A balanced and healthy diet, again and again! We are told all day long, we have to eat fruits and vegetables , 5 in number it would seem. You don't even know why? I will give you one first good reason : For your beautiful eyes of tomb heartbreaker. Want sharp eyesight to be the best sniper on call off? Don't you necessarily want to have the same runny eyes as your great aunt Odette's crumbling old dog? So I suggest you ask yourself a good question: Which fruit is good for the eyes? Come on, come over here, I'll give you two or three tips.

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What are the vitamins for good eyesight?

Let's start by saying that all vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of your body, so you need a bit of everything. Some vitamins are distinguished by their ability to improve / maintain eyesight, we will focus on that today.

Vitamin A

The first is the vitamin A. The latter is stored mainly in the liver and helps regulate and stabilize and thus preserve sight.

She allows to generally prevent the risk of eye disease . If you want a little technique, it allows the creation of rods in the nervous system of your eye and helps protect the cornea.

Vitamin C

In addition to vitamin A, vitamin C plays an important role when talking about eye health. This reduces the risk of cataract . Well then yes, you may not be 65 yet but it will come, and at that age there is a 50% chance of having it, it is not for nothing that it is the first cause of surgery in France.

In addition to the cataract, it is the AMD that we will try to avoid a max with vitamin C. AMD is basically the degeneration of the central part of your retina.

Vitamin E

Third and last vitamin on the podium, the vitamin E. It improves the circulation of blood in the vessels of the eyes, an important role as you can imagine!

In which fruit can you find the best vitamins for your eyesight?

Here is our top fruit to get the best vitamins to have a lynx eye:

To obtain maximum Vitamin A, the top three fruits rich in beta carotene (provitamin A) is

  • 🥭 the mango
  • 🍑 apricot 
  • 🍈 melon

When it comes to vitamin C, you have a choice 

  • 🥝 Kiwifruit
  • 🍓 Strawberry
  • 🟠 orange
  • 🍋 lemon
  • guava
  • Cassis

Something to have fun!

Finally, we find a maximum of Vitamin E In

  • 🐿️ hazelnuts and almonds.

For those who are allergic or do not like it, you can also find it in 

  • 🥑 the lawyer
  • 🥭 the mango 
  • THE blackcurrant .
top 3 diagram of the best vitamins for eyesight


Which Omegas Are Good for Eyesight?

It is not enough to go out with a tuna to have access to the good omega for eyesight.

Ugly Love Me GIF - Ugly Love Me Dentist GIFs

Here we are talking about particular omega, the omega 3 . Indeed your eyes are composed of these and a suitable intake is very important.

Omegas aren't just found in fatty fish.

Omega 3s have many health benefits and are particularly good for eyesight.

  • 👴🏻 The first is to drastically reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
  • 👁️ Second, omega 3 helps protect against glaucoma . No, it's not the name of a monster in a video game but an eye disease that causes the destruction of the optic nerve and therefore the loss of sight.
  • 💧 Finally, omega 3 helps to fight against eye dryness . To be quick, omega 3s increase the quality and quantity of tears, and therefore act as a lubricant to protect your cornea. Very practical, like any good quality lub.

In which fruit can you find the most omega 3?

You too have been traumatized by your mother and her cod liver oil and you are looking for an alternative. Good news, I know some fruits that are full of it.

The or rather the richest fruits in omega 3 are nuts.

Nuts are known to be high in fat. They are in omega 3 fatty acid . We will cite the nuts , but you can also go on the almonds , the pistachios where the cashew nuts.

the champion nut of omega 3

It's a good snack and easy to transport so treat yourself when you want to take a little break, it's more practical than transporting fatty fish full of omega.


What are the best antioxidants for eyesight?

Generally speaking many antioxidants can be beneficial but some are more effective than others. The winning couple is Lutein And zeaxanthin . The latter two are very good for sight and reduce the risk of cataract And AMD .

Lutein and zeaxanthin are in high concentration in the retina and in the lens, they act as a barrier against light, and help protect ocular tissues.

In which fruit can you find Lutein and zeaxanthin?

Some fruits are full of it!

I couldn't not quote the blueberry , a classic. The latter helps maintain good vision thanks to its antioxidant effect.

She is also renowned for improving her night vision and visual acuity . Perfect for a night assault in your favorite FPS.

For the rest of the podium, we have the lawyer And orange is the richest fruit in lutein and zeaxanthin.

top 3 antioxidant product for eyesight on a catwalk

Trace elements

Which trace elements are good for eyesight?

THE zinc is the main and essential trace element for the eyes and therefore for vision. He participates greatly in the fight against the eye aging and age-related macular degeneration.

In which fruit can you find zinc?

Basically, fruits are not necessarily the biggest providers of zinc and if you are looking for a really substantial contribution, it is better to turn to cereals (or eat a gutter 😅)

However, there are interesting contributions of zinc in the watermelon , the Goji Berry which we have already cited and the coconut .

Top 3 fruits that contain zinc presented on a catwalk

Which fruit is good for the eyes: The Chef's final words and tips

Eat a balanced diet, preferably eat local fruits and vegetables that have not been processed. You will be able to eat the skins, they are very rich in vitamins.

In addition to vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, don't skimp on omega 3, fruits that contain antioxidants and those that can give you some zinc.

Swap your kinder bueno break with a good seasonal fruit rich in oligo escrement element, and eat nuts as a snack. And don't forget to protect your eyes from screens with blue light blocking glasses or gaming glasses .

FAQ: Some frequently asked questions:

Are there alternatives to fruit to get what I need to preserve my eyesight?

You're a bit fragile and do you have allergies to certain fruits or for some other reason you cannot eat any of the above foods? An alternative may be to replace your tic-tac box with a box of food supplements according to your needs . Ask your doctor for advice if you have any doubts, he can advise you if necessary if you have very specific needs.

What are bad eye foods?

As you can imagine, everything that is good (to taste) is very bad (to your health)! Find out about foods that are bad for eyesight here .

I can quote you the sugar , the bad fats , fried foods (just look at the guy from KFC, what did you think the glasses were for? Not enough vegetables and too much fried chicken. We even had a visit from Ronald who is looking for some glasses so much he eats fat.)

ronald mcdonalds wearing horus x glasses

We will also note the saturated fatty acids which are reputed to be harmful because they act negatively on the blood microvessels which allow the irrigation of the tissues of your eyes. So go easy on saturated fatty acids if you don't want to look like Cousin Tintin's rabbits who got myxom atosis last summer.

The alcohol can disrupt the body's assimilation of vitamins and affect your eyes indirectly, so yes, alcohol is not cool.

the torch alcohol is not cool

I will end with food transformed And industrial , it's not new, but these are harmful at all levels, including the eyes.

Which vegetable to improve eyesight?

We often talk about fruits, but we must not forget the vegetables which are rich in vitamins and which are good for the eyes. Without going into details, the carrots (full of beta carotene) , spinach and the broccoli are part of our top 3 vegetables to consume on a regular basis. Green vegetables in a way generally loaded with vitamins.

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