Your dream is to put your headphones on your ears, your gaming glasses on your nose, your right hand on your mouse and your left hand on your keyboard, then show your skill to the world under the applause of a stadium in madness? It's entirely possible. Many pro-gamers started from nowhere, from their family PC, from their home console to reach the highest level. The first step to achieving this is to tell your parents that you want to become a pro-gamer and convince them.

First of all: how to become a pro-gamer?

There is no secret: to become a pro-gamer , you have to work. But the work can go through two main phases, namely practice and training. The second solution, which clearly goes hand in hand with the first, is more recent and proves that eSport continues to grow.

Train and become gradually

The first thing you need to do is practice. Clearly, chase from your head any hope of becoming Gotaga or Kayane, to name a few, without the slightest effort. eSport is sport : you have to train your body, your mind and develop your skill for long hours every week. But you don't have to chain 14 hours of games a day at the beginning. You live your life normally, you go to class or to work, and you train whenever you can with your friends.

When you feel that you are starting to have a real low level, you may be able to register for local tournaments, or even get started in the stream. During this time, do not hesitate to follow famous players , to understand how they play and to be inspired by their skill to develop yours.

Take dedicated training

We are in 2021, the era of repressed gamers at school is over. Now playing is a common hobby, sometimes even fashionable. Becoming an eSports player has sometimes even become impressive for everyone, although some apprehension still remains. Nowadays, there are training courses and even schools dedicated to eSport , offering to learn more about all the professions related to this field. If you don't know which school to choose or if you just want to know more about all this, we invite you to visit this page .

The arguments in your favor to become a pro-gamer

Now that you have an idea of ​​how you can become a pro-gamer, you'll have to get down to business. The final boss at the start of your career. Consider collecting the Hylian Shield, Purifying Sword and Barbarian Outfit: Ganon is waiting for you and he has taken the form of your parents, worried about your attraction to eSports. The solution to beat the boss: reassure them and give them confidence.

"You know, to live from your passion is to live happily"

It's no secret. Work, when it is in a field that does not attract us more than that, is not always very pleasant. It happens that starting a job in a universe that we don't like ends up being suitable for us, but one thing is certain: if you start your active life or continue it in the world of video games, whatever the job , you will necessarily be happier to get up on a Monday morning at 7am . Journalist, tester, developer, press relations or pro-gamer, all these professions that affect what we love are more exciting than others, at least for us gamers.

And your parents can only wish you happiness. Every career starts with taking a risk, no one starts their first job earning thousands of euros a month. It's completely normal to struggle at first, and if it's for something that's close to your heart, it won't even scare you. If your future happiness goes through a few years of hardship, then it's worth it. You always have to be careful to land on your feet, not to make life too difficult, but the risks are there to be taken. If your parents believe in you, they will believe in this dream .

“I trained all my childhood for this”

As a general rule, a person wishing to get into eSport is not at their first attempt in video games. The path is often the same : from childhood, the person is interested in video games. It can start with games that are more solo, adventure, platform, etc. Then over time, she begins to discover competitive games: Rocket League, Call of Duty, League of Legends, etc., you undoubtedly know the list.

By dint of discovering, trying and enjoying these games, you have trained without even realizing it. If you have a low level, it would be a shame not to try to take advantage of it, wouldn't it?

"eSport is like sport with the same values"

Since eSports began to become more democratic, we have all come across a boomer looking for criticism of young people: eSports is not sport, you don't move your buttocks, you just sit in front of your screen. The same person who will cry foul every time the Olympic Games do not include pétanque as an official sport. Jokes aside, it is good to note that the term "sport" comes from the old French "desport" meaning "entertainment, physical or mental pleasure" (source: Hubscher Ronald, History in motion, 1992); chess like eSports is a mind sport first and foremost.

Nevertheless, it should also be remembered that a professional eSport player also demonstrates physical abilities: the concentration and agility required during competitions require having a healthy body, a healthy mind and an irreproachable lifestyle. Apart from that, eSport shares some clear values ​​with sport : sportsmanship, sharing, respect and solidarity, among others. Beneficial things that can only be learned in this type of activity.

