Do you want to seriously power up your setup?! OK ! To answer this question we will already try to understand what a good gaming setup is . There is no miracle solution that suits everyone, but by following the Horus X rules you will be able to knock everything out and improve your setup beyond your expectations.

In this article we will help you by following some important steps:

  • 1) Target the weak points of your gamer setup.
  • 2) Reinforce the technical part
  • 3) Equip yourself with the right accessories
  • 3) Enhance the environment

Let's go !

What are the weaknesses of your current setup?

You may not have the worst gaming setup , but if you're here, you've certainly already identified some weak points. Let's take a quick tour of the most common issues that can impact your gaming experience.

🕵️ Incomplete Setup

Have you forgotten an essential element of your setup? Saperlipopette! The devil is in the details and we will help you fix it right away.

An incomplete or poorly adapted setup will seriously degrade your gaming experience. Worse, it can create various unpleasant physical sensations: bad position, back pain , headaches, rapid fatigue... You may have trouble staying in front of the screen for long sessions.

⚒️ Technically upgradable

A technical deficit is obviously a source of problems: bad image, bad sound, tired or unsuitable keyboard, lack of mouse responsiveness... It's not surprising that you take a beating every time you play Call of.

🌧️ In an uninspiring environment

Finally, the environment in which you play has a direct impact on your performance. I speak from experience, with children , it is difficult to play in the middle of the living room.

So try to understand the points that you will need to improve in order to better focus on them in the next paragraphs.

set up gaming in the dark

The technical part: the details matter

We will start by talking to you about all the technical components of the gaming setup par excellence.

EA sport has always said it: It's in the game!

If you are not already equipped, and to put it simply, it is essentially your type of games that should determine where you turn . On PC you can do everything, on console doing competitive FPS may be a little more complicated.

PC vs Console

Between the different consoles if you choose this medium, your choice should be the one that has the catalog of games for which you have the greatest appetite.

Xbox controller and playstation controller

Regarding the PC gamer you have the choice: build a tower yourself, buy a tower already built, customize and build your tower or opt for a portable PC gamer.

Here again everything will depend on what you are looking for, today there are excellent portable gaming PCs and it is a good solution for people who do not have much space at home, but it is certain that for the same budget you will get better components and better performance by opting for a tower.

A PC gaming set up with mechanical keyboard screen and headphones

The scalability of hardware is also essential in gaming since we know that games are more and more resource-intensive and technology is changing rapidly. From this side, the tower will be the best option.

In any case you will have to consider the type of games you want to play . By this I mean that if you have a limited budget, you will have to make choices and therefore prioritize certain components over others.

In summary, the most important components that will need to be optimized when making your choice should be the following:

The processor

Connected processor in blue color

It is decisive in the speed at which tasks are executed and will be strongly used if you play management games or RTS for example (Civilization, Cities Skyline for example).

The ideal if you want to avoid slowdowns is to rely on a processor with at least a base speed of 3Ghz and a higher turbo 4Ghz , the number of thread cores will be decisive for multitasking and therefore for gaming I advise you to target at least 6 hearts to be quiet or even 8 if you play very demanding games like Battlefield for example.

🌟 Horus X advice : the latest generations of AMD Ryzen processors are very interesting. A time behind Intel, the company is now a real credible alternative for gaming, moreover, at much more affordable prices. Consider then!

It is more complicated to change than the rest of the essential components, especially on a laptop PC, so it is better to choose one that holds up from the start, even if it means paying the price!

The graphics card, the gamer's best friend

Technical graphics card broken down

As you know, depending on its quality it will display beautiful graphics...or not.

Among the points of attention it will be necessary to look at the dedicated video memory attached to this card. The minimum to be comfortable should be 4GB .

On this side, Nvidia still offers the most recognized and efficient cards despite relatively high prices.

Be careful to check the series and the year of release to take advantage of effective equipment for as long as possible.

🌟 Horus X advice : from RTX 3060 and above you can start having fun. But again, it all depends on the games you want to play. To play LOL or CS, you don't need a war machine!

It is very easy to change on a tower and rather easy to change on a laptop PC but be careful to check its compatibility with the processor and the motherboard.


stacked ram bars on black background

Ultra important, especially if your graphics card has a slight deficit on this point. It has, like the processor, a big influence on the speed at which the various calculations are carried out on your computer and video games do a lot of it.

