The blue light filter on Windows 10 is one of the easiest and fastest ways to protect yourself from harmful blue light emitted by screens. Discover in a few simple steps how to activate it.

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  • Is the night display mode really effective?
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How to activate the blue light filter?

On a computer running Windows 10

  1. Go to the Start menu at the bottom left
  2. Then Settings
  3. And finally System .
  4. You will then arrive on the Display section where you will activate the Night lighting option.
  5. Then click on Night light settings and select Enable now if you want to activate the blue light filter immediately.

Here you can also adjust the colorimetry of this display using the slider to have warmer or cooler colors.

⏱️ Note that you can program the activation of this filter according to the hours of the day by clicking on the button plan night lighting .

Then choose the times at which you want to activate this display.

On top of that, if you enable your PC's location settings, Windows 10 will automatically suggest times based on sunrise and sunset times.

Otherwise, you will have to set the app activation times yourself.

On smartphone

Most of the time you will find the night light settings very simply in the general settings (often called night/dark mode). Note that some applications take this parameter into account to change their own display as well.

More help here ==> activate the blue light filter on your smartphone .

Smartphone being tuned with a blue light filter

Why enable night mode?

It reduces blue light emissions...

Indeed, your computer screen, on Windows 10 or other, emits blue light, part of the spectrum of which (from 380 to 450 nanometers during the day and from 380 to 500 nanometers at night) has rather harmful consequences on your health. and your well-being: headaches, visual disturbances, dry eyes, tingling, blurred vision...

Not to mention that blue light acts directly on the sleep hormone, melatonin , which can cause difficulty falling asleep!

... to protect your eyes

In the evening, when the sun goes down, but also during the day, your eyes are exposed to this blue light emitted by the screens.

🛡️ Night mode then makes it easy to reduce some of the consequences of this light on your health, such as eye fatigue.

If you work or spend a lot of time in front of screens and especially if you use them in the evening shortly before going to bed, then this Windows 10 feature will help you reduce sleep difficulties related to melatonin secretion ( hormone generated by your body when exposed to blue light, essential for waking up in the morning but more problematic when trying to sleep!)

Windows 10 computer on a bed

Is this an effective solution?

Yes, Windows 10's blue light filter blocks part of the toxic light emissions at the source.

By activating it you will be able to feel immediate effects on your sleep and your reading comfort, especially after sunset.

It can also help you reduce headaches, eye strain and other discomforts related to blue light and will save your eyes from many troubles.

Despite everything, the blue light will not be completely blocked: the filter will reduce the blue frequency but will not be able to prevent some blue rays from reaching your eye, this is the characteristic of LEDs.

In addition to this, blue light is not only emitted by your computer screen but also by your TV , your smartphone, your tablet and even sometimes by the lighting around you (especially LED bulbs).

So, if you want to protect yourself as best as possible from this harmful light, you will need to add other types of protection.

What are the alternatives ?

Filters for screens

Their effectiveness varies greatly depending on the brand and we advise you to do your research before buying, while avoiding the 1st price often synonymous with poor quality.

In addition, it will sometimes be difficult to find ones that perfectly match the size of your screen.

Finally, they are very often relatively unattractive and you will instantly lose 100pts of coolness by opting for this solution.

And again, they do not protect against the blue light emitted by your environment or other screens (unless you equip each screen in your home with this type of product).

Not the ideal solution either.

blue light blocking glasses

This type of glasses is increasingly used, especially by gamers, to counter the undesirable effects of blue light.

There are all kinds and of course, their effectiveness varies. But if you choose the right manufacturer, you will be sure to get optimal protection!

Depending on the brand and model chosen, the filtration rate of these blue light blocking glasses can be very efficient.

At Horus X, for example, we offergaming glasses with amber lenses that filter up to 86% of blue light.

🎮 This type of glasses, more commonly called "gaming glasses", is perfectly suited to intensive use of screens and especially in the evening when the light is lower.

But if you want something more discreet, there are also blue light blocking glasses with transparent lenses that can filter the most harmful part of the blue light spectrum very effectively.

💻 Our screen glasses from the Nomade collection will protect you from the side effects of this light while boosting your natural charm thanks to modern and elegant models.

As you will have understood, this type of glasses is today the most effective way to protect yourself from blue light in all circumstances: at the office or at home in front of the computer, in front of the TV, tablet or smartphone. .

They will follow you everywhere and have the enormous advantage of focusing only on the harmful part of the light spectrum. Because yes, in the blue light , there is also good!

Windows 10 blue light filter: The final word

If you spend more than 2 hours a day in front of a screen (computer, TV, smartphone, tablet, etc.), blue light is probably already impacting your visual comfort, your sleep, and perhaps even your health!

The blue light filter offered by Windows 10 or by any other support is already a good solution to protect you from these undesirable effects, but there are more complete solutions such as blue light blocking glasses.

You can also combine the solutions to ensure optimal protection by activating the night mode of your different devices and using suitable screen glasses.

Protect your eyes and your sleep and take action now!

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