If there's one thing you should value more than anything, it's the apple of your eye.

For us gamers, the eyes are the most important but also the most complex and fragile parts of our body. Whether you have golden eagle eyesight or the reflexes of a lynx, know that these performances will always be due to the good quality and good health of your eyeballs.

There's a lot to know about your eyes so you can continue to be as quick and accurate as a top corner goal shot by Mbappé twenty meters from the box in FIFA 2020. Yes, there's a whole lot of practices that it is necessary to put in place to take care of your peepers and be sure that they will always be at their maximum capacity in the event of big matches.

We have prepared a guide for you so that you too can become an expert and take care of your eyes like a pro gamer

In this article :

  • 5 things to know about eye health
  • Our "gamer pro" tips for taking care of your eyes
  • A few easy-to-apply tips

5 things to know about eye health

1. Eye fatigue

tired eyes

Like your body, eyes tire very quickly, especially after a long day in front of the screen. Never neglect the exhaustion of your pupils because it could play tricks on you and alter your in-game performance.

There are several symptoms or behaviors that tell you if your eyes are getting tired. Generally, the first signs of eye strain are manifested by:

  • Eye irritation
  • Excessive blinking
  • Dry or watery pupils
  • A vision that becomes blurry
  • The white of the cornea which turns red.

You probably already know this!


From these first manifestations, you have to understand that your gamer pupils are asking you to slow down a bit and take a break. As soon as possible, let go of your controller and go rest for a while.

To relieve your pupils, there are small cheat codes that will help you rest and regain ocular energy fairly quickly.

  1. Blink slowly to rehydrate and relax your cornea.
  2. Otherwise, another solution: take a short break in the dark for five to ten minutes (without falling asleep!).
  3. Finally, a last remedy to consider: warm your hands and place your warm palms on your closed eyelids. The heat will relax your eyes.

Another extremely simple but more powerful eye rest method than San Gohan, recommended in particular by that damn Jeffrey Anshel, an American doctor of optometry (just that): the 20/20/20 method.

20 minutes

Jeffrey's 20-20-20 method suggests taking a 20-second break every 20 minutes while looking 20 feet away.

Admit: the frequency of 20 minutes does not suit us when we are in the middle of the game, but hey, we can adapt the principle a little!

In the team we try to use this technique, but it's not easy to stick to it. We should develop a small bracelet that vibrates every 20 minutes, good idea, no? ( Send us a message if you're interested, if we have 500 super hot gamers for this, maybe we could try something !) 

2. Sensitivity

    Even if you were once told that you had very good eyesight, you should know that the eyes remain extremely sensitive and fragile to their environment. As a player, your eyes are subject to special conditions, especially during intense matches and training.

    When you play, your two eyes converge on the screen. This prolonged position works your eye muscles while at the same time your pupils shoot like ping-pong balls from right to left of the game screen to locate your enemy, check your weapons list, check the number of your life points, make sure on the radar at the bottom left that your teammates are in place on the map.

    And all this in a fraction of a second! So you can imagine that your little eyes end up taking a hit, until they themselves become “game over”.

    Vision disorders are a new evil of the century and gamers are the first to be sent to the front. Eye fatigue, exhaustion of vision, migraine, myopia, astigmatism are all potential enemies that you are likely to encounter during your adventures in the world of gaming.

    Blue light from screens is also the new boss in the game of ocular pathologies .

    blue light danger horus x gamer

    Indeed, over a long period, overexposure to this artificial light can affect the quality of your eyesight. To reduce these effects, always remember to keep a distance of at least one meter from the screen, avoid reflections and always adjust the intensity of the screen's light so that it remains comfortable. Spending too long in the dark and in front of a screen should be avoided as much as possible.

    Otherwise, you can also look at our products to find blue light blocking glasses and lenses to minimize their effects on your retina as much as possible.


