What could be more unbearable than dirty glasses? The answer: dirty glasses that are hard to clean! Wearers of all kinds of glasses, toddlers, vintage senior retirees, digital nomads getting their rinds tanned in the sun, we all have the same concern: how to clean those damn glasses that are so practical but so annoying !

You will have understood, the task I am working on today: find you the best cleaning products for glasses. Come on, we're good, we rub well!

In this article :

  • Quick view
  • The economical option
  • The natural option
  • Glasses cleaning sprays
  • Glasses cleaning wipes
  • The microfiber cloth
  • Mini microfiber cleansing brushes

Best Glasses Cleaner

To see our selection at a glance to better clean your glasses

Kind Product Recognition of experts Notice
Economic Dishwasher soap The green tree 4.8/5
Natural Marseille's soap The Corvette 4.6/5
Modern cleaning spray Zeiss 4.3/5
Cloth Microfibers MS. SIGA 4.5/5

    Important : Whether you choose the economical, natural or spray option, the microfiber cloth is essential. We recommend it in any case!

    The economical option

    Tip from the rat: the washing-up liquid . Even a hard-fought student has this handy, so no excuses! Indeed the dishwashing product is particularly effective for cleaning our glasses (or other types of glasses). With its degreasing function, no more traces of your mcdo after a little polish with dishwashing liquid!

    oss 117 parody bezel

    Take a basic product, neutral , no frills with moisturizing products with almond milk or goat's milk which may leave traces. (in truth, I have nothing against goats, I am from Ardèche)

    goat with glasses

    Easy tutorial:

    1. Wash your (big) (disgusting) hands

    1. Pass your glasses under lukewarm water (be careful, no freezing or boiling water which risks damaging your glass and the optical surface treatments). This allows you to clean dust, impurities and other dirt that you don't want to spread on your glass, or create micro-scratches afterwards.

    2. Add a dab of dishwashing liquid , these are usually quite concentrated, no need to put a lot.

    3. Use two fingers and gently rub the glasses on both sides.

    4. Pass your glasses again under lukewarm water and remove all the liquid well so as not to leave a trace.

    5. Dry with your disgusting t-shirt! NO NO NO ! So close to the goal, now is not the time to do anything. Here we use a microfiber cloth, I'll talk about it a little later. No t-shirt, paper towel, handkerchief, PQ or sanitary napkin!

    The natural option

    The quickest way is to spit on your glasses , but I don't recommend because I know you like to eat fat.

    Jokes aside, if you're looking for a natural solution, you can go back to the first point and use a natural dishwashing product.

    Another solution, you can use Marseille soap , or black soap , 2 alternatives that work well.

    I see you coming, bazu of the moon, do not rub the soap against the glass, rather put soap on your fingers and then rub the lenses of your glasses! You can go back to step 3 of the tutorial.

    Glasses cleaning sprays

    This is the best known solution and a perfectly adapted solution , and easier to use!

    There are many sprays commercially or online. Some are even multifunctional and also allow you to clean your screens. Be careful, however, to check the legitimacy of the brand and the quality of the product , there is no miracle product that can clean everything in 13-in-1 mode. If the product promises to clean your glasses, degrease your mower and shampoo your dog, beware- you and opt for a specialized product that will preserve your squares: A beautiful frame like that is something to be cherished, my friend!

    To properly clean the lenses of your glasses with a spray:

    1. A shot of pschit pschit on both sides of the glass.

    2. Take a microfiber cloth (see following) and make circular movements for a few seconds.

    3. Stop only when there is no more product on your glasses, otherwise it can leave traces.

    4. If you still see stains, above all don't scratch them with your fingernail or anything else, reapply some product and start the operation again.

    You have to repeat the operation every day, it will prevent you from accumulating grease, dirt and dust which are always more complicated to remove once encrusted (a bit like you in the evening).

    Glasses cleaning wipes

    The first time you SAW it was when you were 3 years old at your grandfather's house. But if but if, " Who has seen will see "!

    Here we are talking about an old brand like Matthieusalem, but many brands offer pre-moistened cleaning wipes for glasses. The choice is wide and the price differences are relative to the quality and quantity of product that you will find inside.

    What's nice is that you can always have a wipe in your pocket if you need it.

