Finding a pair of blue light blocking glasses for a child is not easy. Already for an adult, the market is still too underdeveloped for the time being and rare are the brands which, like Horus X, will want to inform their visitors as well as possible about the filtration offered. For children, we might believe, by force, that the majority of companies have nothing to do with them. That's why we want to help you, by offering you both a selection of thebest blue light blocking glasses for children , as well as a buying guide.

Which model to choose for a child? Top 3 best frames

1 - Horus X - Gaming Small, the best quality for the best price

Yes, these are our own glasses. But what do you want, we are proud of it. Our team has worked hard on each model already available for purchase, as well as on those to come (did you see the little teaser?). In addition to offering frames suitable for adults with our best gaming glasses , we have therefore decided to offer the Gaming pair in a "Small" version, designed for the small heads of children (among others). The size may be reduced, but the protection is strictly the same as for the Gaming 2.0 pair . This makes it one of the most powerful blue light blocking glasses on the market.

We are always very transparent about it and it is one of our values: the idea is to help you, to protect you, not to give you imprecise data. You should therefore know that the Gaming Small anti-blue light glasses filter more than 86% of harmful rays (380 to 450 nm) thanks to the tinted lenses, which also limit color distortion.

And the little head of the child who will wear them will not be uncomfortable: the glasses weigh only 20 grams, while the nosepad and temples are designed so that the frame can be worn for hours, even with a gaming headset on. the ears . Eye protection is so important that it would be a shame to sacrifice comfort, right?

The positive points :
  • The ultra affordable price
  • Clearly indicated filtration
  • General comfort
  • The effectiveness of protection
The negative points :
  • Not available for viewing

2 - Gunnar - Cruz 12+, the pair for children at sight

A particularly expensive pair but with correction, the Cruz 12+ from Gunnar nevertheless knows how to impose its qualities. In addition to the size obviously designed for children and teenagers (otherwise we wouldn't tell you about it here), the pair has been designed to be resistant.

It is not incoherent to say that glasses for children have every interest in resisting shocks; our young or slightly older toddlers inevitably tend to pay less attention to this kind of business than an adult. It is enough to see the state of Nintendo 3DS resold on Leboncoin in pack with games which make us understand who used them. The weight is 23 grams and everything is designed to be comfortable over the long term.

The positive points :
  • Filtration of your choice
  • Glasses in sight
The negative points :
  • Dear ones, blame it on onerous correction
  • Lack of transparency on the filtered spectrum and the protection actually provided.

3 - Lusee - Kids, the pretty pair with light filtration

Lusee - Kids, the pretty pair with light filtration

Less known than the others, Lusee is also a French brand that manufactures anti-blue light glasses. One of their models, the Kids, is designed for children. Offered at an affordable price , it is suitable for children from 3 to 14 years old, always depending on the size and shape of their face of course.

The main advantage of this pair is undoubtedly its design, which is very suitable for children. But the backlash is a cruel lack of information about lenses . In addition to the filtration which seems light given the color of the glasses (but it is a choice to be made and we will talk about it below), the only technical information given is "UV400", which is something too vague.

The positive points :
  • The design of the frame, different from what we usually have on this market
  • The very affordable price
  • Relatively light weight (27 grams)
The negative points :
  • Too little information on filtration

Are blue light blocking glasses really important for children?

As you probably know, children are generally more fragile than adults. Not that they are high in sugar, but the fact is that their bodies are not yet fully developed. It is interesting to note that before adolescence, the child's lens is not yet fully developed like that of an adult.

More fragile, it will also filter light less well in general and therefore let in too much harmful blue light . But even after this stage of his life, once a teenager, it is necessarily necessary to protect his eyes, for the simple and good reason that the damage that could occur will remain for life and it is a shame to start damaging his eyes so early. .

The risks of blue light, for children and adults

According to ARCEP , 93% of children aged 12 to 17 had a telephone in 2016. In 2021, there is no doubt that the figures are all the more impressive. In addition to smartphones, a large number of children take part in video game sessions, regulated or not by their parents, even very early on, sometimes as young as 3 years old. As an adult, more so with age, their eyes will therefore be exposed to the harmful part of blue light . As a reminder, this generates certain risks in the short and long term:

  • Eye fatigue : the eyes sting , are red, can tend to tear, can be easily dazzled and therefore create headaches. The comfort of life, even for a child, is therefore already diminished;
  • Difficult sleep : obviously, if the comfort of life during the day is less good, that of the night is impacted. Headaches and overall eye fatigue can tend to interfere with sleep. But that's not all: blue light is an indicator for the brain that it is still day, since the sun also emits it. If the brain thinks it's daytime, why would it be ready to sleep? You have understood it, staying in front of a screen all day and in particular in the evening will deceive your body and it is more difficult to fall asleep;
  • Long-term dangers : Rarer but not non-existent, the long-term dangers caused by harmful blue light are a reality. Prolonged exposure to this light can cause irreparable damage to your eyes, while contributing to age-related macular degeneration, or even... blindness. For the youngest, there is even a direct link between exposure to blue light and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

To answer the question posed, the answer is therefore yes: blue light blocking glasses are obviously important for children. Whether it's to protect them as soon as possible or to teach them healthy lifestyle habits , equipping them with child-friendly gaming glasses is a good idea, even a must.

How to choose the right frame for a child?

Choosing a frame for children is not necessarily the same as choosing for an adult. Given their specific needs (strength and size), it will often be necessary to sacrifice the choice of frame design. It's a fact, children's glasses are generally less numerous than those for adults , just go to the optician to find out.

child tablet blue light glasses

On the market for anti-blue light glasses, the finding is even more glaring since there are, basically, fewer frames than those for sight. Here are some details to consider when choosing:

  • Solidity : As we said above, a child is not necessarily the human who will take care of his business the most. Depending on his age, he will tend to run around the playground, bump into each other, forget them somewhere and sit on them... In short, the frames must be a minimum solid;
  • The size of the frame : The age of a child influences the size of the frame to choose. Between a 4-year-old child and a slightly larger 17-year-old child (much larger as a result), it is obvious that the size of the frame as well as that of the lenses will differ. It is therefore necessary to remember to measure its small head;
  • Intended use : If a choice arises as to the type of filtration, it is good to think about which one to use. If the child will only need the glasses to play on a screen, then strong filtration is required. If it is more for working and learning on a screen (tablet, computer), glasses with clearer lenses may be sufficient;
  • The price : It makes perfect sense not to want to invest hundreds of dollars in blue light blocking glasses for a child if they aren't in plain sight. The child will grow and the frame will have to be changed several times until the end of its growth.

Have you found the winning pair for your child?

As you have seen, blue light blocking glasses are of real interest to children, both very young and teenagers. We must take care of them and their eyes from an early age , given the resurgence of screens in our daily lives. We therefore hope that this guide has been able to help you find your happiness, at least to make you discover useful things.

If you were able to get the pair you need for your child, don't hesitate to let us know. And if you think you need it for yourself too, we have guides designed for both women and men !

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