In the gamer's DNA, there is this permanent desire to interact and meet others . From the big LAN in the parents' living room to multi-player games, video games federate, bring people together and make them vibrate together.

Esport has increased this collective phenomenon tenfold, to such an extent that today, competitions in this field are followed by thousands of enthusiasts. Little by little, like a legacy, specialized bars began to emerge in the landscape of our cities .

A real place of sharing, we would like to dedicate an article to them and offer an overview of the most famous esports bars in France.

In this article :

  • What is an esports bar?
  • The list of the best bars in France


No, don't worry, esport bars don't look like yet another tavern that you'll find in the depths of the World of Warcraft game. On the contrary, these places are very different and we will explain why.

What is this ?

In theory, esports bars focus on broadcasting and broadcasting gaming-related events . In these places, you will be able to get together with your friends and other enthusiasts to watch and enjoy the tournaments in progress, the finals of major competitions or even other streaming events, such as conferences or game tests, for example. .

Esport Bar Venues Paris Lyon Marseille

What do they offer?

From one bar to another, the formulas offered may be different. Some of them only focus on broadcasting esports events, while others also bring together game spaces such as arcade terminals or a few PCs to play with friends. However, the place is still intended to transmit matches and major international esports events .

Therefore, these gamer taverns are generally equipped with long tables to allow you to chat and toast while enjoying a great international final of Dota 2. Some bars even offer theme nights, competitions, games, and even "esports" betting .

A so-called gaming bar focused solely on offering a gaming space: arcade terminals, retro consoles and novelties to come and play with friends.

Can we eat and drink there?

Generally, yes! And that's the whole idea of ​​a bar. Among those we know, it is possible to enjoy a good burger with fries while sipping a toy library-like cocktail : the Hadoken cocktail, the Darth Vader , the Kirby , and all for very affordable prices!

In these bars, everything is done so that the visitor or the loyal customer can relax or scream with rage watching his favorite team lose the game! In any case, we confirm it to you, the atmosphere is guaranteed!

The most famous esports bars in France

Here, we have brought together the esports bars of the main cities of France , taking care to check whether these places were still in operation. For each establishment, we have added a short presentation text to make you want to discover it.

Bar Esport France Belgium Switzerland

Sports bar Paris


The Meltdown is probably the best known esports bar in the capital, but not only! First bar to settle in the city of light, it then moved to many other French and European cities (more than 20 cities now have a Meltdown franchise in Europe) . Its recipe is simple: a place, cocktails inspired by the world of video games, esports events, broadcasts and the organization of its own competition! A winning combo!


V.Hive is the esports headquarters of the Vitality team . It is more than 400m² of space dedicated to the meeting between players, the organization of national events, conferences and masterclasses. It's not really to be seen as a classic bar, but you can drink and even play there for prices starting from €3.50 per hour. Pleasure guaranteed!

Sports bar Marseille


The Meltdown is also found in the second largest city in France. In fact, they have a franchise in every major city in France. And in Marseille, the same magic: cocktails and drinks for gamers, big screens for competitions and streaming events, in a setting that is always warm and accessible to all !

The Nexus


First thought of as a gaming bar, the Nexus very quickly developed into a bar for games, esports and meetings between gamers. It is possible to play, to enjoy matches between players but also to participate in other social events in order to meet the gaming community of Marseille .


Lyon sports bar


The Reboot

The Reboot is to Lyon what the Chalmun cantina is to Mos Eisley on Tatooine (do you have the reference? ).

A real landmark for the most assiduous gamers in the capital of the gones , this bar, both gaming and e-sport, centralizes all the activities expected by the gamer: streaming, events, tournaments, games with friends. It's free and open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Bar Esport Gamers 2020 2021


Valencia sports bar


eSports hub


Valence is lucky to have in its city one of the nicest latest generation esports halls in France. It is a magnificent place to train solo or in a team for unbeatable prices . The Valencia eSports Hub offers everything a gamer needs to spend hours watching their favorite game: coffee, drinks, burgers, fries and the latest consoles to have fun.


Sports bar Toulouse


Level Up


If there is something to be said about the Level Up in Toulouse, it is that it actually takes the level of the e-sports bar a little further. Both a place for gaming, in addition to dedicating its programming to video game sporting events, this bar also offers gourmet catering . What could be better than watching a match on the big screen while enjoying a good dish?


