How to take care of your eyes naturally? A difficult question because we all live different lives, with the environment playing a major role in our eye health. However, by properly deciphering our common biology , it is possible to identify a set of ultra-effective rules to not only preserve your eyes but also optimize them.

Discover step by step a simple scientific recipe to put in place on a daily basis to obtain and preserve falcon vision (#horusX).

In this article :

  • Food /Hydration

  • Sleep

  • Exercise

  • Hygiene

  • Toolbox

  • Hazards

  • Inspection and maintenance

  • [BONUS: the recap to keep]


We mentioned it in our article on the diet of esports , "we are what we eat". No exception here, diet is the first essential pillar of eye health . If you eat anything, your eyes will suffer daily. Knowing that your eyes are made up of more than 100 million cells, they need good energy to function!

Man with brown eyes looking at the horizon

Certain vitamins and minerals are essential not only for daily functioning but also to reduce the risk of certain diseases related to the retina (AMD for example). Here are the most important:

OK, but what does that actually mean? There are obviously dietary supplements if you think you have certain deficiencies, but the most effective is still an optimized diet. To avoid having to decipher the nutritional intake of your food each time, we have selected the top foods for your eyesight to incorporate into your routine, bursting with these different vitamins and minerals.

The recommendation of the most powerful foods for optimal vision:

  • 🥕 Carrot and other orange vegetables and fruits : Full of beta carotene which the body uses to make vitamin A. Sweet potato is great too!

  • 🥬 Kale cabbages and other dark green vegetables: For the full of Lutein and Zeaxanthin (and vitamin B9, C and E). Also present in spinach, broccoli.

  • 🌶️ Red peppers : The boost of vitamin C (and A and E). Raw is best.

  • 🐟 Salmon : Oh oh oh mega 3!!! And omega 6. But also a lot of B vitamins (1,2,3,5,6 and 12)

  • 🦪 Oysters, beans and legumes : Oysters are a bit gross but they're full of Zinc so why not. Otherwise to fill up on zinc for those who don't like sticky things, there are black beans and legumes (lentils).

  • 🥜 Nuts and seeds : Vitamin E do you want some (and omega 6). Eat a handful of almonds or a few sunflower seeds

  • 🥚 Eggs : the zinc contained in the white will help transport lutein and Zeaxanthin from the yellow to the eyes! Good deal!

  • 🫐 Blueberries : Our favorite fruit! An essential for eyesight (rich in vitamin C, E and much more!)

The Horus X Reco ✴️ Consider incorporating as many of these foods into your daily food routine. Don't worry too much, just try to add a little more than usual and avoid foods that are bad for the eyes !

Tool ⚙️ The Daily Dosen free app. It condenses all the knowledge of the super book "how not to die" and allows you to have a daily checklist of good foods to incorporate to preserve your eyes and your health in general.


You know the catchphrase all too well: you have to drink 1.5 liters of water a day! This little sentence actually hides a lot of subtleties. Depending on your weight, your height, your physical activity, your metabolism, this quantity varies.

It's just a reference to encourage you to drink more because yes, we often tend to wait until our tongue hangs out before swallowing our dose of H2O. And that's not good at all because it forces the machine unnecessarily!

The eye is one of our organs most sensitive to these variations.

Intense female gaze

The example of tears is obvious: the eyes are covered with a layer that is there to lubricate and protect from surrounding debris and bacteria.

If you are dehydrated, your eyes can no longer properly produce this essential liquid and you will potentially suffer from several disorders (dry eyes, eye fatigue, puffy eyes...). Imagine the long-term consequences...

✴️ The Horus X recce : A fairly simple rule with your calculator (or little genius that you are):

  • Under 60 : multiply your weight by 30 to obtain the volume to drink in ml

  • Over 60 : multiply your weight by 25 to get the volume to drink in ml (we lose muscle as we age, less need for water in general)

⚙️ Tool :

  • If you don't want to bother and be more precise, we have unearthed a little nugget that allows you to estimate your consumption quite precisely by taking into account your age, your physical activity, etc. The software then gives you what you really should drink. Pretty cool ! If you want to test it is here .