    Disadvantage, not very ecological between the optical cleaning product, the disposable wipes and the individual pouch. This is not the solution chosen by Sandrine Rousseau. Although, some cleaning wipes have few chemicals and respect the environment.

    sandrine rousseau with glasses

    The microfiber cloth

    We are talking here about an essential and an irreplaceable easy to use. Some have tried to compete with it, some even as big as the sopalin! But nothing to do, the microfiber cloth is the best of the best to clean your glasses without taking the risk of scratching them.

    Whether you use a dry cloth or with a liquid solution, the latter will constitute the point of contact with your spectacle lenses, so you have to be particularly careful and not choose just anything.

    We always tend to do that in a hurry, with a 12-year-old t-shirt with doubtful and uncountable impurities and dirt, nope! There is a material that has been developed for and that greatly reduces the risk of damaging your glass and/or the treatment on it, such as anti-reflection or anti-blue light treatment.

    >> Complete guide : Clean your glasses with anti-reflective glass .

    In many cases, when you buy glasses, a microfiber cloth comes with it. If so, take the time to verify its quality and effectiveness. Sometimes brands try to save money on this kind of product.

    If the microfiber cloth provided is not of good quality or you have lost it (yes yes, I know you little rascal, it's a mess in your room), don't hesitate to order one or ask for advice from your optician. No need for a 50 euro camel hair cloth either, just something up to the man/woman that you are!

    Mini microfiber cleansing brushes

    Well here I put you a product for fan of gadget who would be ready to buy a batch of 50 to 0.99 euros on Dealabs. ( only god can judge me )

    In recent years, we have seen mini microfiber cleaning brushes arriving directly from China. So yes it exists, yes it looks cool, but no it's not much use. Your fingers are tweezers so use a quality microfiber and clean those fingerprints like a grown-up! No need for this product which will not be able to go into the corners and whose quality of microfibers leaves something to be desired!

    As you will have understood, I clearly do not recommend this kind of product which is not easy to use and which can potentially damage your glasses.

    mini glasses cleaning brush

    Best product for cleaning glasses: The final word

    As you will have understood, different options are available to you to have clean and scratch-free glasses. If you pay attention to your glasses, you can considerably increase their lifespan (and stop digging the hole in the security system by constantly changing them).

    It's finally very easy to have clean glasses so equip yourself!

    FAQ: A few frequently asked questions:

    Best product for cleaning glasses, With or without alcohol?

    "What alcohol is not cool?" Well it depends. Indeed, generally alcohol-based products are not very ecological and are not the most sought-after products to clean these glasses. However, in times of covid, it may be legitimate to want not only to clean, but also to disinfect these glasses. Nothing better than an eyeglass cleaner that kills 99.9% of germs! Also practical for your smartphone screen, or for cleaning your computer screen after your parents have touched it with their big dirty fingers.

    try on bezel horus X

    You too as a patoche, come and test our Try-on and test our most beautiful models .

    Is there an anti-fog lens cleaner?

    You had to wear a mask during the covid, you suffered, you ate yourself from the doors because you couldn't see anything anymore? And you wonder how not to have your glasses fog up?

    It's very simple, among all the liquids and products that exist, some have been specially designed to resist fogging. They are usually a bit more expensive, but worth it depending on your usage!

    watch man with a mask and fog on his glasses

    What not to do to clean your glasses?

    • Use something other than a microfiber cloth : we never repeat it enough, even if we have the impression that "it passes", by using something else, we can very easily create micro-scratches.

    • Clean your glasses dry : lukewarm water, cleaning spray, cleaning wipes, you have the choice, avoid cleaning your glasses without liquid as much as possible, micro dirt may scratch your glass.

    • Use glass product: even if your glasses are thick like double glazing, this is no reason to use a glass product which is very likely to attack the treatment of your glasses. No window sprays and other cleaning wipes.

    • Use white vinegar: we all have someone around us who uses white vinegar for everything (or baking soda, it's the same team). This time, this person can keep it to herself and use a dildo because it's not a good idea. Depending on the material that makes up the glass, I am thinking here of organic glasses for example, white vinegar attacks the treatments and coating.

    Can a mobile phone screen be cleaned with eyeglass cleaner?

    Yes, absolutely, no particular worries. The reverse, on the other hand, is to be avoided. The treatments on the glasses are generally more fragile than the screens so as said before, you should not use anything.

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