Sports bar Cannes




As symbolic as Mario's mustache, the Hive bar is the favorite place for gamers in Cannes . Indeed, the Hive has gone all out to satisfy its game-hungry clientele as much as possible by offering: esport events, latest generation consoles, board games, with the possibility of enjoying Asian fusion cuisine and tasting original cocktails. .

Nantes sports bar


Game Over

With Meltdown, the GameOver bar has enabled Nantes residents to develop their gaming and esports culture beyond their living rooms . This bar pays particular attention to animating its local community and offering regular events to keep this passion alive. With a warm, open and accessible place, the GameOver is far from showing the end of its history.

Bar France Paris Esport Gaming Angers Pau


Montpellier sports bar

Heroes Place


A real space for sports enthusiasts, the Heroes Place is to be seen as a place of training rather than a traditional bar . Equipped with state-of-the-art PCs, the place very often organizes competitions between gamers from Montpellier and elsewhere, in addition to inviting very large teams of gamers for events and national meetings. If you're in the area, it's worth stopping by!


Sports bar Strasbourg


Alsace E-sport Arena

Strasbourg has set the bar very high with its E-Sport Arena. With its 180 square meters of surface dedicated to "gaming" and its offer of more than 30 consoles, the Arena is the mother ship to join to train and participate in courses, events, bootcamps or even coaching sessions to become an in-game killer.


Bordeaux sports bar



In the city of Bordeaux, the R4ndom (or R4) is the place where the best vintage of local gamers meets . This bar dedicated to the world of gaming and esports has been able to unite a real clientele for several years thanks to its cutting-edge programming, its many consoles but also thanks to very affordable cocktails in the name of video game characters: Le Donkey Kong, The Golden Gun, The Samus... We love it!


Sports bar Lille

In Real Life

For several years in Lille, In Real Life has been offering a fabulous concept combining video games with the bistro spirit so popular in the north of France. The bar is balanced between a console space and a distinct PC space in order to offer its customers the best possible experience.

The place does not stop at this proposal since it also organizes events specific to the culture of esport: competitions but also other more playful moments such as theme evenings. Ready to play Overwatch while dressed as Gordon Freeman with a cold beer in hand?

Sports bar Rennes


With more than 20 consoles on site, the Warpzone is the gamer's Ali Baba cave . This bar brings together all the elements to offer its visitor and regulars a moment of guaranteed happiness: live broadcast of matches or conferences, competitions, esports events... and all this in a warm setting worthy of the best bars in town.

Sports bar Reims



Both a gaming bar and an esports bar, the 229 combines the love of video games with the atmosphere of a cozy bar . Recently opened, the place promises the broadcasting of esport events in addition to offering us the possibility of playing with our friends around a good glass of champagne. The place also organizes other events such as Cosplay evenings and FIFA tournaments.

Sports bar Saint Etienne


Unique place for Stéphanois players, the 4Gamer is the esports bar of this city of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. Equipped with top-of-the-range PCs and the latest game consoles, this gamer tavern brings together all the magic elements to bewitch the hearts of the most passionate gamers : snacks, drinks, competitions, 5v5 tournaments. Never get bored!

France Video Game Esport Bars and Restaurant

Sports bar Le Havre

Play To Win

With its two broadcast rooms, Play To Win broadcasts and programs events and tournaments in its warm and lively bar where all the gamers in the city meet . Every day, the bar offers top-notch programming, ranging from Blind Test to the broadcast of esports events to VR evenings for the most geeks among us.

Sports bar Metz

Level Up

Metz is intrinsically linked to the world of video games. The city has already hosted major esports events a few years ago. The Level Up bar pays homage to this activity by dedicating a space designed for players with a perfectly thought-out whimsical setting where everyone will feel at home. The Level Up offers tournaments, events, broadcast of competitions, manga readings, screening of SF films, while having the opportunity to have a drink and eat . We understand why Philip K. Dick had also had such a good stay in this city.

A last drink for the road...?

Today, esport bars are the places that forge and consolidate the community of gamers around the world. These places have become community spaces where it is possible to live and relive international competitions related to the field of video games over a drink.

In France, each big city has its HQ. In these places, the gamer can meet, drink and eat while watching a match or playing his video game of the moment. For our community, esport bars are important because they allow us to push the boundaries of our culture and allow new curious people to join our universe.

This is why we hope that our list will allow each of our visitors to discover or rediscover these places that are so important to us in order to make them last as long as possible. And as always, come out covered !

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