  • On top of that, find an app that reminds you when to drink. A bit strenuous at first but you'll quickly get the hang of it. The difference in terms of well-being is incredible (not to mention that you will go to the toilet + and therefore do more exercise! Clever!

  • Finally invested in a nice water bottle and remember to fill it in the early morning, and early afternoon so as never to be dry.


The third essential pillar for your eyes (and for your body in general). When you get enough rest, your body has plenty of time to repair your eyes (not even a Goa'uld sarcophagus needed), which results in better, clearer sight, better eye lubrication, and more nerves and tissues. healthy in and around your eyes.

woman fell asleep comfortably in her bed with a sleep mask

By getting enough sleep, you will experience fewer eye-related headaches and you will find that your vision is clearer day and night.

✴️ The Horus X recce : on average to be able to function at its optimum, an adult needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep but this varies of course. As a general rule, the younger you are, the more sleep you need.

⚙️ Tools :

  • Oura ring (our favorite) or Apple Watch or Sleep tracker bracelet. These tools are great for seeing your sleep trends and guiding you through a dynamic approach. There are so many things you can do to optimize your sleep !

  • 8sleep thermoregulated smart mattress. Well, that's quite an investment, but the difference is significant in terms of falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. This mattress is the future and it's impressive. Don't forget that you will spend more than 20 years sleeping in your life, it's worth putting the means when you know the impact of sleep.

  • Blackout curtains or sleep mask : ESSENTIAL to sleep in the darkest room possible. Our body (and not just our eyes) is (very) sensitive to variations in light.


It's always the same thing but it's simply because it's devilishly effective.

Cardio exercises (which increase your heart rate) lower intraocular pressure, or pressure in the eyes, which helps protect retinal ganglion cells. Cardio exercise also increases blood flow to the optic nerve and retina.

✴️ Recce : set up a simple routine. Your body needs it and the results are proven!

  • Tranquilou : 4 x 20 minute walk per week

  • + Sportsman : 3 times 25 minutes of intense exercise

⚙️ Tools : At Horus X we love Freeletics, an easy-to-use app that lets you do bodyweight sports anywhere, even if you don't have space. Really great for tracking your progress. #noexcuses

PS : Here it's a minimum, but important to start gently to establish a routine (and that's the most important).

Eye hygiene, how to clean your eyes naturally

You will no doubt have understood that your eyes have an automatic cleaning mechanism, tears. They usually don't need extra help . No need to shampoo your eye, it won't make it softer and you risk hurting yourself.

brunette woman looking at sky in nature

The idea here is to make sure that your eye stays clean in the event of an incident, or by removing excess residue and debris that accumulates around the eye but in general we repeat it , not really need cleaning. The following advice is therefore simply to be applied in very specific situations.

1 - First!

Don't forget to wash your hands first!

2 - Morning cleaning

In the morning, a little gentle cleansing to remove the residue from the night that has accumulated in the corner of the eye. In the shower or using a small washcloth, rinse gently.

3 - Make-up removal

For all those who use makeup, it is imperative to wash properly before going to bed. We are not really talking about cleaning the eye itself but about all the surrounding impurities on the eyelid, the corner of the eye, the eyelashes etc. Otherwise all this crap ends up in your eyes, beware of infections.

✴️ The natural recipe : 60ml of sweet almond, 40ml of rose water on a cotton pad. Gently dab from the base of the eyebrows towards the eyelid.

4 - Accident

If you accidentally splashed your eye with something suspicious, you can start by rinsing them with saline, very gently. Fifteen seconds are enough to clean all this.

If it is really more serious and/or you suffer (permanent discomfort, sensitivity, redness, blurred vision...) you should consult your doctor or specialist as soon as possible.

Your essential protection tools

Now that you have all the essentials to keep your vision natural, let's add the final coat. Adding an eye shield allows you to be protected in all circumstances and over the long term:

  • 🌞 Against the sun (and UVs) : a good pair of UV400 sunglasses. Why not the Urban Sun model ?

