How do you choose a good pair of goggles when you still can't decide between Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle?

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Ah, the moment of choice… we could do without it. However, protecting your eyes is not a chore: it is essential! Whether you're a gamer, a computer scientist, someone who spends time in front of the screen, a parent, there are blue light blocking glasses for everyone . Let's see it all together!

In this article :

  • What is blue light?
  • The harmful effects of blue light
  • Blue light blocking glasses: how to choose them?

What is blue light?

Blue light is one of the most intense parts of light with very short wavelengths that produce a large amount of energy.

This high-energy light is found between wavelengths ranging from 380 to 500 nanometers (nm), but beware: not all of this spectrum is necessarily harmful to our eyes and our bodies!

Concretely, blue light consists of:

  • "Ultra harmful" blue-violet light (from 380 to 400nm) and more broadly from the "harmful" spectrum (between 380 and 450 nanometers), which contribute to accelerating retinal aging and which must be filtered out as much as possible.
  • The beneficial blue-turquoise light (between 450 and 500 nanometers). It is essential to the body for the regulation of our biological rhythm (well-being, sleep, etc.). Our ambition is therefore to filter this part of the blue light as little as possible.

graph showing the breakdown of blue light into harmful and beneficial light

More info and links to scientific resources in our dossier on blue light .

Long before humans became one with screens, blue light was primarily and naturally produced by the sun . However, since technologies have become part of our daily lives, we are exposed to a new source of light, artificial light from LED or fluorescent lights, LCD and LED screens, etc.

Blue light is also found in any device with an illuminated screen: smartphones, tablets , computers, e-readers, video game devices. 

And yes, when you revel in a good game of Mario Kart or when you read the latest Stephen King on your tablet , you probably swallow a large amount of blue energy from the screens.

The harmful effects of blue light

Due to its high level of energy, blue light penetrates through the cornea and the lens and slowly damages the back of the retina and the macula of our eye. This results in progressive oxidation and accelerated macular deterioration . In other words, it can cause as much damage as a horde of orcs at Helm's Deep.

Many eye health effects can be associated with increased exposure to blue light, both short-term and long-term . This intense brightness affects not only our pupils but also our health in general.

Short term

Scientists have proven that an increase in exposure to blue light produces different eye irritations in the short term:

glasses for screen office computer protection sore eyes


Although there are more and more clinical studies, it is still difficult to say exactly the long-term effects of blue light on our eyesight. However, some experts seem to confirm that:

  • Without protection, prolonged exposure to light from screens could cause retinal damage and precipitate macula degeneration , which is the leading cause of visual impairment. This pathology affects color perception, the ability to read, write, drive and other cognitive functions and can ultimately lead to blindness.

  • Our body regulates its day/night cycle on the blue light of the sun. By being too subject to the artificial light of our screens, our body would modify its melatonin secretion mechanism , which would have an impact on our sleep/wake cycle.

Melatonin is the hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness. Recent research is also focused on a possible correlation between the lack of melatonin and conditions such as sleep disorders , but also the risk of clinical depression, obesity, organ function disorders, up to an impairment of the immune system. Case to follow!

Protective glasses: why and how to choose them?

Anti-blue light glasses are like objects that you assign to your character to optimize it and make it more efficient against the enemy. In our case, the glasses will mainly be there to protect our eyes from the big boss Blue Light .

These glasses offer varied protection against blue light . As a result, you spare your pupils from internal damage due to the light radiation of the blue waves and you avoid suffering the short-term effects of exposure to screens .

Nevertheless, choosing the right pair is not necessarily easy . This choice implies several criteria to be taken into account. But don't worry, we answer all the questions you might have below.

Which glasses for which uses

Before going any further, there is a question you must ask yourself: for what use do you want protective glasses?

For gaming? To rest your eyes? For work? For your child? For your cat who spends too much time on Tik Tok?

The use you will make of it will determine the choice of your frame because it will determine its style but also and above all the level of protection you will need.

Glasses Blue Lenses Blue Filter

The glasses are the place – you know – where the protection magic will operate. There are several things to consider.

Filtration rate : on the spectrum of light, blue light extends from 380 to 500 nm . However, according to INSERM studies , the most harmful light waves for our sight are between 380 and 450 nm with particularly intense rays between 415 and 455 nm (with the peak at 430 nm).

It is therefore necessary to check the filtration rate of your glasses to slow down as much of this wave as possible.

For example : if the pair only filters from 400 to 430 nm, the filtration rate must be over 90%, to be really effective on this short band. On the other hand, if the glasses filter between 380 and 450 nm, the filtration rate must be at least 60%.

Colors : In the case of blue light protection glasses, there are translucent lenses and yellow lenses . These offer reinforced protection because they are used for increased use of screens and greater exposure to blue light, they are ideal glasses for video games.

