Are you tired of feeling pain in your wrist and fingers after several hours spent in front of your computer ?

We have the solution for you: switch to an ergonomic mouse and save yourself from that lurking carpal tunnel syndrome!

In addition, we are here to help you make your choice among the best mice , if you are slightly lost in the face of all these slightly weird models that you see on the internet.

So whether it's to be more comfortable at the office or to smash all your friends during your games of Age Of Empire, follow the guide to find THE perfect ergonomic mouse!

Our top of the best ergonomic mice

So, below, we'll explain everything you need to know to choose the ergonomic mouse you need, or that vertical mouse that comes so well to hand. But let's start by diving into the heart of the matter: a quick comparison of the best mice on the market in 2023.

From office automation to gaming, you'll definitely find the right shoe for you (and a mouse for your wrist)! And to see everything at a glance:

Model Choice Sensitivity Price
Logitech MX The most high-end Up to 4000 dpi €89-120
logitech miniature 2
Logitech Lift Price quality Up to 4000 dpi €60-70
Ergo track ball
Logitech MX Ergo Trackball

Productivity without travel

Up to 2048 dpi €85-120
Miniature keyboard mouse
Contour Design Rollermouse Red


Up to 2600 dpi €369-500
Tryst verto miniature
Trust Verto Low wired price Up to 1600 dpi €20-35
Razer bazilisk miniature
Razer Basilisk V3 Pro Wireless gaming Up to 30,000 dpi €155-190
Trust miniature gaming mouse
TRUST GXT 144 Rexx Low-cost wireless gaming Up to 10,000 dpi €25-55

PS : We don't receive any communications from these products, we recommend the products to you because we love them and we love you, that's all! That’s how we are at Horus X!

Now let's present all this in detail:

Logitech MX Vertical : the benchmark for vertical mice for office automation

An ergonomic bezel on a desk surrounded by a keyboard

Did you know ? Logitech is one of the best mouse brands, and when it comes to vertical models, it's even a benchmark.

The Logitech MX Vertical mouse is a high-end ergonomic mouse , particularly recommended according to numerous tests and reviews but also the most popular among consumers.

It is therefore a wireless vertical mouse with a 57° grip angle designed to reduce pressure on the wrist and muscle tension during long hours at work. It is intended for large and medium hands . Small hands will unfortunately have to turn to another model.

Its high-precision 4000 dpi optical sensor (dot per inch, also referred to as ppp, or point per inch in French, the number of points that the mouse can detect) ranks it at the very top of the mouse basket for professionals point of view precision and sensitivity . It is adjustable in 50 dpi increments to personalize it to your tastes and tasks of the day. This limits hand movements, divided by four depending on the brand.

The mouse is full of customization options to adapt it to your taste, and takes comfort even further with its pleasantly textured surface.

It is a rechargeable battery that provides power to the mouse, with 4 months of use on a single charge. And you can use it while it's charging.

It offers three connection modes (Bluetooth, RF by Unifying, wired by USB-C) and has an autonomy which can reach four months of use. This vertical ergonomic mouse was designed and tested based on criteria developed by the best ergonomists and the promise is kept! It is so widespread that you will find on the internet all the tests in the world to find out everything, everything, everything about what is considered the best ergonomic mouse model on the market.

Price: between €89 and €129

Logitech Lift : Logitech ergonomic quality for all budgets, for left-handed and right-handed people

Ergonomic lift mouse on beige background

Another ergonomic wireless mouse with a 57° angle like the MX.

An alternative to the Logitech MX Vertical, for small and medium hands. It offers maximum concentration at work with its customizable buttons, silent clicks, 4000 dpi optical sensor (adjustable in 100 dpi increments) and smooth scrolling.

And good news for our left-handed friends: the Lift is available in both a left-handed and a right-handed version . Ergonomics for everyone!

It is therefore an excellent mouse, affordable and effective, less expensive than its sister the MX Vertical, and with which we can only find one real fault: it no longer works with a rechargeable battery, but with an AA battery. (with which Logitech announces, in a burst of optimism which we will allow ourselves to doubt a bit, up to 24 months of use).

