A common question for glass wearers is: "can I wear blue light blocking glasses all the time?"

But let’s delve a little further. It’s not a case of ‘can you’ but rather should you wear blue light blocking glasses all the time?

The answer isn’t a simple yes or no; so, let’s delve into the details and look at why we should be reducing the impact of our screens and LEDs.

woman wearing blue light blocking glasses all day in front of laptop

What is blue light? The different types

The right blue light

And the Lord (or science) said “let there be light” and so blue light appeared. Or, in other words, when the sun started to shine, and blue light was one of the many wavelengths it created.

Blue light has been around since the dawn of the dinosaurs, and it will be around long after humanity has spread out across the galaxy… or drowned because of the melting ice caps. Thanks, global warming.

And blue light isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Above all, it can be fairly useful, according to “science, b*tch!” It helps to regulate our wake-sleep cycle (or circadian rhythm for the Sheldon Cooper’s among us) and develop a normal sleep pattern.

Therefore, we can conclude there is good blue light mixed into the natural light spectrum of colors, benefitting us humans and helping us develop positive sleeping cycles.  

snowy mountain top where you would wear blue light glasses

Evil, artificial blue light

Nowadays everyone is looking at a screen, nearly all the time. We’re addicted to our phones, TVs and computer screens, spending over 7 hours a day on them. All of which means that our sensitive eyes are constantly subject to serious light exposure.  Plus these screen contain lots of blue light, and the way we focus means the very bottom of our pupils are getting the full brunt and concentration of it, for hours at a time.

Not all blue light is bad, but the wavelengths between 380 and 450 nanometers are dangerous for your eyes. These are harmful and have both short and long-term effects.

In the short term, you can experience bad headaches, digital eye strain (or ‘computer vision syndrome’) and general fatigue. Long term, you can expect all this, plus potential damage to your retinas, such as macular degeneration.

That’s why ophthalmologists are particularly concerned about the amount of screentime we all get in our daily lives.

Which blue light should I be blocking?

Let’s keep it simple. You need to block as much harmful blue light as possible, and take into account the times of day you’re doing it.

There are four golden rules you should follow:

🔴 Thoroughly block the really harmful blue light (380-430 nanometers)

🟠 Reduce exposure to the extended spectrum of harmful blue light (430-450 nanometers)

⌚ Decrease exposure to blue light 3 hours before bedtime (glasses can help a lot with this, but turning off all screens is an even better solu-… who are we kidding, we know you’re not going to do that.)

🌳 Think about getting some air to give your eyes some respite. That shiny ball in the sky? That’s the sun… go see if you remember it.

amber lense tinted blue light blocking glasses in sunlight

Can you wear blue light blocking glasses all the time?

You’re certainly physically capable of doing so, but it’s not really recommended. The most important function of blue light glasses is to help limit overexposure, so there are specific times where they’re most useful.

During the day, if you don’t have any specific eye sensitivities that require glasses, then it’s okay to put your blue light blocking glasses down. Your eyes have built-in protection mechanisms that will regulate the exposure to different frequencies (to a certain extent).

The rules are there are no rules. But before you and your glasses go riding off on your motorbike into the sunset, make sure you’re still protecting yourself. If there are days where you’re exposed to blue light more than others, or when your eyes are feeling a little more tired and sensitive, then don’t hesitate to slip on the shades.

Wearing blue light blocking glasses all the time is therefore fine, but it’s not necessary. Extra protection isn’t a bad thing though, and you can look pretty stylish with Horus X’s Roma glasses.

When should you wear blue light blocking glasses?

Here are a few typical examples of some activities you may do in a day, and which ones you want to put the blue light blocking glasses on for.

🍽️ Breakfast with family or friends: Eat up and enjoy! There’s no need to wear the glasses, but if you’re a gamer, this is where you can get some essential nutrition into your diet.

💻 Session on the computer with a large excel table to scroll through: Get out the glasses!

🎮 Big game of COD at the end of the day: We hope you still have your blue light blocking glasses on.