Transparent lenses will be more dedicated to professionals who spend time in front of the screen ( graphic designer, draftsman, 3D animator, photographer, retouchers ) who need to clearly distinguish colors. But also : for all other people wishing to protect themselves from blue light on a daily basis with a filter that goes everywhere .

It should be noted, however, that the color will become more and more a simple element of style because technological developments will make it possible to obtain an almost transparent glass for maximum filtration. 

The materials

What would Tony Stark be without his armor made of titanium and gold? The materials used for your glasses are as important as the pair itself. For what ? Because they will play on the effect that the glasses and the frame will have on your face.

The glasses

Organic: these are generally glasses of great finesse . They are light and resistant, in addition to being very easy to produce.

Minerals : less and less used, these glasses are very fragile. They are also now prohibited for children , for example, because of possible exposure to shocks. Avoid, therefore.


Lightness : when choosing glasses, you must check the weight of the model . Lightweight glasses are great for several reasons: they won't leave marks on the top of your nose, they'll tire you less, and they'll be more comfortable to wear.

Resistance : to lightness is added resistance . The must is to marry one to the other. A light frame that is also strong will make a good pair of glasses.

Among the materials that combine lightness and resistance, we recommend:

  • elastomer (a derivative of unbreakable rubber) for children
  • polyamide (strong and light, mainly used in sports glasses)
  • stainless steel (light and robust but lacks aesthetics)
  • polycarbonate (resistant, flexible and light – our preference )
  • cellulose acetate (a derivative of plastic materials of vegetable origin, therefore very ecological. Flexible and very resistant material – the perfect combo )

The sizes

The glasses can be declined in several sizes . Some sites sometimes offer three sizes, a bit like in clothing stores: S, M and L.

Said sizes correspond to a gap between the bottom hinges. Size S corresponds to 120 mm. Size M has a gap between 120 mm and 130 mm. Size L corresponds to a gap above 130 mm.

A good size of glasses also plays a lot on the final comfort of your frame . There are also unique sizes, which have been perfectly studied for all face types.

The ideal here is to measure the width of your face to better understand how the frame will adapt to the face. Some sites also offer a virtual try on (3D fitting) which allows you to get a more precise idea.

Finally, the best thing is to try live and some (rare) brands offer you a satisfied or refunded purchase which allows you to take no risk when choosing and to change glasses if the ones you have received are not suitable. .


Since a pair of glasses is worn in the center of the face, we have to like it – of course!

Indeed, the design must be able to combine aesthetics and functionality in order to express your personality while adapting perfectly with your face.

It must also be chosen according to the uses linked to the screens: so that it is suitable for the use of headphones, for example.

The accessories

When buying a new pair, nothing is more pleasant and practical than getting additional accessories: a transport box, a cleaning cloth , cords or chains for the glasses, a maintenance spray .. .

Always check if you are offered one. It's the little wink that warms the heart.


Again, what better than a lifetime warranty for the purchase of a pair of glasses? Indeed, you are never safe from a problem and it is better to have your back. So getting a warranty should almost be a must.

Compliance with standards

Spectacle lenses are the result of years of research in optics , it may seem obvious that a product must meet certain standards but this is not always the case.

Before choosing, always make sure that the model complies with the standards in force in Europe applicable for the sale of glasses manufactured in this territory. We usually talk about the CE / EN ISO standard  12312 -1 2013 .

Company values

Through the offers and selections that you will be able to find from eyewear manufacturers and sellers, you will also have the freedom to choose the best to see and understand the world differently.

Buying a pair of glasses also means trusting a company , for the quality of its products, but also through the values ​​it carries on a daily basis.

Some companies are committed to humanitarian associations and/or actively contribute to charitable actions in order to represent their desire to live in a fairer world.

This is also the whole philosophy of 1% For The Planet , a global movement for the preservation of the environment to which Horus X is a part.

1% for the planet goggles choose

The goal of this movement is to support and activate an alliance of companies financially committed to creating a healthier planet , by helping non-profit organizations to better protect lands, forests, rivers, the oceans and to encourage sustainable methods of energy production .

It is therefore very important to find out about the companies that are committed to contributing, thanks to your act of purchase, to a just, humane and united cause.

"Who loves his glasses takes care of his frame"

You will have understood: choosing your glasses is very similar to the quest for an RPG . You have to pay attention to a lot of details.

At Horus-X, we offer you the portable anti-blue light range for everyday use and the Gaming range , for beginners or pro players. And of course the children's blue light blocking glasses collection.

Our products are guaranteed for life, with accessories, the best protection on the market and the standards expected by the European Union.

To consult our products, we invite you to visit our Shop page .

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