Price: between €60 and €70

Logitech MX Ergo Trackball : the vertical mouse for eating spreadsheets (reception from our co-founder Matthieu).

Ergonomic trackball mouse on wooden desk

A wireless mouse with integrated trackball and adjustable angle from 0 to 20°.

This ergonomic mouse has a smooth precision scroll wheel with tilt and center click function as well as precision mode buttons and an optical sensor up to 2048 dpi.

Its special shape and not-so-impressive sensitivity make it a model intended for one thing only: productivity at work. It is designed to be particularly agile on Excel and other spreadsheets, and to control two computers simultaneously.

Very nice bonus: the MX Ergo Trackball comes with predefined and fully customizable settings for Photoshop and other Adobe programs, for Chrome and Safari, and for the entire Microsoft Office suite.

It works with a rechargeable battery , and has two compatibility modes: Bluetooth and Unifying USB receiver.

With this trackball model, you no longer need to move your hand. The shape of the mouse is designed to provide full support for your palm, but the grip requires a few days of adaptation.

Price: between €85 and €120

Contour Design Rollermouse Red : an alien for office productivity and saying no to tendonitis

Contour redmouse ergonomic mouse on a work surface in front of a laptop

In the name of ergonomics, mice can adopt the most improbable shapes. And just like that, the Rollermouse Red from Contour is there!

Let's start with some technical specifications: programmable dpi from 600 to 2800 for excellent office performance, 7 buttons including 6 programmable to adapt it to your tastes , and a weight of... 840 grams which makes it a mammoth, but it's is for a good reason: it lays flat and it doesn't move!

Its principle revolves around a high-precision pointing bar, and uses both hands to avoid repetitive movements . This allows the Rollermouse to relieve the arms and shoulders, to effectively prevent the musculoskeletal disorders that so delight in ruining the lives of those who spend hours in front of computers. Goodbye to tendinitis or even neck pain!

The mouse is equipped with a comfortable wrist rest, and you can raise its position to ensure that it is compatible with all keyboards.

Excellent once you get the hang of it, the Rollermouse still has its small flaws: you will have to review your habits and reflexes before fully adopting it . Oh, and she's likely to beat up your bank account.

Price: between €369 and €500

Trust Verto : a wired mouse to offer ergonomics at a very reasonable price (reception from our co-founder Paul)

Trust Verto ergonomic mouse on wooden desk

Since we have just presented a mouse intended for Bernard Arnaud and other Elon Musks, let's continue with its absolute opposite: the Verto from Trust is the most inexpensive model in our selection, and a benchmark for ergonomics at a low price .

It is a vertical mouse with a 60° angle designed to respect the wrist and alleviate effort and tension at work.

Its 1600 dpi optical sensor offers the sensitivity necessary for office automation. In addition to its wheel and two main buttons, it comes with two side buttons to boost productivity.

No wireless mode here: the mouse works using a 1m50 USB cable. Light and comfortable, it allows you to adopt a natural position at work without breaking the bank.

Price: between €20 and €35

Razer Basilisk V3 Pro : the gaming and ergonomic choice

Razer bazilik ergonomic gaming mouse on black background

Productivity in the office is great, but do you prefer to multiply headshots with diabolical precision?

So here is the Razer Basilisk V3 Pro, a monster of an ergonomic gaming mouse with 10+1 programmable buttons and a 30,000 dpi sensor that says yes, it's a competitive gaming mouse !

The battery charges with a stupid USB cable. Oh, and it's a model for gamers, which means the mouse comes with 13 Chroma lighting zones, each of which is customizable with 16.8 million colors and a whole bunch of lighting effects for a set- up gaming that slams.

With its tilt wheel, it offers a free scrolling mode for smooth and fast scrolling or a tactile notched mode for high-precision and distinct scrolling.

A reference mouse for gamers, with an ergonomic shape which allows you to play games without fatigue, and which makes it perfectly suited to daily office use .

Price: between €157 and €190

Small bonus: if the V3 Pro is the benchmark, the Basilisk V3 offers great performance (less spectacular, but damn respectable even for the demanding gamer) for a lower price: less than €90.

