If you're a big geek fan of video games like us, you probably have small diets from time to time, and I'm not talking about Donkey Kong bananas. In this article discover all the essential recos to select the best gamer dietary supplement.

In this article :

  • The problem
  • Effectiveness of dietary supplements
  • What is a gaming food supplement
  • our selection

The best dietary supplements for gamers

Products Sugar level Caffeine Notice
Madmonq - High _ Effective, but too much caffeine.
LevlUp Pupil High _ Too much sugar and caffeine, to avoid.
Booster X - - Effective in the long term for health, but taste to be perfected.

The gamer problem

You are passionate, so when you play, you give yourself body and soul.

But then, you realize at some point that the sun has been down for a long time and you realize that you have been playing all night.

Your eyes sting , a headache sets in, your reflexes are at their lowest.

Worse than that, the pattern repeats itself and you feel tired every day, your energy is completely drained.

Your Ki bar is then as empty as Son Goku's after a Meteor Smash on Dragon Ball FighterZ...

dragon ball goku meteor smash

The solution in case of low energy

What to do in case of softness then?

  • One solution would be to take a little Viagra, but beyond the pun, that won't help us.


  • Another widely accepted idea would be to have a Redbull or a graaaaand coffee, or a sugar-loaded mars and go again (#pub1996...)
We all know a gamer like this, and to be honest we've all been there a bit...

    If you're ready to give up on your potential new Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090, to put the money in a drink that contains roughly caffeine and sugar... then good for you.

    Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090

    But on our side, we are more of a "healthy" team and a long-term vision. Our mantra is a healthy mind in a healthy body if you know what I mean...

    Already, a solution would be to equip yourself with blue light blocking glasses .

    It's not the point, but if you have itchy eyes and headaches from looking at screens, it can help you. An article here to help you

    And to come back to food supplements, when you see the habits of great sports or eSport champions, maybe it's not so stupid to follow their example a little.

    Are dietary supplements useless (or effective)?

    You will often hear that dietary supplements are useless.

    It's not completely wrong... but it's not completely true either.
    ( Thank you Einstein for your advice, you don't get wet at all! )

    Before thinking about a dietary supplement, you must first of all make an effort on the 3 pillars of good energy and good health:

    1. Excellent balanced nutrition and good hydration (often forgotten). Beware of the trap, the Red bull does not count as clever little hydration
    2. Remember to have regular physical activity . The oldest centenarians in the world in good health in Okinawa (the famous " blue zones ") do not do any sport! They have a physical activity in their day and therefore do not even know this concept of "playing sports".
    3. Have a good sleep , which is linked to 1 and 2. In the team we use a lot of connected watches or Oura rings to track our sleep.

    If you eat pizza with 3 beers every night at 11 p.m., no wonder you're tired!

    Warning > The best food supplement is not a magic pill and will not change anything.

    What is a dietary supplement for then?

    As its name suggests, the dietary supplement is a COMPLEMENT

    What does that mean ?

    Quite simply that even with a very good follow-up of the 3 pillars above, the food supplement comes to bring you the right dose of what you may be lacking in your diet ( nutrients, vitamins, for example ).

    Athletes and e-athletes often consume it to improve their performance!

    Food supplement for gamers: what is the difference?

    There are many types of classic dietary supplements, depending on what effects you are looking for:

    • 💤 Better sleep
    • 🧠 Memory enhancement
    • 🎯 Increased focus
    • ⚡ Energy Boost
    • etc

    But suddenly... a dietary supplement "for Gamers", what's the difference?

    Isn't that all a bit of marketing?
    Sometimes yes, but if you learn to decipher the labels, you will be able to clearly identify that the real gaming supplements have a little something more.

    A food supplement designed especially for gamers is a set of vitamins and nutrients that have a very specific function , dosed in a set of ingredients that you will have trouble finding in a single classic food supplement.

    The effects of the gamer dietary supplement

    boost energy food supplement gamer

    A special gaming food supplement will therefore aim to improve and support:

    • focus
    • Energy (and counteract fatigue)
    • Stress reduction
    • Take care of the health of your eyes subjected to very special efforts, not to mention exposure to blue light (have we already told you about our great glasses 😁?)

    It should also be noted that food supplements, designed for gamers or not, are subject to ultra-strict standards, especially in France.

