With Valentine’s Day just around the corner now’s the perfect time to start thinking about the gamer in your life. Of course, there’s the usual things: flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep…

But if you want to dig a little deeper this February 14th, we’ve come up with some pretty awesome Valentine’s Day gifts for gamers.

Cogsworth and lumiere from beauty and the beast

Give the gamer in your life something that will stay long after flowers have wilted, chocolate has been eaten, and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has been finished.

⚠️ Sadly we’re not being paid by Bezos. Recommendations aren’t because we’re affiliates, but because we genuinely love these items and think they’re the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for gamers. Maybe we can become the new gamer in your life… 😉

 🌹LEGO flowers: From $20 to $50 approx.

lego flowers

As we’ve already covered, giving flowers is a centuries old way of saying “I love you”. Imagine if you could gift your gamer a bouquet that lasts forever… or at least as long as your relationship.

Well, you can! Just get them the ultimate building block: LEGO flowers!

There’s plenty to choose from, just like real blooms. You can find the classic bouquet of seasonal roses, a bouquet of wildflowers for an explosion of color, or pots of miniature plants that even you and the cat can’t destroy.

There are even some cute little succulent flower bed options to take your gaming set-up to the next level.

Given the amount of choice, the prices for LEGO flowers can be anything from $15 to $50, so you can choose how much to splash out on this brick-like gift!

👓 Blue light glasses for better protection: From $30 to $70

girl wearing pink gaming glasses and carrying backpack on street

The best Valentine’s Day gifts for gamers (or anyone) are ones that show you put thought, effort and care into your choice.

What better way to show how your partner, or secret crush, how much you care than with gaming accessories that protect their eyes from harm?

Luckily, we have a whole range of gaming glasses, from the ultra sleek Gaming One Revolution pair, to clip-on shields for those with prescription lenses. They offer style and the best blue light filtration on the market, and you don’t have to sell your soul to afford them.

But just because they’re a gamer, that doesn’t mean your options are limited to what they can use in front of a screen. We have it on good authority gamers go outside sometimes too. For those occasions you can always gift them anti-blue light glasses from our everyday range, perfect for work or socializing. Check out our Nomad collection that will keep you looking fashionable, even in your Wolfenstein t-shirt.

Or, if you’re with a gamer that likes to have adventures on and off screen, you want to make sure they’re protecting themselves… particularly when it’s sunny. That’s why Horus X sunglasses filter UV rays and blue light, to protect you from sun demons and Demon Souls.

If you really want to prove your love, or you’re trying to make up for something, you can always buy one of our bundle packs so you don’t have to choose which type best suits your partner’s needs.

🎲 A shared gift for two: Board games from $10+

Stardew valley and Godtear on Horus background

Romantic evenings out are still nice, but what about romantic evenings in?

With a huge surge in popularity over the last few years, board games for adults are taking the world by storm.

We’ve chosen three of our favorites for Valentine’s Day; because nothing says I love you like losing 8 games in a row with a smile on your face and murder in your heart.

  • Stardew Valley, The Board Game: A long beloved farming video game that’s now available offline. Stardew Valley is a cooperative board game where you farm, fish and forage to build your Valley, together. There’ll be no arguments as this game is perfect for a cozy night in for two.
  • Godtear: If on the other hand, you and your partner prefer facing off against each other rather than working in harmony, Godtear will tickle your gaming fancy. A simple board game with big consequences, choose your champion and face off against each other to reach the ultimate goal: immortality.
  • Tea for Two: If you’re looking for a full departure from the usual game styles you and your partner play, Tea for Two may be the perfect solution. A simple and silly strategy card game where you can power up your deck and fight over a pink flamingo.

Of course, there’s plenty of other adult board games out there to choose from. From the innocent to the not-so-innocent. But we’ll leave those kinds of choices up to you…

🎮Co-op games for two: From $20+

a couple playing on playstation

From offscreen to back onscreen, there are tons of cute couch co-op games to play as a couple. This Valentine’s gift shows your partner you want to be part of their hobbies and interests. Because love is sometimes as simple as buying a custom controller.

  • Super Mario Bros Wonder: The latest in the Mario catalog, Super Mario Bros Wonder is a platformer available on Switch for up to 4 players. So, whether you’re in a couple, throuple or anything else, you can all play together. Providing there’s not more than 4 of you.
  • It Takes Two: This cute 2021 Game of the Year is available across Steam, PS4/5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, and is one of the best cozy games out there. In it, you play as a struggling couple working to get back to their daughter in a game where you’ll laugh together, but maybe also shed a tear.
  • Overcooked: A game that can inspire love, laughter and hatred. Overcooked may test the boundaries of any relationship, but it’s worth it for this silly, fun co-op game. Work together and attempt to cook in a restaurant that’s on wheels, fire, in the middle of the ocean, up in the air, or all of the above.

🌆 A Valentine’s Day outing for two: From $0+

romantic silhouette of man and woman against the night skyline

The perfect gift is one that’s thoughtful. Whether that’s tickets to Star Wars live on stage, or a Funko pop of your partner’s favorite character. But ultimately, spending time with your loved one is the best Valentine’s gift of all.  

For this great gift, just set a budget and plan a surprise outing for you and your partner. You could see a film or show, eat at a nice restaurant, get vouchers for a unique experience day, or even whisk them away for a romantic weekend.

There are also plenty of gaming experience activities you can plan outdoors! Book an escape room, go to a retro arcade, or even go pick up a swanky new computer together as a joint gift for you both.

💰Personalized presents or gift cards

If you’re still stuck for that perfect gift, we have two bonus suggestions just for you!

Give a personalized gift this Valentine’s Day

Personalized mugs, shirts, and even puzzles are all the rage nowadays. They’re a great gift and 100% unique. No one else wants a picture of your dog’s face on a t-shirt… trust us.

In just a few clicks you can create an original gift your partner will love. Just make sure you don’t fall at the last hurdle: remember a card and some pretty wrapping paper to go with it.

The gift voucher solution

A gift card can sometimes be looked at as the lazy or unthoughtful choice of present. And to be honest, they usually have a point. But it all depends on what gift card you choose and how to present it. Is it for something your partner has been dying to do for a while? Then this gift goes from thoughtless to thoughtful!

Of course, the nice part is that this gift is usually really simple to get on or offline, and easy to package too. Just don’t put it in a ring box as a joke, unless you want some really pointed and uncomfortable questions this Valentine’s Day.

The best Valentine’s Day gifts for gamers: Final thoughts

The most important thing to do when choosing a gift is to consider the individual. Show them you know them with a gift that suits their personality and interests. It’s always the thought that counts.

From the classic box of chocolates to a romantic getaway, from a personalized t-shirt to a new console, or a stylish pair of sunglasses ready to break into summer, there’s plenty of things to choose from.

Share your happiness and love with your favorite gamer this Valentine’s Day and surprise them with something that shows how much you care.

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