Are you familiar with blue light blocking glasses and are you wondering if the same technology can be used on contact lenses? We propose to explain to you in detail the operation of anti-blue light lenses .

Real solution for gamers or simple medical fantasy, we tell you the pros and cons of what makes the interest (or not) of this eye protection today.

In this article :

  • How do blue light blocking lenses work?
  • The different benefits of blue light blocking lenses
  • The known disadvantages of this medical solution
  • FAQ: A Final Look at Protective Contact Lenses

Anti-blue light lenses: operation and rules of the game

If it is known that the blue light from our screens affects the health of our eyes, today there are solutions to curb this sworn enemy.

Contact lenses are not only intended to transform your beautiful eyes into Neytiri-style emerald pupils in Avatar , they can also be used for many other reasons:

  • To correct refractive errors and vision problems;
  • To preserve eye health and reduce eye damage;
  • For a purely aesthetic pretext.

How do these special lenses work?

Blue light blocking lenses use a specific coating or material that reflects the blue light emitted by digital screens and artificial lighting.

This coating on the material of the lens can also play an anti-reflective or anti-scratch role allowing its user to have a clearer vision when facing a screen.

Why protect yourself from the effects of blue light?

Blue light is a part of spectral light that can be harmful to your retina .

Scientific studies have confirmed that prolonged exposure to radiation from this light (also called artificial HEV light) causes photochemical damage to the lens and cornea.

Among the ocular pathologies linked to blue light, we can cite the following:

  • 👁 increased visual fatigue (tingling, dry eyes, red eyes)
  • 👀 development of certain eye diseases (cataract, age-related macular degeneration of the eye or AMD, retinal damage)
  • 🥱 insomnia (related to the disruption of the day-night cycle of our biological clock)
  • 🥵 and therefore, concentration problems, stress, and a feeling of excitability related to fatigue.

Protecting the eye from toxic light wavelengths is a priority ; this is why contact lenses today can be a recommended solution for several reasons.

Advantages of blue light blocking lenses: champion skills

Contact lenses can be particularly effective protection against blue light. Some laboratories (such as Bio Infinity, Optix, Acuvue ) offer excellent protection lenses to reduce the impact of artificial light on your cornea.

These lenses have a number of advantages that you might be interested in – if you ever had any doubts about them.


Very discreet - unless you opt for "cat's eye" models like Cosplay fans - contact lenses have the particularity of marrying the shape of your eye and highlighting it. If you are looking to combine utility with aesthetics, contact lenses will be an ally of choice.

Young woman putting on her blue light blocking lenses in front of a mirror

Practical and comfortable

Contact lenses are especially handy if you're engaged in a sporting activity , such as during an intense training session at Fitness Boxing 2 on Switch (or any other physical adventure of the same kind).

Contact lenses are also very comfortable to wear – if your eyes don't reject them, of course.

Nowadays, they are more and more comfortable and they adapt to all types of eyes.

Improved field of vision

Unlike goggles, lenses offer a much wider field of vision because there's no frame to block – a real selling point for the stubborn gamer.

Protection for all ages

Despite what you might think, contact lenses can be worn by children and adults alike . If you are afraid that your child will damage or break the lenses of his glasses, the lens can be an alternative to study.

The disadvantages of contact lenses: penalty points

And yes, the advantages always come with a lot of disadvantages, like when a sublime AAA game has a lot of annoying little bugs. In the long run, we get used to it, but hey, we would have liked to live without it.

We have gathered the most recurring disadvantages when it comes to contact lenses.

Regular and thorough cleaning

Just like you did with your Tamagochi, contact lenses need to be cared for and cleaned regularly – at least, once a day.

For the chronically lazy, this obligation can become painful, but it's important to work on it if you don't want to catch infections.

Anti blue light contact lens in its case

Irritations and allergies to the cleaning product

To maintain your lenses, it is necessary to use a multi-purpose solution to decontaminate them from a lot of not very charming little things: bacteria, proteins and other dirt.

These lotions also lubricate and rinse your contact lenses.

These products consist of elements that may react badly on some people. It's rare, but it can happen!

May cause corneal damage

Several years ago, a news item sparked some fears among contact lens users.

One girl had worn hers for over a month, after which she contracted an infection that caused her to lose her sight.

Info or intox ? We don't really know, but it's important to remember that contact lenses are medical devices and you have to follow a few rules .

If you keep them for less than eight hours a day, disinfect them after each use and change them regularly, you can continue to watch the most beautiful cinematics of the latest Final Fantasy with serenity.

Reassuring, right?

Can disrupt our circadian rhythm

Blue light also has beneficial effects on our organism. It helps the body to balance our sleep/wake cycle but also our mood.

Indeed, this light wave
regulates the production of melatonin , the sleep hormone.

Therefore, the prolonged wearing of anti blue light lenses could play a contradictory role on our biological rhythm if we wear them all the time.

It will be necessary here to check which frequencies are filtered by your lenses to make sure that you still benefit from the good rays.

FAQ: A Final Look at Protective Contact Lenses

Can you wear blue light blocking glasses in addition to contact lenses?

Protective glasses form a screen against blue-violet light. They are generally equipped with non-corrective lenses. It is then quite possible to wear lenses (correction, this time) with a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

To find out more, do not hesitate to consult our range of blue light blocking glasses .

Zoom in on a person putting on their contact lenses

How to choose blue light protection lenses?

To choose protective lenses, we advise you to consult an ophthalmologist or, to a lesser extent, your optician.

As said above, lenses are medical devices that require a consultation to know the shape of your cornea, its sensitivity and its tolerance. Once the diagnosis has been established, you will know better whether your lenses should have a higher aeration index or not, depending on the appearance of your eyes.

A specialist will also be able to direct you to different brands of contact lenses so that you can test the ones that suit you best.

Are anti-blue light lenses useful in my gaming practice?

The use of protective lenses or goggles against the harmful radiation emitted by the screens is strongly recommended. These devices will allow you to preserve the state of your eyes in the long term but also in the short term, especially if you spend long hours on video games.

To learn more about the many benefits of these protections, we invite you to read our article here on the dangers of screens when you are an avid gamer.

Do I need a prescription to get protective lenses?

You will need a prescription to get blue light blocking lenses for your sight. It is always important to find out about their use from a professional.

Lenses, finger and eye

            Blue light blocking lenses have many attractive advantages but also some disadvantages that could discourage their use.

For some, this solution is the ultimate protection to protect their eyes from the dangerous effects of light from our screens . At Horus-X, we are studying this possibility but we leave it to you alone as to the decision to be made.

But if in doubt, you would like a little professional advice, we strongly recommend the normal contact lens combo with a superb casual or gaming pair from our online store!

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