Who hasn’t spent hours hesitating in the sunglasses aisle, trying on every pair that catches your eye…? It’s not easy to commit to an expensive pair of new glasses. You want to make sure you’ll like them even if you have to wear them every day; and that they’re comfortable. Frame type, lens color, and shape are all important factors to consider when purchasing.

So, of course, you want to try on lots of pairs to see which suits you best. But if you’re like us and aren’t the biggest fan of *outdoors*, there’s now a way to test out different styles at home!

At Horus X we like to keep up with the latest technology, and offer you the best advancements on the market. So, we’ve created a virtual way to try on any pair glasses! That means you don’t even need to leave your sofa to see how good a new pair of anti-glare, blue light blocking sunnies will look on you.

Just click the button below, authorize access to your camera or webcam and off you go!

 Essai virtuel 3D

Once you’ve launched our high-tech software, you can click on the image of the little glasses in the top left-hand corner to select sunglasses and try on our whole collection. You’ll be able to choose the perfect frame and lens without leaving your couch.

How is it possible to try on glasses online?

How does trying on glasses online even work?!

Turns out technology is pretty cool sometimes.

Your webcam or phone camera works like a virtual mirror. It renders each eyeglasses model to be as close to life as possible before placing them over your face. Sort of like a filter, but instead you get a real idea of how different frames, colors and lenses suit your face and eyes.

Try on any Horus X glasses or sunglasses with ease, there are no hidden buttons or complicated instructions; it’s just a few clicks.

Ever wondered how good you’d look in The Urban Sun glasses? Well, now you can find out before buying.

Which sunglasses are right for you?

Being able to try on sunglasses online is great, but you still might not know where to start. Knowing what shapes and types are most likely to compliment your face shape is a good jumping off point for finding your perfect pair.

Choosing frames based on face shape

Aside from personal taste, the main criteria for choosing the right sunglasses (and glasses in general) will be your face shape.

  • For round faces: It's best to opt for rectangular or square glasses, to add a few angles and dimensions to your face shape.
  • For square faces: Choose oval or rectangular glasses to elongate your face.
  • 🏈 For oval faces: Anything goes! If that's your case, you'll be spoilt for choice, you lucky thing.
  • ⬛⬛ For rectangular faces: Round or oval frames are all right.
  • 🔺 For those with an upward triangle-shaped face: We'd advise them to add volume to the top of the face with a wider, square frame or round glasses.
  • 🔻 For those with an inverted triangle-shaped face: It's best to add volume downwards by opting for frames stretched downwards, with a thicker bottom edge.
  • 🔷 if you have defined cheekbones and an almost rhombus shaped face: Highlight them with oval sunglasses.

Want to learn more about picking out your ideal frame? Check out our article “How To Choose Sunglasses” and read the size guide, frame and lens information to help you choose the perfect pair.

🌈The right lens color for perfect protection

girl on beach in pink frame sunglasses

Beyond the purely aesthetic aspect, each color of sunglass lens has its own purpose! So, take the time to learn what each means and how it answers your needs.

  • 🟢 Green: For better color vision, to help tired eyes feel rested.
  • 🟤 Brown: For better contrast
  • 🟡 Yellow: For better detail, contrast and depth. Bonus: it's the ideal shade on cloudy days
  • 🌑 Gray: For seeing color accurately and reducing eye strain

💡 Horus X Top Tip: For ultimate protection against UV eyes, choose category 3 sunglasses. Category 0 offers no protection, while 1 and 2 protect only in low to medium sunlight.

Horus X sunglasses are available for virtual trials

If this has convinced you that you need a new pair of sunglasses, then step right up and try on glasses online with our virtual fitting!

We have three different categories of sunglasses, so there’s plenty of options:

  • Anti-blue light sunglasses: These are the best for UV protection, and are perfect for reading or working outdoors. Our Darkmatter® sunglasses are anti-reflective, anti-UV and filter out 96% of harmful blue light, making them the ideal sun protection for everyday wear.
  • Polarized sunglasses: In addition to being 96% effective against harmful blue light, our sunglasses with X-Pol® technology are polarized to protect you in strong sunlight (at sea or on mountains).
  • Clip-on Sun: Our clip-on shields turn your regular blue light or prescription glasses into sunglasses with one simple move. They’re compatible with our Urban, Urban Revolution and Stockholm models, and are available with our Darkmatter® or X-Pol® technologies.

💡Not sure what to choose? Check out our Horus X filtration test to help you make the right choice.

How to try on glasses online: Final thoughts (TLDR)

How to try on sunglasses online – is it even possible?

Yes! Horus X offers a virtual mirror tool because we’re just THAT good at customer service. Check it out here ⬇️

 Essai virtuel 3D

Why should you try a virtual fitting?

To see exactly how well they’d suit you, without ever leaving your couch. Thanks, facial technology!

Can I use it to try on Horus X sunglasses?

Well duh! That’s why we made it. Check out our whole range of blue light glasses and sunglasses using the latest tech. They might be virtual glasses, but you’ll get a real idea of how they’ll suit your face shape.  

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