Non-prescription glasses are simply not equipped with any corrective lens, and therefore not suitable for sight. It is an accessory that is not intended for a person with a sight problem such as presbyopia for example. Discover our selection as well as our advice to make the best choice.

In this article :

  • Selection of the best non-prescription glasses
  • What is an uncorrected glasses?
  • How to choose them well
Selection Picture Model Notice
For the look silver round bezel without correction Ushuaia Ushuaia
To rest the eyes Glasses one to rest the eyes without correction One 4.6/5
For screens
Rectangular Roma glasses without blue light correction
For the sun Black sunglasses with blue reflection lenses without correction Urban solar 4.6/5

This selection is not mutually exclusive. A glasses without correction for style can very well combine an anti-reflection or anti-blue light filter :) Keep reading if you want to know more.

What are uncorrected glasses?

Usually, eyeglasses are a medical accessory used under a prescription made by a doctor, on prescription, mainly a lens (often made of polycarbonate) shaped and adapted specifically for sight, which an optician mounts on a frame. .

So, you're probably wondering if non-prescription glasses are simple fashion accessories without much use?

Well not necessarily, because there are several categories:

  • 🎩 Fake glasses.
    Simple fashion accessories just for style and a trendy look
  • 📖 Rest glasses .
    With a slight correction, for reading for example.
  • 💻 Anti-blue light glasses .
    Also called "glasses for screens" to reduce digital eye strain.
  • 😎 Sunglasses .
    Essential accessories to protect yourself from the sun and UV rays.

🎩 Fake glasses, with transparent glasses.

A man and a woman wearing uncorrected glasses

These are fake glasses, without prescription, just for fun and style.

Often equipped with transparent lenses without any treatment and without correction, they are therefore fake glasses that imitate prescription glasses.

They are only useful to give you a style that you wouldn't have without glasses, to be a little more fashionable eventually.

Not really our cam to be honest, if you're looking for it, you won't find it at Horus X! You have probably seen that the Ushuaïa model was recommended to you. We cheat a little because this model is in fact equipped with great filtration technologies while being equipped with an almost transparent filter. Anyway, it's one of the most stylish glasses without correction (but with protection) on the market!

📖 Rest glasses

resting glasses facing a book

Here is a somewhat overused term.

Typically, some will talk about rest glasses by also integrating blue light blocking glasses. On our side, we make the distinction because we believe that it is not really the same thing.

The rest glasses are above all a comfort glasses that incorporate a slight correction to reduce visual fatigue while also having transparent lenses.

They are therefore not 100% glasses without correction, nor prescription glasses... but hey, we still accept them on this page!

This lens correction, even very light, can thus relieve the eye, for example when reading a novel.

Attention ! Wearing eyeglasses will in no way relieve your discomfort when reading a book by Marc Lévy...
Your eyes are not to blame.

Eyeglasses do not at all correct vision problems such as myopia, astigmatism, or presbyopia... for these problems, you need eyeglasses!

💻 Anti blue light glasses... without correction, or with!

woman wearing blue light blocking glasses in front of a screen

Glasses with a filter against blue light are glasses that can incorporate a custom correction, or no correction!

At Horus X, we mainly offer non-prescription glasses for now, but prescription glasses are coming soon. However, these are not glasses just for fun!

We have designed our lenses to filter out a specific part of the harmful blue light filter ( from 380 to 450nm ), thanks to (registered) technologies.

The glasses can incorporate a filter that is more or less intense and more or less neutral in color distortion, depending on the manufacturer.

  • ⚪ Transparent lenses generally filter between 10% and 60% of the harmful spectrum (we let you guess which filtration we are on), with an almost neutral color rendering. Even if the lenses are transparent, you will often also have a small bluish effect in reflection linked to the anti-reflective coating integrated into the lenses.
  • 🟠 Colored glasses can be yellow (what a horror), amber, even reddish, for a filtration generally between 40% and 90%, but distort the colors a little more and are intended for use rather at night.

If you often get headaches or have trouble sleeping after screen time, here's an article on the effectiveness of screen glasses .

😎 Sunglasses... glasses without correction, or with (again!)

man wearing sunglasses

Like its little sister "blue light blocking glasses", sunglasses can be adapted to the view, or not.

If they are not, in general, sunglasses are mainly used to protect against UV rays from the sun thanks to filtration integrated directly into the glass.

Most of the time in polycarbonate, polarized or not, the solar lens thus makes it possible to filter UV rays up to 400nm and to protect our eyes from these harmful rays. ( Find the Horus X sunglasses here )

Note: Transparent lenses can also be UV-resistant (this is the case for all our lenses), but will not protect very well against reflections and glare from the sun.

How to choose your glasses without correction?

1/ Your goal

First of all, what will be the use of your glasses? If it's for your style or if you want to protect your eyes, you can refine your search a bit.

Glasses without correction will normally have the same types of frames as prescription glasses, with the same choices of look ( aviator glasses, round ), style / fashion ( retro, trendy ), materials ( metal, polycarbonate )...

