It's almost the birthday of one of your loved ones, or maybe just Christmas, and you're looking for a gift idea that could appeal to a gamer or a gamer. Let it be said, it is often quite difficult. Video games are expensive and we never really know if the person already has the one you were planning to buy. The consoles, let's not even talk about it. But there are many other alternatives that can be really fun . We are going to offer you some of them, classified according to the preferences of the person concerned: books, gaming glasses , goodies, there is a choice.

Our Christmas and birthday gift ideas for gamers

If the gamer is more Nintendo

There should be no doubt that the Nintendo universe is the most conducive to derivative products. Their licenses are such that shops in their name exist in Japan and the United States, filled with goodies you want some. Therefore, it is not very complicated to find gifts for lovers and lovers of the license. Apart from video games on Switch, 3DS or more retro with the Nintendo 64 for example, we advise you to turn to the products that we will mention below. This is just a short list of some favorites

Hyrule Historia, for Zelda fans

Book hyrule historia Horus X gamer gift ideas

When you love Zelda, it is not uncommon for you to almost worship the license. But the big weak point of these games is undoubtedly the damage to the scenario. So if you too are a little frustrated by the lack of information about the universe of different games, there is a book that can really teach you a lot about it. It's called Hyrule Historia , it exists in French and its price is around 35€ . Gift for yourself or for someone, it can only please.

The Game & Watch Mario released in 2020

Game & Watch Mario Gamer gift ideas Horus X

When it comes to Game & Watch, a lot of memories can come back to you depending on your age. If the person for whom the gift is dedicated experienced this era, or is simply an undisputed fan of Mario, then this small retro console can be an excellent gift . She offers to play the first Super Mario Bros. as well as The Lost Levels. A "Ball" mini-game is included alongside a digital clock. Its price is around 50€ .

Gift ideas if it's more Sony

Sony has fewer very strong licenses than Nintendo, admittedly. But Sony has the advantage of having an unchanged image since the first PlayStation : both the name of the consoles, their logo but also the famous "square, triangle, cross, circle" buttons which are very conducive to derivative products. This is precisely where we are going with this selection of gift ideas for Sony gamers.

The PlayStation night light in the colors of the buttons

night light Playstation Horus X gamer gift ideas

We were talking about the four buttons, here they are in the form of a night light! On social networks, we can see a very large number of people highlighting it in settings of stream, collection, living room, etc. It's a must-have for PlayStation fans and it's not very expensive: for around 25€ you can find it on the very popular e-commerce sites. A gift idea for teen gamers, as for all the others!

PlayStation clothing

PlayStation hoodie Horus X gamer gift ideas

Where Sony has always been rather strong is on the collections of clothing and fashion accessories related to PlayStation. While Nintendo and Microsoft seem to have a little trouble with this, releasing products from time to time in collaboration with brands that are not always accessible in Europe, Sony offers a large number of products on its official store . Hoodies, t-shirts, backpacks or even plaid, you will undoubtedly find the happiness of the person to whom you intend to give a gift. There are also many other products on shops other than the official one.

Or does he prefer Xbox?

The latest of the current trio, the Xbox brand has managed to create its own fanbase over the years. If the Xbox One was not the most beloved of their machines, it must be admitted that the recent Xbox Series X | S, coupled with GamePass, have an incredible strike force . So if the person you're looking for a gift for is more of an Xbox gamer or a gamer, here are some ideas that they might like.

The light with the Xbox logo

Xbox lamp Horus X gamer gift ideas

The principle of this light is very similar to the PlayStation night light: a lamp that plugs into USB and displays a logo or a recognizable element of the brand. But that's exactly what will appeal to the Xbox fan for whom you are looking for a gift idea. Offered at a price of around €30 depending on where you want to buy it, the lamp can be plugged into USB directly to an Xbox, as long as you want.

A smartphone controller (yes, it's consistent)

Android controller xCloud Horus X gamer gift ideas

Reading this you may be thinking "but they smoked at Horus's?". Well know that not at all: for some time, Microsoft has offered to play some of the Xbox games with the "xCloud", a remote gaming service. We open the application on Android, we choose the game and presto, we play it from our phone.

