blocking glasses effective?

To find out, just stare at your screen without blinking for 24 hours straight.

But no, but finally no!

🕵️ Forget junk tests such as the small blue/violet laser, or on-screen tests which are just useless gadgets and do not allow you to see what is really filtered ( a good part of the filtered spectrum is invisible with the naked eye anyway).

It is difficult to ensure that they work properly without a technical device, but we will still give you the tips that will allow you to ensure the effectiveness of anti-blue light lenses directly.

Compliance with international standards: CE (Europe), ANSI (USA)...

Without being the ultimate solution, checking compliance with international standards allows you to ensure that the basic rules are respected. Anti-blue light glasses are considered medical devices and must meet certain specific criteria indicated by mandatory marking of the CE logo on the product.

The logo is missing? Proceed immediately. Is the logo there? Proceed to the next step.

Certification by an independent laboratory: Request an extract of the test report

To obtain a solid certification, brands must go through the testing stage by an independent laboratory. You can therefore ask them for an extract from their "test report" which highlights the validation of the standards and the filtered light frequencies.

If the company in question is able to prove its certifications to you by giving you the report, and that the report corresponds well to their argument, then it is a good sign.

Verification of anti-reflection

Simply hold the glasses at an angle where they will reflect light. If the highlights are the same color as the ambient light, you don't have an anti-reflective coating. If they reflect in a color like green, gold, purple, or blue, you have the coating.

The ultimate test: the spectrometer

Well there you have to put a significant budget if you want your own gear. You can also have it tested via a laboratory directly (again quite expensive). But if you have any doubts, it's ultimately the only way to ensure the effectiveness of your blue light blocking glasses. This test will allow you to validate the exact frequency of the filtered light.

How to choose effective blue light blocking glasses [+BONUS - Our selection]

As you will have understood, not all glasses are created equal. Here's our guide to finding the most effective goggles possible.

First the essentials (reminder):

  1. Blue light protection between 380 and 450 nanometers
  2. 100% UV A, B and C protection
  3. Powerful anti-reflection
  4. All certified to international standards by an independent laboratory

Then some small questions to ask yourself that still make the difference:

  • How much do blue light blocking glasses cost? : the ideal price is between 30 and 70 euros. Below, there is little chance that the technology is sophisticated enough to protect you properly. Above it is almost theft (unless the glasses have an additional correction)
  • Are they ergonomic? A very big word but which just aims to validate that the glasses are wearing well, are comfortable on the tip of your little nose. Check the size of the glasses, the thinness of the temples (especially if you want to wear headphones ) and the materials used (polycarbonate is not bad for this type of frame because it is ultra-resistant, light and hypoallergenic).
  • Are they guaranteed? Good there we push the cork far enough Maurice. If the company you buy the glasses from offers you a money-back guarantee or even a lifetime guarantee, then you can almost go there with your eyes closed.

[BONUS: What glasses to protect against screens?]

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🤓 If you already have glasses, you can add a blue light blocker .

😎 Finally, if you're wondering if sunglasses are effective against blue light , we have a solution for you: ourblue light blocking sunglasses collection.

Effective blue light blocking glasses: the final word

A last word to also highlight the fact that blue light blocking glasses, as effective as they are, are not the cure for all the ills of the earth .

This is a very good solution to preserve your visual acuity but you must not forget the essential: try to find a balance in the use of screens . Overexposure to screens is difficult to avoid, but it is relatively simple to set up a small personal curfew during the day, to do some simple exercises or even to plan one day a week of digital detox.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my glasses are blue light blocking?

Good question my dear Watson. You can find out by reading our article about it .

How do I know if blue light blocking glasses are working?

But tell me, you don't speak Molière's language very well. Well I think you understood the principle, everything is in the article.

Can you wear blue light blocking glasses all the time?

We can, but we don't have to . Blue light can be broken down into two types of light. The good and the bad. The good one is essential for your body, it allows you to regulate a lot of things and you don't always have to filter it.

Blue light blocking glasses reviews

Well that's not really a question but I have an answer for you anyway. If you want to see reviews from real customers, go here .

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