You who are a male gamer or worker, are you wondering what are the best blue light blocking glasses for men ? You have come to the right place. The team of superheroes at Horus X comes to your rescue and offers you a top 5 of the best pairs of glasses filtering the harmful spectrum of blue light. That's not all, since a few points will be covered in a section designed to guide you on your future purchase, such as the advantages of getting this kind of glasses. Come on, finished blablater, get ready, we begin!

Top 5 best blue light blocking glasses for men

Within our top 5, we tried to be honest with you. We take pride in our work on our blue light blocking glasses for men, but we know we're not the only ones delivering quality. Without competition, how would we know that we offer such a quality product? Without Microsoft and Sony, how could Nintendo know that they offer the best console on the market (this joke is not validated by the whole team)? It's the same for us.

1 - Horus X - Gaming 2.0

At Horus X, we are particularly proud of the work we have done to offer you this pair of anti blue light gaming glasses for men and women . We really worked hard to create a product that really meets the expectations and needs of gamers like you and we hate glasses that will simply put a yellow filter on their lenses without even thinking about which part of the blue light to filter.

In short, know that the Gaming 2.0 pair from Horus X filters more than 86% of harmful blue light rays (spectrum between 380 and 450nm), perfect for playing for several hours.

As for the comfort of the pair, here too we have worked on our product: the Gaming 2.0 is light (27 grams), comfortable thanks to its weight, its NosePad (the part that rests on the nose) and the thin branches designed for carrying a headphone.

Everything is thought out for you, gamer , who spends time refining their skills in Valorant. Or on Clash of Clans. You are also entitled and we are not going to judge you, we promise.

The positives of one of the best gaming glasses on the market:

  • The very affordable price for a worked technology
  • The overall comfort of the glasses
  • Filtering is known and explained (one of the most powerful on the market)
  • Money-back guarantee

The negative points :

  • one color
  • Filter + Dark
  • + resistance to fatigue = more time in front of the screen = more family life 😝

2 - Horus X - Casual 2.0

And since this top isn't just about gaming glasses, we're assuming that our Casual 2.0 pair very sincerely has a place in second place . Just as elaborate as Gaming 2.0, it is more suitable for work on screen, for example if you are a freelancer in web design, development, writing, in short, any job that requires you to stay all day working in front of the screen. The filtering of the harmful spectrum of blue light is lighter than for the pair dedicated to video games: the Casual 2.0 filters up to just over 50% (spectrum between 380 and 450nm).

The advantage of lighter filtering is multiple: it allows you to take advantage of transparent lenses (to avoid overly nuanced colors when you work) and thanks to this, you can wear them even at your place of work or at school . Very light (20 grams!) and particularly comfortable, these glasses have a sober and classic design, while remaining in the tastes of the time. The NosePad (part that rests on the nose) is comfortable, the temples are thin and the Soft Protect coating optimizes comfort even more.

The positive points :

  • Ultra light and comfortable
  • Thoughts for work and therefore transparent glasses
  • Filtering is known and explained
  • Money-back guarantee

The negative points :

  • Filters necessarily less than Gamer 2.0
  • Too sexy = overabundance of choices on Tinder = Indecision 🍆🍑

3 - Gunnar - Maverick

Gunnar Maverick best blue light blocking glasses for men

The Gunnar brand is very well known in the field of blue light blocking gaming glasses , but it is interesting to know that they have also started to offer models for the office, like our Casual 2.0. If we chose to talk to you about the Maverick, it is above all for its very current design even if, paradoxically, the "aviator" type frames are not new. Maybe you already wear them, in which case your name might be Tom Cruise and you just shot the movie Top Gun. Delighted.

What's more, the Maverick is available in several colors with two types of lenses. Depending on the color of the frames, it is possible to choose between protection filtering 35% of blue light or 65%. The information given by Gunnar is interesting, but is not complete enough : it is difficult to know which spectrum exactly is filtered.

The positive points :

  • The frame design
  • The choice of colors
  • The choice of filtration

The negative points :

  • The lack of information about the proposed filtration
  • High price

4 - Lusee - Carbon

Lusee Carbone best blue light blocking glasses for men

The Lusee brand offers its pair of Carbon blue light blocking glasses. Their main argument is their lightness: with only 17 grams, it is clear that you are not going to feel them on your nose or on the top of your ears. The overall comfort is there since the temples are thin, perfect for wearing a helmet and the overall quality is there. Their price remains relatively affordable even if we already have cheaper for better . The main negative point is undoubtedly the lack of clarity regarding the filtration of the glasses.