  • 📺 Against screens (and blue light) : an excellent pair of anti-blue light glasses. We recommend the Ushuaïa model !

  • 🔨 In case of DIY (for various projectiles) : a pair of safety glasses. Good products at Bollé for example.

  • 🤕 In case of emergency : physiological liquid to rinse quickly well done.

To avoid

If you're wondering "what hurts your eyes the most" the list is simple:

  • 🍺 Alcohol: in addition to the immediate effect of tunnel vision, alcohol accelerates cell aging (dryness, irritation, macular degeneration, optic neuritis, cataract...)

  • 🚬 Cigarette : tobacco is taboo, we will all overcome it. The toxins that pass through your body when you light up a little cigarette will damage your vision and also risk triggering early eye diseases.

  • 🫣 Rub your eyes : even if you wash your hands often, it's hard to remove 100% of the residue that could contaminate your eye. By rubbing your eyes you risk a good conjunctivitis.

  • 🍔 Eating too fat: fat is life.. uh no! You already know it but the fat will gradually deteriorate your whole body. Your eyes are no exception with again a potential impact on AMD.

  • 🥤 Eating too sweet: too much sugar can lead to diabetes. This excess sugar in the blood will harden the blood vessels of the eye which suddenly will no longer work as it should.

  • 🕶️ Not wearing suitable glasses: the effects of uv rays and blue light from screens are well known and yet. We do not always feel the problem directly. Over the years, vision may deteriorate. Such a simple gesture!

  • 😴 Using your contact lenses wrong: it's so easy to forget after a big night out. However, it's really not a good idea to fall asleep with it. The lenses can dry out but also make your eyes much more susceptible to infections! Same thing under water, it's so tempting but you risk infection!

  • 💄 Sleeping with your make-up on: Apart from bozo the clown, which we would like to get rid of once and for all, we strongly recommend that you remove your make-up. The pigments can become harmful to the very sensitive skin of the eyelid, not to mention the risk of contamination of the eye itself.

Control and maintenance - Ophthalmologist

Every year or even every 18 months, it's important to go to the ophthalmologist ! (By the way, I have to think about it very soon). For those who already have glasses or contact lenses, this is an opportunity to see if a lens adjustment is necessary, for those who don't have one, this is an opportunity to make sure that they don't need it, and in general it's also super important for a thorough check-up of your eye health.

It is so important to detect ocular pathologies early because for some, like glaucoma which is relatively common, if caught in time, we are able to recover! Which is not necessarily the case if you wait too long.

Put a little annual reminder in your electronic diary (we use very simple google calendar) make your appointment and forget about it until next year.

[BONUS] The recap to keep for the care of healthy eyes

If you respect this, you will find yourself above 90% of people in terms of optimizing and protecting your eyes naturally!

  • 🍲 Food/Hydration : Eat more balanced by incorporating super foods from the Daily Dozen list (available on google or apple ).

  • 💤 Sleep: Prioritize your sleep. From 7 to 9 hours per night trying to measure it to improve it via certain apps or tools (Oura ring, apple watch...).

  • 🏃‍♀️ Exercise: A little regular exercise to make your heart beat faster and relax your little eyes. Essential !

  • 💦 Hygiene: Your eyes know how to clean themselves. Except in special situations, a little wipe of a washcloth on the face in the morning is enough.

  • 🧰 Protective toolbox: Sunglasses + anti blue light glasses + safety glasses + physiological liquid.

  • ⚠️ Dangers: Alcohol, tobacco, unbalanced diet, irresponsible behavior of great disgust #joke (dirty hand in the eyes, sleeping with your makeup on, not wearing sunglasses...)

  • 👩‍⚕️ Inspection and maintenance: every 12 to 18 months would be ideal

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Taking care of your eyes naturally: the final word

If like pirates, you think putting on an earring will improve your eyesight, then you've misunderstood this article. You put your finger in the eye as they say. Jokes aside, so you see that taking care of your eyes naturally goes above all through a solid base of small important rules but relatively easy to put in place on a daily basis + some practical tools to help you in your quest for the eye of lynx.

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