But the best for this is to have a controller connected to the smartphone . Instead of choosing a simple Xbox controller that would force you to put the phone on your knees, there are very special products that will clip on the sides of the screen. It's a bit pricey, around $100 for the Razer model , but it works well.

Oh no wait, he's a PC gamer!

True defenders of mouse and keyboard gaming, lovers of graphics cards as expensive as small cars, flag bearers of the "PC master race", PC gamers are not like the others. As passionate as they are excessive , that's how we like them. And they deserve just as much to have nice gifts for Christmas or for their birthday.

Gaming glasses to protect your eyes

Gaming glasses Gamer gift ideas Horus X

PC gamers are undoubtedly the most affected by potential eye problems. You should know that staying for a long time in front of a screen, very close moreover, is dangerous: the harmful blue light emitted can lead to dry eyes, headaches , difficulty sleeping and even more.

To avoid these problems, it is strongly recommended to use "gamer glasses", such as Horus X's Gaming 2.0 (ours!). They are not expensive and offer a worked filtration and explained in the product sheet. If you're looking for a gift idea for a PC gamer, this might be the best.

LED strips for his setup

LEDs setup Gamer gift ideas Horus X

We could have offered to buy him a mouse, a keyboard, a nice headset to play with , in short, a more central element of his gamer setup. But there is a but: this type of product must be chosen with precision, both for the needs of the person, for his tastes but also for the quality of the chosen product. A $20 illuminated keyboard on Amazon isn't worth much, sorry.

The most interesting solution for this gamer gift idea is to offer him LED strips : no compatibility problems for those that are put in the decor and it necessarily pleases . The person can install them behind their screen, behind their desk or anywhere else.

Retrogaming lover?

Born before Mario (or before Pokémon, let's be nice), people playing retrogaming are often a little older than average. For the nostalgia of the good times spent on the old consoles or simply because "it was better before", they tend to swear by the SEGA war against Nintendo. But there is something to please them, so here are some gift ideas for retrogamers.

Media for consoles and games

Retro console support Horus X gamer gift ideas

A person in love with retrogaming necessarily wants to store his games in a secure way, or even simply to display them. There is a French site to meet this need! Named Accessories-Figurines , this e-commerce manufactures to order supports for almost all existing consoles and controllers , up to the latest releases.

It is also possible to obtain displays or protective boxes for your favorite games. The products are not very expensive, it can go from 4.50€ for a controller support to around fifty euros for very specific products.

Retro mini-consoles

Mini retro console Gamer gift ideas Horus X

Although they are not all in the same boat qualitatively speaking, retro mini-consoles were all the rage a few years ago . Fortunately, they still exist and are available for sale: PlayStation Classic , NES or Super NES Mini , SEGA Astro City Mini, there are several different models at various prices. As a rule, these consoles allow you to play several different games.

In fact, you don't know what he/she is playing?

It happens that the person concerned plays everything at the same time, on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo console and PC. Or, more simply, that you don't know. It's possible: you may not be very good at gaming and that's okay, we'll help you too. The gamer gift ideas offered below will be much simpler and less "personalized", but they will undoubtedly please .

The book Start! The Great History of Video Games

Book Start Horus X gamer gift ideas

A beautiful book on a passionate subject is always a good gift idea for our gamer friends. Here, we have selected a rather reputable book for you that talks about video games in general : it will go from Mario to World of Warcraft, via the Sims or Pac-Man. Sold around 30€ , it is a beautiful collector's item in addition to being instructive!

The gift card joker

Gift card Gamer gift ideas Horus X

If you really have no idea what to buy from the person concerned, then here is the time to take out the joker: the gift card . With a customizable amount depending on the store, you can get one in different stores consistent with the idea of ​​making a gamer gift: FNAC, Micromania or Amazon to name a few. It will nevertheless be necessary to avoid making one in a large area, which does not necessarily have the best possible choice in terms of gaming.

You can no longer say that you have no ideas

With these twelve carefully selected ideas (and not at random by typing "gamer gifts" on Google), you can only please the person concerned by this gift search. If you ever have other ideas, then don't hesitate to offer them to us directly in the comments section ! But the most important thing is that you can please someone who is passionate about gaming. If you succeed thanks to our proposals, let us know: it will (really) warm our hearts.
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