If it's not uncommon for you to have a headache or simply sore eyes after a gaming session, then you should probably turn to blue light blocking gaming glasses . Not easy to navigate with all these models with more smoky details than each other. To help you, we have concocted a small top 5 families with a guide part, so that you can really understand the interest of these gaming glasses in 2021.

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Top 5 best gaming glasses in 2022

Well then, we decided to concoct a nice little top 5 for you. Not a top 2, nor a top 3, nor a top model. Hold on tight friend!

1 - Horus X - Gaming 2.0

Top 5 gaming glasses 2021 - Horus-X Gaming 2.0

Wasp not crazy. Did you really think we were going to put a competitor first? Tss. But know that if we do that, it's not to rip you off with an average comparison. Our top is really worked , and if we position ourselves first, it is because we have confidence in us and in our products . We've worked (really) hard on our gaming glasses and are proud of the result . What's more, we try to be transparent about the technologies used, which is not the case for all brands. Our Gaming 2.0 eyewear model is the most popular in our gaming eyewear collection to date for gamers. It is particularly affordable and offers the best filter on the market (86% of harmful rays) and allows, among other things, to improve sleep and prevent headaches. The frame is very light (27 grams), the NosePad is designed to be comfortable and the pair obviously meets the European CE standard and the American ANSI standard.

The positive points :

  • Frames (really) worked
  • Best filter on the market
  • Comfortable, light
  • Very accessible

The negative points :

  • Only one color offered

2 - Gunnar - Lightning Bolt 360

Top 5 gaming glasses 2021 - Gunnar Lightning Bolt 360

This is one of the most innovative pairs from Gunnar, whose main strength lies in the modular side of these Lightning Bolt 360. If you play on Xbox, you may have already tried the Elite controller: it's exactly the same idea. Not that you will be able to put joysticks on your mount, but rather that you will be able to interchange certain elements . Temples, glasses and nose pads can be changed to best fit your sweet face. What will have to be taken into account, however, is that the design is quite special . If you like it's perfect, but if you don't want to wear a Pikachu tail too much on each cheek then this might not be for you. On the other hand, the price is quite high compared to other equally comfortable pairs.

The positive points :

  • The modular side
  • The comfort of the pair

The negative points :

  • The very special design
  • The high price

3 - Steichen - Orion

Top 5 gaming glasses 2021 - Steichen Orion

We are not going to talk about the PlaySteichen 5 here, but about the Steichen brand and its Orion glasses . Flagship product of their range, they offer a very sober design with branches made of an alloy of carbon fiber and shape memory thermoplastic. In terms of comfort, you could be satisfied without worries , especially since the pair is very light. The flexibility of the branches also allows you to wear a gaming headset without problems, even if it will mainly depend on the morphology of your face. But with all these little innovations on their pair, the price goes up very quickly . The Orions from Steichen are offered at approximately 110€, a high budget that can easily be lowered elsewhere. The positive points :
  • Nice ideas on general comfort
  • Clean design
The negative points :
  • It's too expensive !

4 - Horus X - Casual 2.0

Top 5 gaming glasses 2021 - Horus-X Casual 2.0

Hey everyone it's us again! Bah yeah still not crazy the wasp. Our Casual 2.0 pair of glasses is not strictly speaking designed for gamers, but can be perfectly suitable for those who prefer more transparent lenses , even if it means being less protected, or simply if you don't play a lot of games. within a day. The Casual 2.0 blue light blocking glasses are designed for you if you are a casu gamer (occasional gamer), or if you work in front of your computer all day for work or even freelance. We said it above, but the filtering of the harmful spectrum is lighter here than on the Gaming 2.0 pair. For this frame, we are going to hit around 50% , but obviously we remain at a rate that defies all classic optical pairs, which are not intended for the same use. The Casual 2.0 are very comfortable and particularly light , with a weight of only 20 grams. As light as your skill in fact (sorry, it's wrong, you're on top, never doubt yourself).

The positive points :

  • The price, no messing around, it's given there
  • The possible use to play as to work
  • The comfort of the frame
  • The weight
The negative points :
  • Not necessarily thought for you if you are a hardcore gamer

5 - Allusion - Jovi

Top 5 gaming glasses 2021 - Allusion Jovi

The Jovi model is simply the most popular from Allusion . But concretely, there is no "best model" for this brand, since they are all equivalent and more or less at the same low price. However, it must be taken into account that we are not dealing with gaming glasses , or even comparable to our Casual 2.0 model. The idea here is rather to have minimal protection while keeping very transparent lenses. Moreover, Allusion has the advantage of offering very thin frames for a rather "feminine" audience. The repercussion of all this, you will have understood, is that it is not necessarily the best gear for you which connects the hours of gaming during the week, or even during the day. It can do the job, but it's better to go with really very filtering glasses.

The positive points :

  • Very nice pair
  • Similar to "classic" glasses
  • Very low price
The negative points :
  • Filtration too light for intensive gaming

Buying guide, how to choose the right gaming glasses in 2022?

Blue light filtering, do you believe in it?

Since this market opened up to the general public as well as gamers, we can read a lot about it. Between the glasses sold for €10 on Amazon and the so-called scientific articles published on a site with an impossible-to-read domain name, we have seen some bizarre things . Horus X is not the best known on the market, let's be honest.