The brand does not give any precise indication and it is up to the visitor to go to scientific sites to find out how their lenses work. Too bad, is not Bruce Banner who wants. And if you're that person, please stay calm.

The positive points :

  • Very light!
  • Design goes everywhere
  • Clear glasses

The negative points :

  • High price
  • Lack of clarity on their filtration

5 - Steichen - Gaming Origin

Steichen Gaming Origin best blue light blocking glasses for men

Also very well known in the world of gaming lights, the Steichen brand offers a large number of models. If a large catalog is not necessarily a sign of high quality, it must be said that the Gaming Origin pair knows how to stand out. Due to its very sober design and adapted to everyday life, like our Casual 2.0, this pair is automatically rather attractive ; the point that differentiates this one from the others is that its filtering is designed for gaming.

So we're dealing with a visually simple pair that can suit any occasion, but benefits from gaming-side demand. On its site, Steichen makes the effort to explain more precisely than some brands its filtering of blue light. We therefore learn that 71% of harmful blue light, estimated between 415 and 455nm, is filtered by its gaming glasses. The only big downside is the exorbitant price of this pair .

The positive points :

  • Filtering announced transparently
  • The mix of an "everyday" design with gaming glasses
  • Comfortable and compatible with headphones

The negative points :

  • The price, undeniably too high

Buying guide, how to choose the right blue light blocking glasses for men?

Why assume that a man will choose differently from a woman?

You may say to yourself "it's sexist, it's not 2021 at all" and basically, it's true. As a general rule, it is no longer tolerated and tolerable to make a distinction between man and woman in many areas and it starts in childhood with, for example, long gendered toys.

But this is not a reality in all specialties , since the mixture of our culture and science necessarily pushes us to make different choices according to gender or sex. As part of the choice of glasses, several elements must be taken into account in this case:

  • The size of the head and face : this is not a general reality and it also depends on the geographical area of ​​the person in question. But it is not uncommon to see an overall difference in height between men and women and it is even completely normal (source: edito-carre-16-novembre-2017 ), this means that the skull follows this logic as well as the face. As a general rule, glasses for men will be a little wider than those for women, even if so-called "mixed" models exist;
  • Tastes and colors : if the shape of the face has a scientific source, the question of tastes and colors is purely cultural. In our time and in our culture, women will tend to wear clothes or accessories (like glasses) with fine, elegant lines, while men will rather bet on something a little more raw. This is obviously not a general truth and mentalities are changing at this level, but it is still customary for companies to meet this ever-present need. At Horus X, our glasses are gender neutral and have a sober design. Only our Small pair makes a difference for slim faces;

What can blue light blocking glasses do for me?

The reasons for taking advantage of this type of glasses designed for gaming or work have become quite obvious over the years. You might even know that already since you're a huge Horus X fan and own every pair that's ever been released. But it never hurts to take a quick tour of the benefits of blue light blocking glasses :
  • Rest your eyes : it's the first thing you think of and it makes perfect sense. Benefiting from filtering the harmful spectrum of blue light, thanks for example to our Gaming 2.0 (for gaming) or Casual 2.0 (for working) glasses, reduces visual fatigue, dry eyes, glare, etc.;
  • Avoid headaches : who has never experienced the dry eyes and headache combo? It's a classic when you spend several hours in front of a screen. You probably know it better than anyone, you who improve your skill day by day by playing several hours before going to sleep. Filtering out the harmful spectrum of blue light also helps prevent headaches. In addition to choosing good glasses, you can consult our guide on lighting for your gaming setup ;
  • More concentration when you play or work : glasses will not directly allow you to concentrate better, but their positive effects will. By avoiding headaches and sore eyes, it's only natural that you'll be better able to concentrate. If you are also subject to this, do not hesitate to read our article explaining how to improve your concentration when playing video games ;
  • Can improve your sleep : and because otherwise it's no fun, blue light can also ruin your sleep. This partly harmful light delays the time of falling asleep, quite simply because the brain confuses it with daylight. Stupid and disciplined, he therefore thinks that it is not time to sleep yet and prevents you from resting properly;
  • Avoids long-term damage : these effects are obviously more rare, but are not non-existent. In bulk, know that if you do not protect your eyes enough from the harmful spectrum of blue light, you can risk loss of vision or even attention deficit.

So, did you find your glasses?

With great power comes great responsibility: this is the phrase we repeat to ourselves when guiding our readers on their next purchase. Our responsibility is to advise you in a clear, precise and above all honest way : we have done this again today. But the question we ask ourselves is: have you found your happiness in this top of the best blue light blocking glasses for men? Please don't hesitate to tell us.
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