"It can make a lot of money..."

Well yes, we must not hide our face. Many people will tell you that you shouldn't think about money, that it's not important at all and that the main thing is to have fun. On the one hand, it's true: but it's less so when you have to choose to stop your current job or your studies to get into eSports. It must be understood that a person without income will need money to live . eSport, after many months or many years of effort, can be profitable and allow you to make a living from it. Hence the idea of ​​becoming a pro-gamer: you can't be a pro without making a living from it.

"eSport is better and better managed"

There was a time when eSport was limited to LANs with friends or in small local tournaments without real management. But this time is more than over: there are now official eSport teams , operating with sponsors, offering salaries, trying to win cash prizes in tournaments organized in stadiums and followed by millions of people.

And if it can speak to your parents, you can always explain to them that Ligue 1 has created an eSports division , soberly called eLigue 1, in which teams with known names compete: Paris Saint Germain, l 'Olympique de Marseille, the Lille Olympique Sporting Club or even the best club in France: the Racing Club de Lens. Funfact: Lens was eliminated from the start for its first participation in eLigue 1. But we are still standing. Still alive. Always the banana.

"No dad, it's not (necessarily) bad for your health"

We said dad as we could have said mom, but the idea is there: many parents have a bad image of eSports with regard to its impact on health. It's true, staying in front of your screen for several hours a day is not the best idea you can have. But it's also about becoming a pro-gamer: knowing how to take care of your body and mind while doing what you love.

All of this requires good physical condition (doing activities that will get you moving) as well as a strong mind (relaxing is essential). But the part of your body that will be most affected by a lack of healthy lifestyle are your eyes. It is very important to protect them , and we are here for that: we advise you to get anti-blue light glasses dedicated to gaming .

Beware of bad arguments!

But you know it better than anyone, parents who have some doubts about your future in eSports won't help but use any biased argument to turn it against you. Well, said like that, you would think that all parents are monsters: it's completely false, they are potentially worried about you and they may not understand eSports. So to avoid scaring them, watch out for bad arguments.

Choose your game examples wisely, you never know

Some games are necessarily better managed and more highlighted on the eSports scene than others. If your parents are going to find out what you tell them, it would be a good idea not to give them names of games that are unpopular with the eSports scene. This is for example the case of all Nintendo games with a competitive dimension: despite all the qualities of this publisher, they are currently not able to manage this facet of their image correctly.

Get started in eSports on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is about drawing a line under your career as a pro-gamer . If you want to give them names of well-represented big games, talk about Rocket League, Call of Duty, League of Legends.

Do you have the necessary equipment?

Like any sport, it is necessary when you embark on a career to have the right equipment. If for football it will be a license, optimized clothing as well as comfortable crampons (among other things), eSports will require you to have either a good console or a relatively powerful PC.

Of course, let's not forget gaming headphones, glasses , keyboards and mice or controllers, etc. If you don't have a PC yet, it can be quite prohibitive for you: your parents (if you don't earn your own salary yet) may not want to buy your equipment. If the budget is tight, we advise you to go for a setup designed for beginners .

However, are you sure you have the level? Because good...

Alright, that's a bit of a troll. No, because Fortnite players who are 14 years old and who think they can get into pro-gaming have been seen. If you intend to learn seriously about this area, make sure you have a minimum level ; take a step back on your skill, rub shoulders with potentially better players and see if you improve over time. Taking risks to embark on such a career without having the little something is really not a good idea. It's like attempting a career as an accountant without knowing how to classify your invoices, for example.

Don't forget us when you're on top of the esports world

We hope our guide can help you get started in your future career as an eSports gamer! You're supposed to have the keys now to convince your parents, if you find other unstoppable arguments don't hesitate to give them to us in the comments. And if you become a talented player, why not offer you some equipment to protect your eyes? Do we ever know.
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