The light from screens is omnipresent in our lives, computer, TV, smartphones, tablet, we have the choice. It contains a lot of harmful blue light on a good part of its spectrum! Are there screens without blue light that would prevent it? Otherwise what to do to protect yourself with the equipment you already have.

In this article :

  • Do all screens emit blue light?

  • Example of screen without blue light

  • Digital solutions against blue light

  • Physical solutions against blue light

Do all screens emit blue light?

Almost all...

You should know that blue light is part of the visible light spectrum .

👉 This means that there is a bit of blue light wherever there is light with blue color and therefore your eyes are permanently exposed to it.

Moreover, the sun itself emits blue light , but in a certain proportion and on a certain wavelength which is not harmful to humans, quite the contrary.

Indeed, the blue light emitted by the sun is even beneficial since it helps us regulate our circadian rhythm and therefore our sleep.

To come back to our color screens, these all emit light , light mainly emitted by LEDs , which have the particularity of emitting a lot of blue light concentrated at frequencies that are not usual for the eye (biologically speaking).

... with a few exceptions

For this reason, it is therefore impossible to find a screen without blue light that will emit colors.

👉 I say colors because it is an important component. It's much easier to have little blue light when you don't need color.

And it is precisely on this that the most ingenious manufacturers have concentrated to create digital ink technology.

In summary, this technology visually approximates a sheet of paper, thus drastically reducing blue light and digital fatigue.

Example of screens without blue light

A black and white screen will emit little or no blue light. This is the solution offered by more and more manufacturers, based on digital ink or eink technology.

  • 🖥 The Paperlike emonitor from Dasung : connect to your computer
  • The Remarkable 2 tablet : for taking notes
  • Kindle digital reader : to read all your e-books

Digital solutions

For the most modern screens, some have blue light reduction display modes. You have to go to the settings and look for this mode. It can also be called "night mode".

on computers

  • If you use an external screen , you have to watch directly on the screen thanks to the integrated controls.

  • If you are using a portable PC/MAC , you have to go to the computer settings directly.

For MAC the function is called " night shift", it is accessible directly on the upper pane by clicking on "Display"

screen without blue light

If you are using Windows , the function is called " Eclairage nocturne/night light" . Quick access: Start > Settings > System and there in display you have to find the function. For more details, you can read our article HERE .

On phones/tablets:

  • If you use an Iphone or Ipad , as on MAC it is the " night shift " function. We had made a complete article to remove the nleue light on iphone , otherwise you have the express version below

  • If you are using a smartphone that is running Android , the function is specific to the phone/Android version but generally it can be accessed quickly via the drop-down pane on the home page.

On TVs:

It's a little more random because few LED televisions have an anti-blue light mode . It's a shame because people usually watch TV before going to bed and thus expose themselves to blue light just before closing their eyes.

See if your TV has such a mode, if not look a little further, we give you a physical solution.

Whether on a computer, phone or TV, each of these blue light blocking modes tends to give warmer tones to the screen.

Be careful though because this impression of warm colors can give a feeling of protection, but in reality, the protection is not total/optimal.

Another solution exists when, for example, no anti blue light mode is integrated. There are software / extensions to download that can filter some of the blue light. The best known is probably FLUX . The latter are generally free and constitute a correct alternative which allows a first protection.

Physical solutions

You should know that the above options are interesting options and a first step in the protection against blue light but that these options do not filter ALL the harmful blue light perfectly optimally, or if they do, the color alteration is only slightly bearable.

👉 "It's good but not enough!"

In parallel with the digital solutions that we have seen previously, there are therefore physical solutions that allow more complete and often more practical protection .

blue light blocking glasses

It's our core business, so we know what we're talking about.

You will have understood and probably already heard, there are glasses that filter blue light and thus avoid a number of problems related to the latter ( AMD , headaches, dry eyes, visual fatigue, sleep...).

Blue light blocking glasses are not all the same and different brands exist and offer different filtration rates. Be careful in your choice!

The blue light blocking glasses have different advantages compared to the digital solutions listed above.

🛡 The first advantage , and the most important, and that if you choose your glasses well, then you will be more protected . Indeed eye technologies have been developed to filter a maximum of harmful blue light.

🛡 The second advantage is that if you have good glasses, it's super practical and versatile. Your eyes are protected for all screens. The digital filter on the computer is nice, but if you pass on the smartphone, or on the TV, it needs to be configured and in addition most TVs do not have a digital filter. We're not going to lie to each other, it's not ideal when you go from one screen to another. If you work with other people, it's hard for you to go around your box and force your colleagues to put on a filter. With the bezel, you are equipped to switch from one screen to another.

For us, this is the most complete and suitable solution. Do not hesitate to take a look at our comparison and our blue light blocking glasses shop.

blue light filters

Another physical solution exists to protect your eyes, we will mention it, but it is not the most practical and not the most common. It's about applying a physical filter, basically, like a protective filter for smartphone screens that we all know, but with an integrated blue light filter.

blue light computer physical filter

It is an interesting solution for those who cannot put a digital filter.

These filters are not always easy to find, especially since each computer and smartphone has different screen dimensions.

In addition, few companies offer filters that combine visual comfort and correct filtration .

The final word: screen without blue light

As you will have understood, a screen as we know it today (computer/smartphone/TV), without blue light, does not exist . So, if you want to protect your eyes and reduce your exposure to harmful blue light as much as possible, there are interesting solutions , the best being to use blue light blocking glasses . In addition to the style, you will be protected in all circumstances and it will save you repeated headaches.

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