Horus X protects your performance so you can focus on what matters!

Our Mission Statement

Bringing digital well-being to the forefront of everyone's mind (intensive gamer or keyboard pro), thanks to stylish glasses that you can wear with pride.

💎Quality like never before
🛡️ Best Protection & Proprietary Tech
😎 Crazy Style
🔖 Incredible Prices
🤯 Lifetime Warranty

+ 1% de nos ventes reversées pour la planète 🐻‍❄️


French design, manufacturing in the best optical workshops between Taiwan and China, the best components (used in ballistics), ANSI/CE standards, FDA approved glasses.

In fact, we're so tight-lipped that we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our glasses.(A message to hello@horus-x.com - we'll replace them or give you a full refund at our expense. )

Ultimate Protection

Ultra-targeted protection against harmful blue light between 380 and 450 nanometers.

The most powerful and innovative filters on the market with unique treatments(technology & patents registered).More info here

For ultimate concentration, a cutting-edge range, and above all long-term protection. Your vision is not a gadget.

anti blue light glasses for women without correction stockholm frame color tortoise

Crazy style

A stylish beast for a pure, simple and effective eyewear.

We work several months on each of the models to offer you a solid and durable style.

Incredible price

You can relax, focus on your game, we'll take care of the rest.

A premium eyewear for a really affordable price.

Lifetime Warranty

We really trust our glasses. So much so that we not only offer you alifetime warranty, but also no return shipping.

If you have any concerns, just email us at hello@horus-x.com, and we will refund you or send you a pair at our expense.

No risk, a purchase in all confidence


.. and outside

Good design is good for the planet. Respect for nature guides our design and development process: built for a lifetime of adventure.

1% de nos ventes reversées à des assos qui protègent la 🌎