🏖️ Taking your smartphone to the beach or into direct sunlight: Yes, grab your glasses to make sure you can see your screen properly in the sun. And remember sunscreen, unless you want to look like Hellboy. 

In general, we recommend wearing blue light blocking glasses whenever you expose yourself to artificial light, whether that’s in front of a screen or under LED lighting.

The rest of the time, it’s up to you.

man wearing blue light glasses all the time in the kitchen

The best blue light glasses: our recommendations

To help make a decision on the best eyewear for you, we’ve prepared our ultimate selection that will protect you against harmful light, reduce its harmful impact, and make you look darn good at the same time.

  • At school or the office: We recommend our casual nomadic glasses. They’re cool, lightweight and look stylish at the same time with their sleek frames. We particularly like our Ushuaia model.
  • Outdoors: If you can get sunnies with blue light filters then you have the best of both worlds! Look for ones with a powerful UV filter, an integrated blue light filter and well-tinted glasses to protect from glare. We recommend our model The Urban Sun.
  • In the evening: To block as much blue light as possible and protect your sleep, we recommend investing in our amber lenses with The One.
  • For intense use (gaming, long work sessions etc.): Check out our orange lenses, equipped with advanced plasma technology. You can see our ‘The Revolution’ glasses here.

Or if you’re already a glasses wearer, we also offer several pairs of shields that can be easily clipped over the top of your normal pair!

Other important tips for regaining your blue light balance

It’s not all about being well equipped with a good pair of glasses. To keep your eyes in tip top shape long term, nothing is better than a good general balance.

There are several simple things you can do and habits you can develop to keep your eye health optimal.

  • Get a good night’s sleep: It’s the basis for which the rest of your body sets itself up for the day. If you sleep poorly, it’s hard to function at 100%. Rest is important. Horus’ secret to success is taking a 20-minute nap after eating; and not just because we’re lazy, we swear.
  • Nutrition: Eating well means having more energy. Choose healthy calorie sources and avoid sweet foods filled with sugar. We all know how good McDonald’s is, but it's all about moderation. And if you need a little boost, rather than a RedBull full of sugar and caffeine, try a handful of nuts or a banana for that energy burst.
  • Hydration: It’s simple but hard to get into the habit of. And if you’re an energy drink fan you’re actually dehydrating yourself more. Nothing is so effective for hydration as water. Fill yourself a bottle early every morning, after lunch every afternoon, and before dinner in the evenings. Challenge yourself to finish each one.
  • Exercise: We are just machines. Fleshy ones. And like a machine needs to run to get the oil churning and cogs turning, exercise can give a welcome burst of serotonin and pressure release. It’s simple and it's proven to work, so step away from the screen and let off some steam!
  • A good setup: Whether it's for gaming, or for work, a good setup with an ergonomic chair, suitable lighting and a well-adjusted display can make all the difference in how quickly you get fatigued. Plus, we have a great range of gaming glasses.

Final Thoughts: So… can you wear blue light blocking glasses all the time?

This isn’t Sophie’s Choice. You can choose to always wear them, or not at all. But we do recommend at least giving blue light blocking glasses a go.

You don’t need to become overzealous, but there is a time and place for everything, including those fabulous frames. They’re an undeniable asset against eye fatigue and help limit long term risks associated with screens.

Protection at the right times can be crucial.

FAQs & Community Questions

Is it okay to wear blue light blocking glasses?

The long and short of it is yes. After reading the above article you should have learnt when they’re good for your eyes and most appropriate to wear. It’s even better if you can find a snazzy pair that offer blue light filtering, are anti-reflective and protect against UV rays all at the same time (like Horus X glasses do).

How do you know if you should wear blue light glasses?

Well, everyone should occasionally. But some people need them more than others. If your eyes are particularly sensitive and get tired easily then blue light filtering glasses could legitimately change your life and help preserve your visual acuity for longer.

Which glasses should I wear when watching TV?

As with other screen time, any of the options we’ve presented above would be more than suitable for TV watching!

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