Your face is as wide as Wario's? Do you have a round head like Kirby? Your nose takes up as much space as Yoshi's on his cute face. So you are wondering what shape of glasses will best suit your face , your morphology and this particular characteristic that makes you a heartbreaker?

You've come to the right place, because today at Horus X, we're in a Visagiste mood and we're going to give you tips to become even more stylish and show you how to use glasses like ADSM (Mass Seduction Weapon). Come here, we decipher for you which glasses frame will go best with your star face.

In this article:

  • Define your face shape and morphology

  • What pair of glasses for my face

  • Take your physical characteristics into account when choosing your glasses

  • Our advices

  • FAQs

what is the shape of your face

The first step is to determine the shape of your face and its morphology. For this we will base ourselves on basic geometry, your primary courses should be enough, no scholarly calculations to do.

In general, whether we are a man or a woman, none of our faces corresponds exactly to a known geometric shape. Rather, it is a combo of different geometric shapes. It's up to us to discover them and see our main features.

Bring a mirror, we'll find out who you are.

mario 64 looks at himself in a mirror

Round Face - The Kirby Team

The round face has the characteristic of having an identical length and width. The latter has no corners and we mainly observe curves.

Kirby round face

Oval/elongated face - The Luigi team

The oval face is the most common, whether in men or women. It is a proportioned and balanced face that will be suitable for different styles of eyewear. Lucky Luigi!

oval face luigi

Square Face - Team Mario

The square face, like the round one, has the characteristic of being as long as it is wide. Here, we find pronounced angles, an apparent jawline and a wide forehead.

square face mario

Rectangular Face - The Wario team

The rectangular face, with a width greater than the height is very angular. A face at first sight “authoritarian” and serious.

rectangular face wario

Triangular face - The Magikoopa team

The triangular face, also called “lower base”, corresponds to a narrow forehead and a wider base of the face.

Magikoopa triangular face

Inverted Triangular Face - The Waluigi team

The triangular (upper base) face features a broad forehead and a pointed chin.

Waluigi rectangular face

Diamond-shaped face - The Marth team

The diamond-shaped face is the rarest, it is characterized by wide cheekbones. The forehead and the jawline being narrower than the cheekbones.

Marth diamond face

star shaped face

So it's hot, we've never seen. You just have to apply to be the star at the end of the board on Mario Party.

mario star

So then it's good? Have you been able to find out a little more about yourself? I hope that the first step is validated and that you were able to determine the shape of your face. Next step, what will look best on you?

What shape of glasses for my face: Visagism according to Horus X

Now that you've been able to determine if you look more like Lara Croft or Lara Fabian, it's time to find out which pair of glasses will suit you best. This is the time when we tell you everything about the beautiful pairs.

Lara Croft or Lara Fabian

⚪ What shape of glasses for a round face

The idea here is to try to structure your face, which is naturally soft. To do this, we will add a little angle with a square or rectangular frame . We do not recommend rounded shapes that will accentuate the roundness of your face.

🏉 What shape of glasses for an oval face?

Well there, nature has spoiled you, ALL the frames will adapt well to your face. This is the advantage of an oval face, you have the choice! The idea here is therefore to find glasses that really suit them and reflect their personality.

⬛ What shape of glasses for a square face

To give your face some height, rectangular or even oval frames are recommended. Square face glasses should be thick enough to soften the angles of the face.

If you are a man and want to accentuate your masculine side, we can go for an angular side. if, on the other hand, as a woman, you want to soften your features, rounded frames will be more suitable

⬛⬛ What shape of glasses for a rectangular face

Here, it can be interesting to break the angles with round glasses . Softer lines help round out your face. If your face is rectangular and also elongated, we can widen the face with oval frames.

🔺Triangular face

The idea is to find a balance and therefore to give a little width to the top of the face which is thinner. We will try to mark the temples and we will give a little volume with a wider frame. Glasses for triangle faces are usually rounded or square in shape to balance out the proportions of the face.

🔻Inverted triangular face

Conversely, we will try here to add width to the bottom of the face. For this we will favor frames stretched downwards, which are wider on the lower edge.

♦️ Diamond shaped face

If your cheekbones are marked, your forehead and chin less marked, it is interesting to try oval frames. When you have beautiful cheekbones, you have to cherish them.