🌟 Horus X advice : Minimum 8 GB of RAM to hope to play in correct conditions and rather 16 GB to be quiet (more is even better but for budget reasons you can start at 16). Hardware level the best compromise at present is to continue to opt for DDR4 RAM because if DDR5 brings more speed and capacity, it is also much more expensive even today. Be careful to look carefully at the speed associated with your RAM model.

It is very easy to change whether on a tower or on a laptop and can be optimized by multiplying the number of bars when the motherboard has enough slots available but again, pay attention to compatibility with other components.

The hard drive

open hard disk updating the technical elements

Often overlooked, the execution speed of your hard drive is fully involved in in-game responsiveness.

If you plan to only do gaming on your computer, I strongly advise you to opt only for an SSD hard drive. It will launch and run your games much faster than a mechanical hard drive.

🌟 Horus X advice : If you still want to have a lot of storage, and since SSDs are still expensive, then you can opt for a mixed setup with a 512GB SSD and a 1TB mechanical disk for example. In this case, be careful to install the operating system and all programs related to video games on the SSD. Everything else will go on the mechanical.

Bonus, the cooling system

Cooling system under RGB lights background

An essential part of your setup, it extends the durability of your components by avoiding exposing them to excessively high temperatures.

On laptops, this is an element on which you must be vigilant , because the more powerful the PC, the more it will tend to heat up and therefore, the more important the cooling system will be. Better a PC that sounds like an F-16 than a burnt-out PC.

All the other components are also very important and nothing should be overlooked, but if you already check these 4 boxes you are on the right track!

Finally, it is important to take into consideration the interaction of your central unit with the other elements of your setup. If you want a multi-screen or very high definition display, then the power of your graphics card and your RAM will have to be adapted.

The accessories

Once the technical part is finalized, it is necessary to look at what accompanies it. No arms, no chocolate. No accessories, no gaming.

Basic devices

For computers

The keyboard

White and orange mechanical keyboard with custom keys

If you have opted for a portable gaming PC you already have a keyboard but I strongly advise you to complete your setup by adding a real mechanical keyboard intended for gaming (we will pass on the membrane keyboard which has the major defect of slowing down time response, so not ideal for playing).

For a reasonable price at Corsair, for example, you can already get good gaming keyboards with additional keys (super useful for certain games with a lot of setup) and useful shortcuts. The K55 RGB pro is for example a good solution to start with.

If you are looking for performance at low cost, turn to wired which will be in these price zones more efficient anyway.

The mouse

A white gaming mouse with orange backlighting

It is often underestimated in the gamer setup when you start but a good mouse will win you games especially on RTS or FPS.

To choose your mouse, several parameters must be taken into account such as the number of dpi (extremely important for FPS, the more important it is, the more precise your mouse will be), the quality of the wheel and the number of buttons as well as their position. The general ergonomics of the mouse is also important if you plan long sessions to avoid wrist pain or even worse a good tendonitis!

On the mouse you can go wireless directly but do not neglect the quality in this case and do not hesitate to put the means.

You can start to find acceptable mice in the 60-70€ range depending on the brand, but if you want something serious, don't hesitate to push a little more or go back to wired, which will lower your bill.

Look to Razer, Corsair or even Logitech to find a good quality/price ratio. In any case, if you can do it, I advise you to go to the store to try it out and see if you have a good feeling in your hand.

For all setups (Computers and Consoles):

The remote

black and white gaming controller held by hands

If you play on console the basic controllers are most of the time the case (👋 hello you who play Smash only with GameCube controllers). On the other hand, do not hesitate to invest in a grip and in a charging station (we have all already experienced the frustration of turning on the console and having to reconnect the controller).

On PC, you should know that playing the controller can be a very good solution for certain games. And besides, if you're a console player and you're thinking of switching to PC, this can help you take the leap. Xbox controllers are compatible by default, such as Nacon controllers for example.

In any case, the prices start relatively low (around €20 for wired) but can quickly go up if you go wireless. It's up to you to see what you prefer! If your setup is fixed you may be able to save on this point 😉. If you have the opportunity, as for the mouse, try the product upstream to see the grip.


gaming headset on a macbook

Ultra important for immersion and for online games, headphones are a must-have for any good gaming setup.

Choose well and according to your needs. If you do a lot of online games with your friends, opt for a real gaming headset with a quality microphone and spare your friends' ears, please!

If you play more solo, a non-gaming specific headset will do just fine. What is important: comfort, sound quality and for wireless headsets, responsiveness (on some there may be a slight lag between image and sound).

