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Choosing the right blue light glasses for your child

The anti blue light glasses for your child must imperatively :

🟣 Filter 100% of the Ultra Violet rays

🔵 Block 100% of the most harmful blue light [380-400] nanometers

🧿 Reduce harmful light over the extended blue light spectrum [380-450] nm

✨ Be equipped with a powerful anti-reflection

Children are more sensitive to blue light

Children's eyes take many years to be fully formed and equipped with the defense mechanisms of an adult eye. In addition to limiting screen time, which is important for their cognitive development, protection is essential.

🛡️ Horus X Innovation: Unbreakable

Use of polycarbonate, an ultra-light and resistant ballistic protection material, but also of Ultem, an ultra-flexible cutting-edge technology necessary for your little monsters' roughness