2/ Your Style and the Trend

Of course the style will be important, you are free to look in the models offered without correction what makes you dig and what is the most trendy in the frames offered ( Pair of aviator glasses? Retro frames? Rather thin, wide, round, square? )

Be careful, however, to choose a pair of glasses with a shape adapted to your face to avoid a geek or serial killer effect, but also according to the use you will make of them.

poster of the series about jeffrey dahmer who wears glasses

We have concocted a special guide for you to choose your glasses according to your face here , with the shapes of frames to choose according to your face.

You can also try the "virtual try-ons" ( which allow you to see the frame on your face ), it's probably the best way to see what you look like!

( Most eyeglasses websites offer it, this is not always the case for sites specializing in glasses without correction unfortunately ...)

For example :

  • ⛰️ You want a pair of sunglasses for your mountain hikes , prefer wide frames that cover your eyes well.
  • 🎮🕹️ You are looking to filter harmful blue light and play all night long on Valorant : choose intensive filtration like our amber glass which protects you more effectively at night while having a super low color distortion (one of the weakest on the market in ultra-filtering glasses).
  • ⛵🌊 You want a pair of glasses for boating : the best is polarized sunglasses , to avoid reflections and improve contrasts.
  • 💻🏡 Are you looking for glasses because you feel the harmful effect of intensive telework on your sleep ? So take a stylish pair of glasses with transparent/neutral lenses ( see our "nomadic range" frames ) so you can look stylish in front of your boss while taking care of your health!

3/ Quality of protection

When it comes to sunglasses and blue light filtration, you should also look at the quality of the filtration.

  • Are the technologies registered and updated regularly?
  • Does the brand have the necessary certifications for the sale of its glasses?
  • Do they provide effective protection (filtration) compared to other brands?

Some criteria specific to blue light filters on our article here

4/ The Price

In the case of eyeglasses, each lens is shaped according to the needs of your eyesight, or even each of your eyes. It is this personalization that involves a significant cost for a pair of prescription glasses.

In the case of glasses without correction, the advantage is to have access to a pair of glasses that are not "personalized" or made to measure.

So you have something for all prices, but it will still be more accessible for glasses without correction.

  • Count about 10 to 30€ for glasses without correction "just for style" , with transparent lenses and without any filtration technology (neither UV nor blue light).
  • For sunglasses or anti-blue light glasses without correction, the price will depend on the reputation of the brand, the technology integrated into your lenses, and the style of the glasses. Account between 35€ on entry-level up to 70€/80€ for the most qualitative . More expensive, we estimate that you are slowly starting to lose your feathers 🐦

Be careful, more expensive does not necessarily imply better filtrations...

For example, you can find pairs of Raybans for more than 100€ for much less efficient filtration than a good pair of Horus X. With one you pay for the brand and the marketing, with the other only the quality of the product, it's up to you to sort it out!

In any case, beware of poor quality glasses that can damage your eyesight.

If you care about the health of your peepers, don't buy your sunglasses on a market or blue light blocking glasses on the first website you come across. Checks well the certifications and the seriousness of brands and manufacturers.

Do you need a prescription for uncorrected glasses?

a doctor shines a light in our eyes

This is the main advantage of glasses without correction => no need for a prescription!

Your pair of glasses will not be made to measure for your eye, but don't worry, they will include filtration adapted to the majority of the public.

It will therefore not be less quality, you just have to be a little more careful about what you choose.

PS : In the USA, our glasses are considered class 1 medical devices and approved by the FDA, so we can tell you that we are serious about the quality of our eye protection!

Have glasses without sight problems?

Yes it is possible, it is also the principle of glasses without correction.

I bet you you have sunglasses in one of your drawers, even though you don't have a particular problem with nearsightedness ( despite what your mother may have told you for years ).

So wearing glasses, whether or not you have vision problems, is possible depending on how useful you are!

Is it dangerous to wear glasses without correction?

It also depends on the quality of the pair you buy.

  1. Beware of counterfeits, lens quality (and certifications).
  2. For sunglasses, it can be potentially dangerous to wear low-end glasses.
  3. Ditto with regard to glasses for screens, favors quality frames and above all certified glasses.
  4. For fake glasses, wearing poor quality glass even without any correction can potentially damage your eyesight.

As long as you are vigilant about the quality of the glasses you buy, then there is no particular danger in wearing glasses without correction, on the contrary they are there to protect you.

Glasses without correction: for whom?

Simply put, non-prescription glasses are for anyone who:

  • have no problem asking to wear glasses,
  • wish to change their look by wearing a pair of fake glasses just for style
  • or wish to protect their eyes with glasses with "anti UV" or "anti blue light" protection.

The final word: glasses without correction

In summary, glasses without correction are fake glasses with transparent lenses (glasses just for style) or glasses incorporating filtration technology (anti UV or blue light filter).

These glasses are without correction and therefore intended for those who do not have myopia/presbyopia type problems, and who do not need a pair of glasses.


We hope this guide has helped you, see you soon for new adventures!

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