It might seem a little strange or out of the ordinary to sit there rubbing your eyes, but trust us – an eye massage can be a real game-changer.

Give it a try and you'll see the difference it can make.

The benefits of eye massage

Massaging your eyes has multiple benefits, beyond you being able to play through Resident Evil 4 Remake for the fifth time in a row.

woman giving herself an eye massage

➡️ Eye massages help improve blood circulation around your eyes

The area around your eyes is very fragile and contains plenty of blood vessels. Massaging the eyes allows better circulation and oxygenation of your eye contour.

➡️ Eye massage helps eliminate toxins

The physical action of an eye massage is a mini-drainage that activates blood and lymphatic circulation. Kind of like a Witcher potion. This means eye massages are super effective in helping release and eliminate toxins accumulated around the eye.

➡️ Eye massages reduce puffiness and dark circles under your eyes

If you’ve been up all night battling dark wizards, we can’t really help you. But for those who gather a bit more of their baggage under their eyes naturally, (and we don’t mean why your ex left you) an eye massage is your brand new concealer. And it’s guaranteed to be more beneficial than the one you usually use.

➡️ Eye massages help prevent fine lines and wrinkles

Gamers don’t age, they level up. But unfortunately, when they do, they usually gain a few gray hairs and wrinkles rather than that increased stamina boost video games have promised you. However, little eye massages can keep you looking youthful for longer, just like Princess Zelda.

➡️ Reduce eye strain with frequent eye massages

By massaging your eyes regularly and correctly, you significantly reduce eye strain. If you are prone to itchy, or dry eyes, for example, giving eye massages a try could have a significant impact on your comfort levels.

➡️ Eye massage can help relive headaches

It’s a double whammy of a solution. As well as helping relieve your tired eyes, eye massage can also help reduce the pain of a headache!

Tips for an effective eye massage

Eye massage is both a relieving treatment and beauty ally that keeps you looking fresh and young for longer.

However, you still want to know the best tips for ensuring your eye massage is effective and you aren’t simply just sat there mashing your hands into your eyeballs.

How long should an eye massage be?

No need to spend an hour vigorously rubbing your eyes (or anywhere else👀). Just a few seconds is enough for optimal care.

Massage your eye contour as soon as you feel the need, for example, when you’ve been at the computer too long and start to feel the effects of digital eye strain.

You could also establish a quick eye massage as part of your daily routine, before bed at night or when you wake up in the morning.

Our advice is to massage your eyes regularly during the day, especially for computer-based workers. Swap coffee breaks, for massage breaks!

man giving himself an eye massage

Some effective eye massage techniques

There are several effective techniques for a good eye massage. It’s also super important you keep your eyes clean and healthy – so make sure you wash your hands before you start.

👁Directly on your eyeball. Just jam your fingers right in. Don’t worry about the blood, it’s all part of the process….


Instead, put your index, middle and ring fingers on your closed eyelids and make circular movements with your fingertips. Without pressing too hard, unless you want that starry night motif.

🔺The three-point massage. Place your thumb and middle finger on either side of the bridge of your nose, with your index finger pressing between your eyebrows. From here do a circular or Triforce shaped massage.  

🤨 Massage under the eyebrow arch. This is super effective in relieving eye tension from staring at LCD or LED screens for too long. Close your eyes and put your thumbs in the hollow that forms between the underside of your eyebrows and the edges of your nose. Place your palms slightly upwards and relax into a circular motion with light, but increasing pressure for at least 10 seconds.

🙈 Place your hands flat on closed eyes. This is an effective eye massage technique and it relieves heat and light pressure to give your eyes a well deserved break.

💁‍♀️Try a gua sha face roller. According to Tik Tok these are all the rage. They’re ideal for massaging the eye area and help promote draining, and decongestion. They also help remove wrinkles and dark circles for the older, more tired people among us (aka: me).

woman wearing glasses looking at her computer

Our top eye protection tips

As well as regular eye massages, there are other things you can do to help relieve your tired, achy eyes.

😴 Get enough sleep. If you’re someone that spends ages looking at screens that give off blue light, your sleep hormone, melatonin, could be suffering from lowered production. This will impact your natural sleep cycle and affect how well rested you and your eyes are. For your eyes to feel fully refreshed (and you not to feel like you slept in a ditch), a good night’s sleep is crucial.

🚰 Maintain a healthy diet and stay hydrated. Good hydration and quality nutrients are essential in promoting eye health.

🧼 Remove your makeup before bed. If you’re a person who enjoys glamming up with some winged eyeliner then you just might be a millienial. You also know the pain of remembering to remove your makeup before bed. You already know the mantra: its better for your eyes and skin to always go to sleep with a fresh, natural face.

In the same vein, always take your contacts out!

👓 Protect yourself from the blue light of screens. Artificial blue light from TV and computer screens leads to tired, achy eyes. The more you can counteract these effects of blue light, the better. By wearing a pair of anti-blue light glasses you can reduce the impact screens have on your long term eye health.

🧑 ⚕️Consult a specialist. If you’re suffering from frequent and consistent discomfort, it’s always best to seek medical advice. It’s also important you keep up to date with your eye exams but I bet you’re due one right now, aren’t you?

🥲 Use artificial tears. These are optional, but if you’re someone who suffers regularly from dry eyes, eye drops can be effective in helping.

man wearing  glasses

Eye massages: Final thoughts

  • Eye massage allows for better blood circulation and the elimination of toxins. It should also help relive dark circles and be your ally in the fight against eye fatigue.
  • A few seconds a day and several very simple techniques are enough to relieve tired eyes.
  • Remember to get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, avoid blue light and consult an ophthalmologist regularly. That way you’ll be treating your eyes with the same love and care as you treat your PS5.
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