Ever experienced that new glasses headache?

You know the one we mean…. Suddenly the world is sharper than Sherlock Holmes on a case, but it’s accompanied by a steady drumming in your skull.

Why does this happen? And particularly, why do new glasses cause you pain?

In this article we look at possible reasons, and how to fix it so that your new glasses look and feel good.

Why do my glasses give me a headache and how do I fix it?

A man has a headache with his new glasses

🎁The new glasses headache

If you’ve just changed your prescription strength, you might experience headaches. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong though!

New prescription glasses take some time to get used to. Unfortunately, in the meantime, you might find your head aching slightly. However, if you’re still experiencing headaches several weeks later, it’s worth looking into other possible causes, like receiving the wrong prescription.

👶👩‍🦰👨‍🦳Our eyesight changes with age

Over time, our vision changes. As it deteriorates, your eyes constantly adapt to their new normal, but those adjustments can cause headaches.

The more your eyes struggle, the more likely headaches are to develop.

Make sure to have get a regular eye exam, conducted by an ophthalmologist. We recommend once a year. If your vision has changed, they can give you the right prescription faster.

Remember, wearing glasses shouldn't be a painful experience. By ensuring regular check-ups and addressing discomfort promptly, you can enjoy clear vision without the headaches.

🥽Poorly adapted or adjusted frames

Glasses are made in a factory to a set mold or design, not to your specific face. But while frames are quite universal in shape, some adjustments may be necessary to avoid discomfort.

There are a few fixes you can try at home:

  • 🥴Is your nose aching? Correct the space between the p[ads by twisting them slightly and gently, checking the movement in a mirror.
  • 👏Are the arms of the glasses pressing into the sides of your head? Take them off and put some gentle pressure on them to widen the overall fit and stop them from digging in.
  • 🚛Are your glasses quite heavy? Do they constantly slip down and you find yourself adjusting them a lot? You might need a pair of lighter glasses.

If none of this works, visit an optician. They can help you adjust the frames so they sit comfortably and prevent headaches and eye fatigue. Don’t let your life be as ruined by ill-fitting glasses as Mario’s is by blue shells.

Eye fatigue: causes, symptoms and solutions

instructions showing how to adjust the nosepad of your glasses

Eye fatigue is a common cause of headaches and is often accompanied by other various symptoms.

If you experience double vision, red or tingling eyes, or a sense of dizziness or heaviness, you’re probably experiencing eye fatigue. Not everything is your glasses’ fault.

 ⛔The dangers of blue light

Harmful blue light poses a significant risk. This type of light, with a blue-violet wavelength ranging from 380 to 450 nanometers, penetrates more deeply into the eye, causing eye strain and fatigue. The usual cause? Those phone, TV and computer screens we all love so much.

A digital screen gives off blue light, and thanks to modern habits, we’re almost constantly exposed.  Apart from digital eye strain, other symptoms of this exposure include:

  • Sleep disorders (blue light disrupts circadian rhythm)
  • Blurry vision
  • Dry eye
  • Eye irritation
  • Headaches
  • Later, more serious eye conditions like AMD (age-related macular degeneration)

Although there haven’t been too many studies yet on the link between headaches and blue light, but early results show it exacerbates migraines and headaches.

The bad news? The younger you are, the more sensitive to it you are. Meaning children are more likely to develop headaches from blue light and harm their developing vision.

Symptoms of any damage often don’t appear till quite a lot later, so it’s necessary to take preventative measures.

Fighting against visual fatigue: The Horus X solution

woman giving herself an eye massage

The best anti-blue light filters on the market! Just see for yourself. Our high-tech glasses are designed in France to best protect your eyes from UV and blue light, while looking stylish.

We use polycarbonate to create the frames, making them 10 times more resistant than other glasses, lighter, and with a higher refractive index.

Basically, you can feel protected, prevent future health problems, and feel good doing it!

To ensure our glasses match your needs, we’ve got a whole range of options:

  • The Gaming Collection: Designed for intensive screen use during your first run of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. These yellow tinted lenses offer unrivaled filtration, and are super effective day and night. Try the Urban Revolution computer glasses for and edgy look that fits right into your esports aesthetic.
  • The Nomad Range: Made for office and day-to-day use. These blue light glasses are elegant and give off that designer flair, with attractive frames and high-tech clear lenses. Experience superior blue light filtration in and out of the house.
  • Horus X Sunglasses: For those who do occasionally go outside. Our Darkmatter® lenses also filter blue light for outdoor screen use, while our polarized X-Pol® lenses protect you from glare in bright conditions or while driving.
  • For the kids: Protect their eyes early with Horus X’s kid’s collection, dedicated to developing eyes.

The secret to long lasting good vision: Resting your eyes

Visual fatigue also appears when we put too much strain on our eyes and overwork our eye muscles.

The simple solution? Better eye care!

By that we mean making sure to take time to rest your eyes, away from screens.

This includes:

  • 💤Taking regular breaks. We recommend adopting the 20-20-20 method. Every 20 minutes look 20 feet away, for 20 seconds.
  • 💆Eye massage: Better eye care starts with pampering. We’ve put an article on the best ways to give yourself an eye massage here.
  • 🍵Try some natural remedies that will improve your eye health. We recommend things like herbal teas, cold compresses or cucumber slices placed on the eyes for a few minutes.

Final thoughts: Are new glasses headaches inevitable?

The good news is they’re not!

Try the simple tips provided in this article to improve your eye health and prevent headaches from new glasses.

Always remember, a home remedy is great, but if it doesn’t work you shouldn’t hesitate to contact an eye doctor.

Make sure to get regular eye exams and your glasses checked at the same time. Especially if you’ve just had new prescription lenses; the frames can be reshaped if and when it’s necessary.

Glasses help in the fight against blue light and eye strain. So prevent the problem and grab a pair of blue light blocking glasses to keep those eyes healthy.

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