You may be planning to buy blue light blocking glasses because you have a headache while playing or simply because you want to take care of your pretty eyes. And the question on everyone's mind is whether or not you need a prescription to buy it . We will answer your question don't worry, it's happening just below.

When do you need a prescription?

You may be quite young and you may not yet know everyone who brings together the various health care services. We will therefore start again on clear and concise bases. A prescription is neither more nor less than a document from a professional doctor , here an ophthalmologist, which gives you the right to acquire health equipment . This material can be a drug for example, but here we are talking about glasses.

We can easily say that we necessarily need a prescription for any glasses , especially if we are not used to wearing them. It is a product that is close to the medical field and, as a general rule, we do not laugh with health. In your head, maybe you tell yourself that the health course must be respected and that you have to go see an ophthalmologist to buy blue light blocking glasses .

Ophthalmologist medical examination anti blue light glasses

But the glasses (or lenses ) that need a prescription are only those that have corrective lenses . In case of myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia or presbyopia to name only these vision disorders, you will necessarily need glasses and only an ophthalmologist can prescribe them for you . Besides, it may hurt your heart, but don't worry, a lot of people wear them, even the best ones. Do you think Dardevil is a cheap superhero? Good after he really does not see anything. We need to find another example. Harry Potter wears glasses and he rides a flying broomstick, doesn't it? ...

Therefore, the need for a prescription for blue light blocking glasses will simply depend on whether their lenses are corrective or not . There are brands that offer gaming glasses with correction for which your health insurance can potentially participate. All other glasses, without correction therefore, can be purchased in self-service. And that's also why you can often see glasses in supermarkets, or even in press outlets in tourist towns, for example. It also happens that anti blue light glasses are sold in this way, but we advise you to always go through companies like us , professionals therefore, who know what they offer.

Where are non-prescription blue light blocking glasses sold?

We already said it above, but you can find blue light blocking glasses in several different places:
  • In supermarkets / press point / tourist shop : we put all this in the same category, since it simply includes the non-professional shops in the area. It is therefore possible, although still quite rare, to find anti-blue light glasses in this type of store . It will nevertheless be necessary to make do with what they have in stock: very filtering glasses are not commonplace there , or they will be very low-end models. We don't advise you too much to take advantage of it if it's for gaming;
  • At an optician : you could say that this is the best way to buy blue light blocking glasses. But that's not entirely true: it will be possible to find frames comparable to our Casual 2.0 pair , that is to say with lighter filtration than gaming, of professional quality too. But the problem is the price: it will be more difficult for you to find glasses like ours at such a low price from an optician (intermediaries oblige) ;
  • On the internet : this is where we exercise and this is obviously what we advise you to focus on. Not that we want to put ourselves forward, but simply that we know our field of activity. As always, at Horus X, we try to be as transparent as possible . We continue to be here too, so much so that we will end up being as transparent as a PS Vita on the portable console market. But what we're getting at is that brands like ours offer a worked product , designed to filter out the harmful spectrum of blue light and don't just wear yellow lenses to brain gamers and make them believe let them protect their eyes.

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To sum up, do you need a prescription for blue light blocking glasses?

Our answer can be summed up in three words: yes and no . Yes for glasses with corrective lenses, if you already wear glasses or contact lenses for example. No for the other models, namely glasses without corrective lenses or "over-glasses". Likewise, if your correction is very weak and you can do without glasses to play, then you can take advantage of blue light blocking glasses without a prescription.

Okay, let's really sum it up: no, you don't need a prescription to buy blue light blocking glasses . You can take a look at our shop to choose the pair that suits you and if you have any other questions, send us a short message either in the comments or via the chat. We're here for you !

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