Face / head of C** 🍑

Not easy easy, but if you think you are one, we recommend a toilet seat. Muhahaha!

Choose your mount according to its physical characteristics

Here we are in the game for those who are really bad at geometry and who have not been able to determine their face shape, or who simply do not necessarily have a face that assimilates to a known shape (#coucouribery ).

If your face has a particular characteristic, you should take advantage of it and use the diversity of frames for glasses to play with and either accentuate it or minimize it. Question of balance as Francis would say.

Francis Cabrel

Here are some features and related tips you might be interested in.

Strong jawline: Choosing the right glasses can be a good way to camouflage a strong jawline by emphasizing them. We therefore recommend here thick frames or flashy colors, to attract attention.

Thick eyebrow: If you have rather thick eyebrows, go for rather thin frames, to create balance. Otherwise, if you have rather thin eyebrows, it may be interesting to take thick frames.

Prominent chin: It is important to choose your glasses according to the shape of your face, and if you have a prominent chin, it is better to avoid frames that accentuate it. To add width to the bottom of the face, preference should be given to frames with a thick or widened lower edge.

Broad forehead: Generally, broad forehead rhymes with inverted triangular face. We will try here not to accentuate the width of the top of the face and rather to give width to the bottom of the face. For this, try frames that are wider at the bottom edge. A word of advice, light colors will be appreciated, in fact bright colors risk accentuating the top of the frame and therefore the top of the face.

In any case, prefer discreet frames, light or pastel in color, rather rounded and not very thick. Avoid anything strict and geometric, overly imposing frames and the butterfly shape. Don't accentuate the peak effect by choosing glasses that go lower than your cheekbones.

The chef's special random advice

We are going to end with some little tips that are not related to the shape of your face, but more aesthetic and practical elements that work for everyone to choose their glasses.

The field of vision: It's all very well to have beautiful glasses with an adapted shape, but it's even better to see well. To do this, don't forget to take glasses that give you an optimal field of vision.

Glasses that fit on the nose : A totally underrated element when people choose frames. What's more unbearable than a bezel that doesn't fit on your nose. To remedy this, when choosing your glasses, pay particular attention to the bridge of the glasses, which must be positioned on the root of the nose.

Horizontal temples : Important details, regardless of the shape of your glasses, it is important for aesthetic reasons that the temples are horizontal.

Well-positioned glasses : For your devastating gaze to be highlighted, your eyes must be in the middle/center of the glasses. You can look around you, few people take this element into account, and yet it makes the difference.

How to choose the right glasses according to the shape of your face: The final word

This guide is not a bible, here only suggestions based on our experience and analysis. When it comes to choosing your mount, the most important thing is to like yourself and to be able to express your personality.
If you are interested in our models, you should use our virtual fitting tool which will allow you to choose your glasses according to the shape of your face. Works equally well for men women and children (first).

FAQ: A few frequently asked questions:

How do we know which pair of glasses suits us well?

The first step is to define what is the shape of his face. Then, it is interesting to identify our specificities (width of the forehead, size of the nose, chin….) Depending on these different elements, we can deduce what theoretically/geometrically would suit us best, with the idea of ​​creating balance and structure the face. Do not forget the practical questions: well-centered glasses that offer a wide field of the face, glasses that fit on the nose… Last criterion, you must be comfortable with the glasses you choose.

What is the color of glasses that rejuvenates?

In general, frames in warm colors will make you look younger. Warm tones suit most faces, especially brown and burgundy tones. Of course, you will have to choose a color that suits your complexion and especially your style.

We advise you to choose shiny materials to give your eyes an extra sparkle. Avoid matte colors.

What color of glasses to soften the face?

To soften your face, it is a good idea to choose light-colored glasses. Beige usually works great, as does pink. Light blues are also a good option

Which glasses for round face women?

For round female faces, create lines and angles to bring balance and not accentuate the curves of the face. Anything with angles is highly recommended.

Butterfly glasses for which face?

Butterfly glasses will delight women with an oval and thin face. In parallel, this kind of models being wide on the upper part of the frame, accentuate the top of the face. You can use them if your face shape is triangular and you want to minimize the lower face.

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