The story of Horus X

Where does Horus X come from?

The name "Horus X" refers to the ancient Egyptian falcon-headed patron god Horus.

From students to entrepreneurs

The Genesis

Between two games of Call of Duty or Dragon Ball Tenkaïchi but especially constantly in front of a screen in their job...

Paul, Stéphane and Matthieu have been constantly exposed to "digital eye strain" (impact on sleep, fatigue, discomfort, consequence on well-being) for more than 10 years.

The problem

At the time, they looked for a solution, and quickly found some horrors...

Unfortunately, in these dark times, getting screen glasses was like giving up on your social life and becoming a low-cost Bono look-alike.

The existing glasses were expensive, not certified, anything but modern, with ineffective filtration and a style to decorate the goats.

One fine morning in 2016, the 3 friends then took matters into their own hands.

The team's objective

Design sexy, affordable glasses that preserve the well-being of gamers and digital professionals,
while improving their performance.


The birth of the brand

With Matthieu's expertise in optical technologies, they decided to create an involved brand, with an authentic link with its customers, a full remote team, and a way of working that goes against the grain of traditional companies.

A passion for gaming, optics, and entrepreneurship were combined to create Horus X.


The first glasses

The small team works for many months on innovative technologies and brand new designs.

They struggle and hit quite a few walls, but they end up designing a first version of Horus X glasses in late 2017 that they are happy with...😬

The success is then immediate, confirming to the 3 friends that they were not alone in facing this problem!

to date

The evolution

Since then, the products have evolved...

Investments in R&D, support from innovation partners such as BPI France, development of proprietary technologies and new models.

Now Horus X is one of the galaxy's most successful leaders in eye protection 😍!

(conquest of the universe planned for 2030 🚀)

The X factor

Our Mission

Bringing digital well-being to the forefront of everyone's mind (intensive gamer or keyboard pro), thanks to stylish glasses that you can wear with pride.