Too often called upon, at work and at home, your poor peepers need to rest!

In this article, we tell you how to rest your tired eyes with some easy exercises and natural methods .

Eye fatigue: symptoms and causes

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There are lots of reasons that can explain a visual boost . Too much time in the sun without adequate protection for example. Or maybe you don't sleep enough, or not well enough. The eyes may simply be tired after a long day. Or the correction of your glasses is no longer so well adapted, and your eyes are working too hard to compensate.

One of the big culprits that we don't necessarily think about is blue light from screens (computer, telephone, television, tablet) but also from artificial lighting like LEDs. We will then speak of eye fatigue, also called computer vision syndrome.

Eye fatigue manifests itself by several signs:

  • 🌫 Blurred or double vision

  • 🤕 Headaches

  • 🥱 Generalized visual fatigue

  • 👁️‍🗨️ Dry eyes , tingling

  • 🔴 Red and irritated eye

  • 😖 Neck pain and shoulder tension

  • 👁️ Jumping eye

  • 😭 Excessive tearing

  • 😵‍💫 Vertigo and dizziness

If you experience one or more of these inconveniences, it's high time to give your little eyeballs the rest they deserve.

💡 Please note: if you want to know more about eye fatigue, read our complete guide to digital fatigue to find out everything and discover how to protect your eyes from screens.

Exercises to rest your eyes: prevention and cure

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Here are some exercises to rest your little eyes as they deserve, not only to relieve eye fatigue , but also for prevention: no need to wait for the disease to appear to take care of your beautiful eyes !

😉 Blink

We don't think about it often, but blinking helps lubricate and rehydrate your irritated eyes. If you work on a screen, know that you will be less likely to make this involuntary gesture. So try to blink more regularly to start, but avoid winking at all your colleagues in the open space, this could be misinterpreted.

🫣 Test palming

This simple exercise consists of placing your palms on your closed eyelids, without pressing on the eyeball . Then leave your hands on the eyelids for a few minutes, ideally five. For even faster relief, rub your hands together just before to warm them up: the heat will increase the effectiveness of palming.

🙄 Eye roll

We are not talking here about the look of the exasperated teenager when we ask him to put down his switch, but rather about an exercise in eye gymnastics!

Simply look from left to right then up and down to engage the muscles around your eye . The expert level: draw 8s with your gaze or a cross, just with your gaze (again, it may seem a little weird in the open space, but you need what you need).

Still to exercise your eye muscles, you can also practice other fairly simple exercises to train your vision from a distance but also from near : stare at an object near you, then further away, several times in a row. Repeat several times during the day to work the eye muscles!

⏱️ The 20/20/20 method

This tip for resting your tired eyes is pretty easy to remember: every 20 minutes, stare at an object 20 feet (6 meters) away for 20 seconds. An excellent habit to get into for health.

Massage for tired eyes

Yes, your eyes are like you, when they are at the end of their rope, they really need a little massage! Eye massage helps improve blood circulation around the eye, eliminate toxins stored in this area, reduce dark circles, prevent wrinkles but above all effectively relieve eye fatigue.

We explain how to massage your eyes in detail in this article . The essential :

  • 🪶 We're not going like a fool! It's about doing good and relieving fatigue , not beating your eyeballs.

  • 🤲 You have four massage options . The first one ? Palming , which we have just talked about.

  • 👁 Second possibility, Eyeball Massage (place index, middle and ring fingers on your closed eyelids and massage delicately, without pressing hard).

  • 🔺 Number three, the three-point massage (thumb and middle finger on the bridge of the nose, on each side, the index finger just above between the eyebrows, and presto, delicate circular movement).

  • 🤨 Finally, a bit more complex, the Massage under the eyebrow arch (eyelids closed, thumbs in the hollow between the underside of the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose, palms facing upwards, and once again very gentle circular massage) .

Natural remedies for eye fatigue

After a few exercises and a little massage, nothing beats a little natural treatment! To give your precious peepers even more rest, consider trying some natural anti-eye fatigue remedies such as:

  • 🧊 cold compresses , with cornflower water as a bonus for an even more soothing effect

  • 🍵 Roman chamomile infusion , known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties (you can also use the rest on compresses, nothing is lost!)

  • 🥒 cucumber slices provide quick relief to tired eyes thanks to their high water content and refreshing action. Just avoid eating them afterwards!

Also note that it is a good idea to always have eye drops available, available on prescription or in pharmacies.

And because we're really super helpful, we've even prepared a complete guide to explain how to put drops in your eyes .

Protecting your eyes against blue light: the essential prevention step

Screens are among the most tiring factors for the eyes. We must therefore protect them from blue light!

To rest your eyes following computer vision syndrome, we advise you to:

  • ↘️ reduce the daily time spent in front of a screen , when possible: take more breaks away from screens and set up relaxation slots outside

  • ⛔️ ban your smartphone from the bedroom : watch out for screens before falling asleep in your bed at night! Not only is blue light bad for your sleep, it also increases the risk of eye strain.

  • 😎 wear effective and stylish anti-blue light glasses whenever you are in front of a screen. Your precious little peepers will thank you! Our collection offers elegant models to wear to work , and gaming models for intense use of screens.

Bonus tips from the team to prevent eye fatigue

That’s how we are, we always want to be of service, so here are a few more solutions for healthy eyes!

  • 🤓 Wear a correction adapted to your vision : it seems so simple but it's the basis. You risk headaches and visual fatigue (among other things) if you don't wear your glasses enough, we've warned you!

  • 🧿 Don't wear your lenses every day : whether you suffer from eye irritation or not, plan a day or two without lenses per week (minimum) to rest your tired eyes.

  • 🕶️ Equip yourself with good sunglasses to protect your eyes from brightness and UV rays.

  • 💤 Pamper your sleep! Sleeping well is important for eye health, and for just about everything in life. We have prepared our best tips for you here to find deep and restorative sleep . And if it's stress that keeps you from closing your eyes at night, we have our solutions here .

  • 🩺 Don't hesitate to consult if symptoms appear and you can't get rid of them.

The final word: how to rest your eyes, our natural and quick tips

  • Eye fatigue can result in (among other things) vision problems, dry eyes, headaches, watery, itchy or itchy eyes.

  • To combat visual fatigue, consider reducing your screen time, practice a few simple exercises and consider eye massages . Finally, take care of the quality of your sleep .

  • You can also try some natural solutions for eye health : compresses and Roman chamomile infusion for example.

  • Also remember to protect your eyes with anti-blue light glasses .

  • Prevention is better than cure: all our advice applies to relieving fatigue already declared, but are also good habits to adopt on a daily basis to prevent fatigue from rearing its ugly head .

  • Finally, find all our advice for taking good care of your eyes at this address .

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