    Check well before buying a supplement that it complies with French regulations, and pay attention to products that do not play the card of transparency, or produced abroad.

    The ingredients of gaming food supplements

    Here is a list of the most classic ingredients.
    Manufacturers choose according to several criteria because it is not necessary to integrate them all!

    • For eye health , the most classic ingredients are vitamins (vitamin A, group B, vitamin C, vitamin D), Omega-3 contained for example in flax, blueberry, selenium, copper, zinc, lutein, sometimes gingko rocky biloba . We wrote an article especially on food supplements for the eyes (click)
    • Stress reduction : Magnesium, sometimes some plants such as valerian, group B vitamins
    • Energy boost : Vitamin C (often via Acerola or Guarana), Ginseng, Spirulina, Propolis and Pollen.
    • Concentration : Vitamins B5 and B12, turmeric, iron.

    Be careful, because you will find many brands that add caffeine : the short-term effect is a good boost, but followed by a drop that tires you even more.

    Caffeine is not good for the body, so adding more to a dietary supplement won't help you much in the long run.

    Worse, some offer supplements loaded with sugar !

    Not to mention the harmful effect of sugar on your body, at the price of the food supplement it is sometimes to take customers for hams 🐷

    Finally, try to favor natural food supplements as much as possible!

    What type of food supplements (Drink / Tablets / Powder) should a gamer take?

    Honestly, it will be above all a story of personal preference.

    However, pay attention to the composition.

    In drink or powder form, the dietary supplement may be combined with sugar. In tablet form, in general the composition is much healthier , but as always a look at the label does not hurt!

    The best dietary supplements

    Well, now that we've said all that, what do we do?

    Well, we're going to sift through the best-known food supplements for gamers on the market.

    Spoiler alert.
    Horus X offers a dietary supplement.

    We have included it in the ranking below with its qualities and its faults, to be as transparent as possible .

    If you want to take a look at it, it's here .

    Our opinion on MadMonq

    madmonq dietary supplement gaming

    One of the best known in France, you've probably already come across it somewhere.

    WE love :

    • A dedicated formula specially designed for gamers. Here, we are far from your aunt's food supplement.
    • Ingredients researched and effective in the short term as well as in the long term, much less sweet and much healthier than the rest of the competitors. They didn't do things by halves.
    • The new formulation with a better taste (?) We had tested the previous version which had a rather pronounced taste, they had to adapt the taste to this new product!

    We don't like:

    • The caffeine dose (155mg) which is not displayed explicitly. That the coffee is organic is one thing, but the dose is quite intense (equivalent to 2 espressos).
    • Labels in English, would seem not in conformity with the French Regulations?

    What we think of: LevlUp Gaming Booster

    levlup dietary supplement gaming

    Undoubtedly the best-selling brand internationally, a benchmark in the field

    WE love

    • Many tastes
    • Much less sugar than in energy drinks

    We don't like

    • Presence of Dextrose, sugar with a high glycemic index, so not great...
    • The very high dose of caffeine (more than 3000 mg of caffeine for 100g of Levlup, i.e. 250mg per dose = approximately 3 espressos)
    • In reality, it is much more of an energy drink equivalent than a real dietary supplement...

    What we think of Booster X

    booster x dietary supplement gaming

    WE love

    • A simple and effective composition, designed for gamers
    • Release of assets over time and positive effect over the long term
    • Effectiveness proven and developed in collaboration with a laboratory
    • Marketing authorization by the DGCCRF
    • Much less sugar than in energy drinks
    • Very little caffeine, the only presence being found naturally in Guarana
    • 100% natural ingredients.

    We don't like less

    • Few vision-related ingredients. Our main focus on this first release is toning and boosting energy.
    • Presence of pollen. Pollen is a super food, renowned for its energy and fortifying properties, but also not to be consumed if you are allergic.
    • Improved taste.

    See Booster X here

    The final word

    First and foremost, getting your nutrition and lifestyle in balance is the best thing to do.

    If necessary, clearly identify what you are looking for as a supplement, and go for the least sugary and least caffeinated solutions, with as many natural ingredients as possible.


    Tell us in the comments if you have a different opinion or if you have another complement to advise .

    See you next time !

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