🌟 My little bonus tip : a headset with a noise reduction function is really extra comfort because it allows you to really isolate yourself from what's around you so you can focus on your game! (Be careful though, it can create some problems for you with the people around you 😁)


Gaming laptop with an additional screen on a red and green RGD background

Even if you have a laptop, for gaming it is almost essential to invest in a screen worthy of the name to fully enjoy your games.

The choice of the screen must be made according to your equipment:

  • on console , checks the maximum native rendering of the console. No need to take the latest TV or the latest high-end screen if the maximum native resolution of your equipment is lower.

  • on PC , the higher the resolution and refresh rate of your screen, the more it will strain your graphics card. If your setup is not equipped with a relatively recent one and you are looking for fluidity in the game, then you may have to compromise on the resolution. In any case, the switch to 144hz is already a good step and changes the rendering a lot on FPS for example.

You can already eliminate all that is curved screen which has almost no advantage other than aesthetics and which will be terrible if you also play the console on this screen with friends.

You will already find good screens around 200€ to start like the MSI Optix G241 .

gaming glasses

The Horus X urban kid's sunglasses on a black and smoke background

If you often play in the evening or if you are used to doing long sessions in front of the screen, these glasses that filter the harmful blue light emitted by your computer screen or your television will allow you to avoid problems related to the latter: headaches, dry or itchy eyes, blurred vision, difficulty falling asleep (not to mention the long-term effects!).

To protect your skills, I strongly advise you to take an interest in these glasses that you can find in very good quality from around thirty euros on our shop in the gaming glasses category.

The environment: improve your play space

Whether you are a console or PC gamer, to put yourself in the best conditions it is essential to have a space dedicated to this.

No more console connected to the TV in the living room, look for multifunction desks to fit console and screen and swap your sofa for a good gaming chair.

This way no more confusion to be able to type a small part of call of when the television is already taken.

In addition to the gain in autonomy, finding a good gaming screen is much more accessible than a 4K TV because you no longer need an excessively large diagonal to have fun.

So yes I know, not everyone lives in a castle and it's sometimes impossible to create such a space in a small apartment. Despite everything, a lot of modular furniture exists today to allow you to define a space of this kind by taking up the minimum of space.

In any case, if you are lucky enough to have several rooms, you will always be better installed elsewhere than in the living room to fully enjoy your video game games.

Discover our article on how to create a gaming room .

Where to install your setup?

As I told you above, I know that many do not necessarily have the space to have a dedicated room.

If this is the case, try to create a corner dedicated to this in your living room/bedroom/kitchen/bathroom/wc (#jesuisetudiant). For example, you can look for removable desks to save space. Combined with some good shelves, your setup shouldn't take up much space in the living room.

That being said, if you are lucky enough to be able to create a real gaming space for yourself, always try to be able to connect to LAN and not Wifi. For the stability of the connection and your ping it will always be much better and sometimes on weak connections this is what will allow you to play online correctly.

You don't have a LAN socket near your setup? Do not panic ! Just use powerline sockets . They allow you to pass the internet signal through your electrical network and therefore connect you to the LAN on any outlet in the house. You will lose a bit of speed compared to a direct connection to the router, but it will be much better than wifi and above all much more stable!

Finally, try to place your setup far from a window to avoid having to close the shutters in summer (we don't want you to end up white as a...😘)

Choosing the right office

It must be high enough so that the screen is at eye level and that your wrists fall correctly on it in order to avoid tendonitis. It must also allow your legs to pass well under it depending on the seat you are using for a comfortable seat.

If you have the means, changing your CM2 desk for a real gaming desk allowing you to adjust the height and do good cable management is a good option.

In any case, it is necessary to provide space to stall all the peripherals and components that we have talked about so far!

Provide storage

Ultra important and very often neglected, if like me you don't live alone you already know what I'm talking about when I say it can be a source of trouble 😝.

A few shelves and drawers will be enough to ease tensions normally. For example, you can opt for these two sets at ikea in addition to a well-chosen desk:

And think about sitting

Here you have the choice between an office chair or a gamer chair, but in all cases it is the comfort of the seat that must take precedence.

A few things to look at before buying: The height of the seat (see my previous point on the desk), the inclination of the backrest, the support of the neck and the head. For this long sessions this is what will make the difference.

In summary: improve your gaming setup

Start by identifying the weak points of your current setup: positioning in the home, comfort, component limits, accessory limits...

Then make choices in relation to your gamer profile: playing time, type of game, organization of the space at home, budget...

In any case, comfort is essential to improve your in-game skills and sometimes the technical aspect can easily be improved by changing some peripherals or components.

For more inspiration, check out our top of the best gamer setups for big or minimalist machines.

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