Trust GXT 144 Rexx : the vertical gaming mouse at a low price

Trust gaming ergonomic mouse in action held by one hand

And if what you are looking for for your gaming mouse is the famous vertical shape so gentle on your wrists , then here is the Trust GXT 144 Rexx, a vertical mouse at a reasonable price to play in a natural position and avoid musculoskeletal disorders!

With its 6 programmable buttons and its sensitivity of 10,000 dpi , the mouse will satisfy most gamers. It comes with customizable RGB lighting because it is known that gamers love everything that shines.

In short, it is a model which does not box in the same category as the Basilisk V3, but which with its well-thought-out vertical shape and its respectable performance will be able to prove itself to be a good ergonomic mouse on a daily basis, with gamer capabilities when it is used. is about relaxing after work.

Price: between €25 and €55

❓ What is an ergonomic mouse? What about a vertical mouse?

As you have seen, our selection is full of mice with surprising shapes for the uninitiated eye. So why these shapes? And why choose an ergonomic or vertical mouse ?

Today, we spend more and more time in front of our computer, if not all day (and sometimes even evening)!

And if you have the impression that sitting behind your desk, making few movements, or even almost static, is comfortable, think again!

Over time, this posture can cause MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) .

A person suffers from wrist pain in front of their computer

Recently, we hear more and more about ergonomics at work , a concept that makes things suitable for humans.

By ergonomic, we mean anything that can be used by humans with comfort, safety and efficiency.

With that, no wonder manufacturers had to rethink mice a little so that they no longer represent a risk for users like you and us.

The idea? Improve ergonomics to make use more “natural” for the wrist and forearm.

But the thinking does not stop there since it was also necessary to expand the existing ranges of mice.

Yes because a good ergonomic mouse is a mouse that adapts to the user.

This means that an ergonomic mouse that fits your biggest opponent in Fortnite won't necessarily suit you (it would be too easy otherwise!).

And that's how we saw lots of new mice arrive, all different to best adapt to the user (hand size, for right-handed/left-handed people, etc.) and to the position (arm position, grip angle).

The ergonomic mouse now helps to greatly improve working conditions .

😰 Why choose ergos mice rather than normal mice?

Did you know ? The “standard” position of the wrist flat on the desk while using a traditional mouse is the leading cause of carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist cysts.

Illustration of bad posture on a normal mouse

With this type of mouse, we most often have poor posture in our forearm.

This can cause pain, cramping, discomfort, tenderness or soreness in several areas: the wrist, back of the hand, elbow, thumb and index finger, tendons of the hand and forearm as a whole.

These symptoms should not be taken lightly because if we do nothing, they can quickly turn into tendinitis or carpal tunnel problem.

These disorders also have a name: mouse syndrome 🐭

But why would our faithful mouse want to harm us?

It is generally used palm down.

In addition, our fingers are spread apart to be able to use the two buttons and the wheel in the middle.

The worst part is that to move it, we have to twist our wrist slightly, which is anything but a natural position!

By repeating these movements every day for several years, pain can then be felt and that's when the problems begin.

Fortunately, the ergonomic mouse then appeared on the market with a very specific purpose: to help avoid these problems linked to repetitive use thanks to its shape which adapts perfectly to the user's hand.

With its “natural” grip, it allows muscles and tendons to remain in the correct position and ensure optimal comfort.

✔️ How does an ergonomic mouse work?

So how do these ergonomic mice take care of your wrists?

Basically, it works like your ordinary mouse even if we're not going to hide it from you, handling it the first time can seem a little strange and takes a little time to adapt. And even more if you turn to a trackpad or a non-ordinary model.

Good ergonomic mouse position

Because the particularity of the ergonomic mouse is to have a shape which fits the hand perfectly (unlike the traditional flat mouse) and which allows the wrist to rest thanks to a natural movement.

This type of mouse has in fact been designed so that we can perform our gestures easily and, above all, without pain !

It was therefore designed so that your wrist is slightly tilted to the side so as not to press on the joints and so that your fingers are well extended over the buttons.

Most ergonomic mice also have functions that reduce the number of movements and clicks.

The click buttons are in fact positioned so as to be located exactly under the index and middle fingers which are placed there intuitively, without effort.

