Do you see more and more people wearing yellow tinted glasses and you wonder why this trend? Is this also a trend? Has Bono become so influential? Or maybe the glasses with yellow lenses have a use? If you're here, you're asking yourself questions. Well yes, glasses with yellow lenses have uses , and we are going to ask about the subject and explain everything to you.

In this article:

  • Our selection at a glance
  • Blue light blocking glasses and gaming glasses
  • Night driving glasses
  • Low vision glasses
  • Shooting scope
  • Singer glasses

The best yellow lens glasses by use

Use Picture Recce
Revolution yellow lens gaming glasses
Anti blue light
blue light blocking glasses with yellow lens One
night driving
Black bezel with yellow lens for night riding
Bertoni riflescope with yellow lens and gray green frame
For the look Urban

Blue light blocking glasses and gaming glasses

Let's start with anti blue light glasses and yellow gaming glasses . The latter are more or less yellow / orange depending on their filtration rate.

Orange-yellow is the complementary color of blue-violet .

Without going into too much technical detail, companies that develop blue light blocking lenses use orange-yellow pigments in the material that makes up the lens.

The yellow pigments counteract the harmful blue of blue light. It's a little more complicated than that and a little more technological in real life, but you get the idea about the color.

yellow glass bezel computer horus X bundle
  • Gaming glasses are usually heavily tinted. They filter a maximum of blue light but sometimes have the disadvantage of altering the colors a little. They are not really a master key but are part of the gamer's panoply and even become a gaming fashion accessory, just look at the Locklear glasses which are quite popular.

  • Anti-blue light glasses are a "light" version of the gaming version. A much lighter, more discreet tint, which even if less filtering, allows an interesting filtration on the harmful spectrum of blue light.

    Still more fun to go to work looking like Clark Kent than Ali G

clack kent VS ali G montage

Night driving glasses | Yellow glass polarizing glasses

The second most popular use for glasses with yellow lenses is night driving.

There are a lot of products online about it, and even offline since this same good old Olivier from Carglass was offering pairs of them some time ago (rumors say he tested them at night on the road to find Cerise de Groupama).

More seriously, the yellow lenses of night driving glasses improve contrast and also reduce reflections and therefore glare .

night driving glasses

This is due to different elements. The first is the presence of the yellow pigment which is known to play on the perception of contrasts and allows the eye to better apprehend forms when the light is low.

The second element is the presence of an anti-reverberation treatment (also called anti-reflection ) which considerably reduces glare.

The last element is the presence on some night driving glasses of a polarizing filter.

As with polarized sunglasses, which reduce reflections on water or snow, here it is against the reflection created by headlights or street lamps that this treatment will be used.

This kind of glasses is also available in overglasses for night driving .

Indeed, people who wear glasses are generally also susceptible to night vision problems and there are solutions to protect them.

Low vision glasses: added contrast and better definition of objects

When it comes to driving at night, yellow glasses make it easier to see. In general, this does not only apply for the night, but for any situation where the light is low.

I am thinking here, for example, of a bike ride in the woods on a gray day, or even with fog. So, as with night driving, a yellow tint will help improve contrast .

Some visually impaired people may also try glasses with tints ranging from yellow to amber which may help improve their vision. If this is your case, talk to your doctor. (This is not medical investment advice).

Shooting scope

So, although we're not in Texas with fifteen guns per inhabitant, we can sometimes go for a walk at the shooting range or hunt a cinder from time to time.

For this, nothing better than using glasses with yellow lenses. For the same reasons as mentioned above, your sight and perception will be improved , especially in a dark place like a shooting range or in the forest for hunters.

Don't thank me, I just found you an idea for Christmas gifts for your big uncles Christian and Jean Bernard, ideal for their Saturday hunting sessions, it will save them from aiming for their dog the next time.

hunting strangers

Singer glasses

So here the scientists do not all agree. Some Irish scientists agree that the yellow glasses can increase his ability to push the song like good old Bono (for the youngest it is the singer of U2).

The problem highlighted by research in France is that it does not work on certain individuals like Florent Pagny who always sings like a goat with or without glasses (even as Ardéchois we have trouble with his quavering).

a goat

You will have understood it, at Horus X we are funny little people... (yellow laughter)

Yellow glass bezel: the final word

Here we are at the end, as you will have understood, glasses with yellow lenses are not just for style. Depending on the use, this may be for improved comfort and performance as seen for night driving or shooting, but also for protection when it comes to blue light.

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