What are the tips for choosing high-performance gaming glasses and do you need to consult an ophthalmologist before getting one? Studies on the harmful effects of screens and blue light are more and more regular and, while we are only just beginning to understand the impact on our health , anti blue light gaming glasses are one of the best ways to preserve our sleep and our health against the impact of this light emitted by the screens.

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In this article :

  • The impact of blue light and screens on our health.

  • Anti blue light glasses without correction.

  • Blue light blocking glasses.

  • Choosing the right glasses: gaming or casual?

The light emitted by your screen right now, a source of fatigue.

Computers, tablets, smartphones, televisions and even the sun: all culprits!

All these objects (and our favorite star), emit blue light which impacts your vision on a daily basis (be careful, if after a few drinks in a bar you see less well, it's not the sun's fault, huh 😵) .

Gamer with a controller on a blue background equipped with gaming glasses

Besides, if you are here, it is certainly because you have already experienced some of the most common symptoms of prolonged exposure to blue light:

  • 🤯 Migraine
  • 👀 Eyestrain
  • 💤 Sleep problems...etc.

First of all, it should be remembered that blue light is broken down into 2 main parts:

  1. Blue light, which has a beneficial (and even vital) effect for our well-being and sleep: it is between 450 and 500 nanometers. It regulates our biological rhythm and therefore should not be filtered. Be careful to check this point carefully if you decide to buy blue light blocking glasses.

  2. Harmful blue light : it is between 380 and 450 nanometers and its harmful impact on sleep has already been proven by numerous scientific studies. The most common symptoms of prolonged exposure are headache, dry or itchy eyes, heavy eyelids and sleep disturbances (including drowsiness).

As you will have understood, part of the blue light must not be filtered by the pair of glasses you choose. A bit like uncle's jokes, blue light is good, but in moderation.

Glasses without prescription for computer or for video games

An ophthalmologist can advise you

First of all congratulations, you have lynx eyes! But whether you need correction or not, an ophthalmologist will often be able to guide you in choosing your blue light blocking glasses. He will be able to analyze your lifestyle and your vision with you in order to direct you towards one pair rather than another.

Indeed, according to your habits, he can help you choose the most suitable filtration for your eyes and offer you a correction if you need glasses.

woman looking at her mobile phone

But it's not compulsory at all.

You can do without consulting an ophthalmologist to buy gaming glasses if you do not need prescription glasses, and therefore, a prescription.

However, monitor the information concerning the filtration of the harmful or beneficial spectrum that we presented to you above.

In any case and without consulting a doctor, good anti-blue light glasses will help you reduce the fatigue of your eyes in front of screens and the risk of migraines.

“Advice is worth what it costs; that is to say nothing.”- Douglas MacArthur (Except at the ophthalmologist where the average value of the advice is between 30 and 35€ for the contracted sector 1 )

Glasses for screens in sight

If you don't have a prescription

Consulting an ophthalmologist is essential to have your sight and eyes analyzed in order to prescribe the adjustments your eyes need.

It is always advisable to consult an ophthalmologist if you have migraines during prolonged exposure to screens because you may first need to correct your eyesight slightly.

Gamer with headphones and gaming glasses playing in front of his screen

Once your prescription has been collected, you can then buy eyeglasses from an optician or on a site registered as an eye care professional in France and benefit from coverage by French social security.

If you already have a prescription

In this case, either your prescription is less than two years old and you can now get your gaming glasses by sight, or you have not consulted an ophthalmologist for more than two years and it is advisable to go for an analysis. your sight again.

In any case, you will have to have your glasses adapted

They will of course have to meet your needs and your habits to effectively protect you from visual fatigue and the dangers of blue light.

Choosing the right gaming glasses

At conventional opticians

Eyecare professionals, opticians can provide you with products that meet your expectations in terms of eyeglasses, but the blue light filters they offer are often much less powerful than those you can find from eyeglass specialists. gaming.

Depending on the time spent in front of a screen on a daily basis, this protection may be insufficient.

Indeed, while most of the lenses offered in these stores have an "anti-blue light treatment" option, this coating only filters a small part of the harmful spectrum of blue light (generally less than 30%).

This may be suitable for daily use at work or in front of the TV, but for gamers it remains really light over time.

Victorious gamer with her gaming glasses in front of her screen

It all depends on how long you spend in front of your screen and how sensitive your eyes are.

If you are an assiduous gamer and, like us, you regularly have gaming sessions lasting more than 2 hours in the evening, then we advise you to turn to other professionals specialized in gaming glasses or blue light blocking glasses.

At the manufacturers of blue light blocking gaming glasses

Choose well

For regular gamers and intensive use of screens, especially in the evening and with little light, we recommend that you look for specialist manufacturers.

Many eyewear technologies that filter out harmful blue light exist today, some much better than the filters offered in traditional stores.

At the cutting edge of technology

At Horus X, for example, we offer gaming glasses that filter up to 86% of the harmful spectrum and even 100% of the most dangerous spectrum. In addition to that, the glasses filter 100% of ultraviolet rays as well as a good part of harmful reflections.

Protection against harmful light (UV, blue light, reflections) is our specialty and our patented lens technologies allow us to ensure maximum protection against harmful light from your screen during your games, on the computer, in front of television or on a smartphone.

gamer with his glasses playing video games

The choice of glass

If the amber lenses bother you or you are afraid that the colors are too distorted (even if in real life you get used to it very quickly, with us the whole team is equipped) you can also opt for clear lenses whose protection is the most efficient for this level of tint with more than 60% of harmful blue light filtered.

Depending on your use and your sensitivity, you have the choice regarding the color of the lenses . If you need prescription glasses, you can also turn to other gaming eyewear specialists who accept and are qualified to process your prescriptions.

On the Horus X side, the subject is in development and we should be able to offer you some soon in order to satisfy everyone (2023).

In any case, and as with any product you buy online, always remember to compare (filtrations differ a lot according to brands and types of lenses) and to consult reviews.

To help you, we have selected the best gaming glasses here.

We can only recommend that you opt for a French or European company in order to assert your rights more easily in the event of an error or the need for after-sales service.

Ophthalmo for gaming glasses: the final word:

No, it is not necessary to see an ophthalmologist before buying gaming glasses.

However, if you need prescription glasses or experience regular migraines, you may need corrective lenses.

In this case, it is strongly advised to consult an eye specialist to benefit from social security coverage (in the case of corrective lenses) and to have gaming glasses.

If you do not need prescription glasses, then you can buy blue light blocking glasses directly (note that these will not be covered by social security as they are sold without a prescription.).

In this case, take the time to compare the brands, especially in terms of the filtration provided by the glasses, and preferably turn to specialists in blue light or glasses for screens.

So you will benefit from better filtration than that generally offered by conventional shops but also from prices and designs more suited to your needs.

Adapt your search to your use of screens. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • 📺 What sources of blue light am I exposed to? (computer screen, TV, smartphone...etc.)

  • ⏱️ How long am I exposed to this light per day on average?

  • 🌙 What time of day? (during the day only or also in the evening, just before bedtime?)

Depending on your answers to these questions, you can then choose the pair of glasses that will best suit your eyes.

For gaming glasses that will effectively protect you from the light emitted by screens, take the time to take a look at our different Horus X models.

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In general, remember to adjust the light in your environment to avoid working or playing in the dark. In particular, this will allow you to reduce the immediate impact of blue light on your eyes.

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