We have some very famous competitors, especially across the Atlantic. But we think we are among those who are the most transparent with you . Blue light protection has become essential protection against the harmful effects of blue light. These effects are recognized today by the medical profession (like the effects of UV from the sun a few years ago now). But where you have to be careful is that not all blue lights are bad for your pretty little eyes. Our glasses essentially filter out harmful light, between 380 and 450 nanometers . Not all brands are equally clear in their filtrations, so check it out when choosing your pair. If you see a mark that filters only, for example, "at 400nm" or only "at 450nm", try to dig a little deeper to know the complete filtration data.

Buying guide gaming glasses 2021, blue light

Depending on the model, the filter manages to protect you from 50 to 86% (approximately) of this famous harmful spectrum. If you remember your college physics class, or if you're currently attending one (put your phone away though), you should know that light is a wave, which can be broken down into a spectrum. complete. Not everything is visible to the human eye, since we only perceive the spectrum between 380 and 780 nm, from violet to red (to make the line bigger) via blue, green, yellow, etc. Do you see the cover of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon album? Well that's the idea. You understood the principle, our glasses target a precise spectrum of 70nm, which is harmful to your eyes when you stay in front of a screen for a long time. It would be a shame to chain the kills on Warzone to end up blowing your eyes, wouldn't it?

Why is it hard to find a pair that isn't too ugly?

Well, as you will have noticed, gamer blue light blocking glasses are rarely very beautiful . But that's starting to change. Whether it 's our own pairs or some of our competitors, the market has finally understood that a gamer is not a big tuning kekos (not always anyway). It's not because we abuse LEDs in our PCs that we want to look stupid with our glasses. But if you go to resale sites like Amazon, eBay or even Aliexpress, you will often come across really ugly or even not very safe pairs.

For our part, we have therefore chosen to offer relatively classic frames , but very sober. Gaming glasses have a stronger tint (filtration goes hand in hand, up to about 86% of the harmful spectrum) and casual glasses are more transparent (with a filter of about 50% of the harmful spectrum). The two correspond to different uses, but are still designed to be worn in front of your gaming PC like at work.

Things to consider when buying gaming glasses

If you've read the rest of this guide, you may already have everything you need to find your future gaming glasses. But if you skipped everything else and landed here, it's already not very cool when we wrote a lot of things above, but don't worry, here's a little summary:
    • Filtering the harmful spectrum: as mentioned above, not all blue light is harmful. There's no point in promising you to do witchcraft and remove all traces of blue from your vision, it's fake, it's a lie and you and we are way too trustworthy for that. So remember to pay close attention to how the brand communicates on this point;
    • The tint of the lenses: depending on the needs (intensive game, work), the tint of the lenses can change. On one side the yellows which filter 86%+ of the harmful spectrum, on the other the clear ones which will target 50%+ of the same spectrum. Here, we are talking about gaming glasses so we can only advise you on the first ones;
    • The shape of the frames : the idea is not to look like Samus Aran with your gaming glasses. When you go to some big online stores, you feel like you're in a parallel world where looking like a fat fly skiing is a good idea. No, clearly, we don't want that and we prefer fairly sober frames;
    • Overall comfort : for all those who wear contact lenses, you have already gone through the glasses box. Finally if you did things in order, but we don't know maybe you cheated? Brief. Wearing glasses for long periods of time can be a disaster for the tops of the ears and the nose if the frame is poorly thought out. So be sure of the comfort of the targeted gaming glasses, do not hesitate to read the customer reviews too;
    • The accessibility of the pairs : the money is not found in the tall grass or by breaking pots. And anyway if you went out with a sword to break vases, it would be a very bad idea. If you don't have an unlimited budget, try to go for glasses with a very good quality/price ratio;
    • The reputation of the manufacturer : we should not forget that. We strongly advise you not to go on low-end models sold on large resale platforms. Always bet on recognized brands, transparent about their technologies and their products.

FAQ: questions you have about gaming glasses

Well, WHAT is blue light?

Well yes my friend, you always hear about it but you don't necessarily understand. " Blue light doesn't mean anything, our screens aren't 100% blue, there are plenty of other colors and I'm in HDR " blablabla. Long story short, blue light is one of the naturally occurring colors in the daylight spectrum . But like many other things, humans have managed to artificially recreate it: it is used in our screens and we are therefore exposed to it almost all the time.

Is blue light really dangerous?

Natural blue light is essential to our daily life, due to the fact that it is linked to the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone, blue light reduces its production and allows us to wake up naturally) and that it stimulates vigilance , among others. But the problem is that the blue light from your screens is 100 times stronger than its natural equivalent . Like everything, too much is never good.

In the short term, this artificial blue light will directly attack your vision and create visual fatigue . Dry, itchy eyes, glare, blurred vision, etc. These may be symptoms you already know. The second stage of this dangerousness, the second wave, is sleep disruption . Blue light delays sleep time and reduces sleep time. In the long term, much more serious things can happen: attention deficit cannot be ruled out, but it is above all the pure and simple loss of sight that remains the greatest danger, irreversible.


Are blue light blocking glasses for gaming expensive?

It is not uncommon to come across comparisons in which the gaming glasses offered are all expensive. For our part, we have chosen here to offer you several different types of products , with budgets adapted to all budgets. No, anti-blue light glasses designed for gaming are not expensive in 2022. The most expensive are those that will offer additional but dispensable options.

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