You can imagine the beneficial effects in the long term! So no doubt you will quickly get used to it 😉

The little extra: use a mouse pad with a smooth surface to make movements even easier.

This type of mouse connects very easily to the computer with a USB cable or wirelessly or via Bluetooth.

How to choose your ergonomic mouse

That's it, have we convinced you to take the plunge? So now it's time to choose.

And there, disaster! What are all these mice that look more like your gear stick than a computer mouse? 😱 What are the criteria to consider before deciding?

Correct female ergonomic mouse position on her white desk

Don't panic, we'll help you find out which one is right for you!

As it must adapt perfectly to your hand and your position, you understand the importance of this decision!

To make the right choice, you must take into account certain criteria:

  • 🙌 right-handed or left-handed : there are ergonomic mice for right-handed people and others for left-handed people. So be careful to choose the right one. In the same way that you can't write with your left hand if you are right-handed, it will be the same with your mouse (logical, right? 🤪)

  • 📏 the size of your hand : the size of the mouse should match the size of your hand. Be careful, it must not be too small.

  • 📐 grip angle : this is the angle between the table and the hand. When you place your hand on the mouse, you should not feel any muscle or joint pressure. Your fingers should remain flexible, neither too tight nor too apart. For your information, classic mice have a grip angle of 0°, that is to say that the palm is parallel to the work surface. Ergonomic mice will offer a wide range of angles, from 10 to 90°.

  • 🔋 wired or wireless mouse : it's all a question of preference. The advantage of wired is that you don't need to recharge it, however, you have to use the cable constantly. For the wireless mouse, it is more convenient to carry but the disadvantage is that it runs on batteries and therefore weighs more.

  • 💕 other specificities specific to each : the design, the number of buttons, the comfort of the grip, the ease of the wheel...

What are the different types of ergonomic mice

There are mainly three types :

  • 👍 the vertical mouse : with a grip angle of 90°, it is ideal for avoiding tension in the wrist thanks to an optimal position. As the palm faces inward, the hand pose is natural. It offers very good comfort while maintaining good precision. This type of ergonomic mouse is the good compromise to avoid MSDs and have a good working posture on a screen and therefore the most widespread range among consumers.

  • 🖲️ the trackball mouse : impossible to miss with its big trackball. It is controlled by the fingers or thumb and thus avoids strain on the wrist. It has the advantage of relieving pain in the wrist, arm and shoulder but it is significantly less precise than a classic mouse. Not very suitable for video games, therefore, unless you are looking for an excuse to hide your lack of skill.

  • ⌨️ the keyboard mouse : less known, this type of ergonomic mouse is used in front of the keyboard with both hands. It looks like a small keyboard equipped with buttons, which limits movements. Its use helps keep the back straight and the elbows close to the body, thus preventing pain in the shoulder, arm and back.

Choosing an ergonomic mouse: what budget, what use

As with everything, there is something for every price!

You will find entry-level models at €20 as well as others around €200, or even €500 for certain space models.

For the latter cases, these are generally very technical mice allowing gamers to improve their gaming performance (not necessarily useful if you are looking for an ergonomic mouse to facilitate your Excel tables at work).

Between these two price ranges, you will of course find many models at different prices depending on features, technology, connectivity, etc.

The vast majority of ergo mice are intended for professional and office use. But as you have seen with our selection, there are ergonomic vertical mice for gamers, and purely gamer mice designed not only with performance, but also ergonomics in mind.

In short, the ergonomic mouse is a great investment compared to all the physiotherapy costs you could have if you don't treat your musculoskeletal disorders 😜

The final word: our opinion on ergonomic mice and our 2023 comparison

Whether you want to put an end to your recurring tendinitis or any other TMS or you simply want to have a funny mouse, you will inevitably find the ergonomic mouse you need thanks to our advice and our selection!

If you have to remember one or two important things before making your choice, it is: pay attention to whether you are right-handed or left-handed, the size of your hand and the desired grip angle.

Afterwards, it's up to you to decide among the many designs and features offered by the different models.

And of course, if you pamper your wrists because you spend hours on the computer, don't forget to take care of your eyes with our anti-blue light glasses , just to stay in good condition from head to toe!

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