    3. Smoking and drinking

    Cigarette smoke can be irritating for your eyes but also for those around you or your team. But that's not all ! Smoking can accelerate the aging of the lens of the eye and contribute to the development of this ocular pathology such as cataracts. So, whether you smoke or not, maybe it's time to pay a little more attention to your consumption or that of others around you, it will only be beneficial for your eyes.

     Then, just like tobacco, alcohol can reduce the quality of your vision. Well, we're not going to refuse a little beer to celebrate a good match, but it's good to know that alcohol accelerates the drying of the retina and can in the long term and during excessive consumption develop the same illnesses than those related to cigarette smoking. On the other hand, if your vision is blurry after drinking too much, that's another problem and you'd better go to bed!


      Sunglasses aren't just for poker players or people who want to escape photographers. No, sunglasses are also an essential piece of equipment for gamers. Goggles for a gamer are a bit like Link's Master Sword, one doesn't go without the other.

       They are too often overlooked, butglasses are the best defense against harsh light. They are also perfect accessories to rest your tired eyes, especially on championship days. Today there are glasses and models of all kinds.

      You will undoubtedly find your happiness and above all, do not hesitate to take a look - no pun intended - on our products rightly designed for the needs of gamers.


      Pay attention to shocks

      If you practice a sport in addition to your gaming activity, there are a few things to take into account. Repeated blows to the head, if you play football or practice a combat sport, can damage the optic nerve (or glaucoma) of your eye. This can affect the quality of your vision. Well, we're not asking you to wear Samus Aran's outfit from Metroid, but you get the idea.

      Your eyes are fragile like crystal balls, so take care of them as if you were Goku…well, if you were Goku, you wouldn't have to worry about being hit, on the contrary!

      gamer picture


      Tips for taking care of your eyes

      Hygiene is more than just showering

      Visual hygiene is not to be neglected, especially for gamers whose ocular capacities constantly need to be solicited. To keep your eyes impeccably clean, there is a first solution: physiological liquid. These small capsules of liquids – which can be found in pharmacies – help keep the eye permanently hydrated but also rinse and clean your retina.

      It even seems that, if you moisturize your eye regularly enough, you can send laser beams like Cyclops from X-Men…. No, it's not true, I'm kidding… Although, research may end up finding a way for us to get there.

      Otherwise, to finish, a few good nights of sleep can reactivate the energy of your eye and give it all the power expected for your future performance.

      PS: That doesn't prevent you from also taking a real shower!

      Protect, prevent and see better: think about glasses!

      To preserve your vision, we can't repeat it enough, especially us at Horus X: protect your eyes with gaming glasses !

      Of course, we don't yet make glasses that allow you to see your opponent's attack before he thinks about it, but thanks to our high-tech lenses, we promise to reduce and erase the reflections and the dangerousness of the light. blue that can affect the quality of your sight.

      In addition, we offer several types of models. On the other hand, we are not yet making the same model as Shino Aburame from Naruto, but who knows, nothing is impossible in the world of gamers, right?

      Train your sight like you do for games

      You should know this but the eye is like a muscle, it can be trained to become more resistant, stronger and more enduring. There are many eye exercises to do at home to re-educate your eyes but also to train them to be more alert and improve their reading ability.

      As we like to take care of you, we give you a few tips that are very easy to do, like in training mode, to boost your skills.

      gamer eyes

      Stare in front of you and make ten circles clockwise. Rest your pupils. Then start again, but this time in the other direction. Repeat the exercise ten times.

      I promise, you won't have your head spinning!

      Consult your ophthalmologist as if it were your coach

      Seeing an eye specialist is important especially when your job is to spend hundreds of hours in front of a screen slaughtering opponents with unparalleled concentration. Seeing an eye expert is a bit like going to see your Master Splinter.

      This is the person you go to see once a year to make sure everything is fine, to check that your pupils are still there and to be sure that you are not squinting yet.


      Food: eat well to have the sight of a royal falcon

      Last but not least advice: food. Remember the chia seeds from our old article … well, here they are again!

      chia seed gaming diet

      Yes, diet plays a very important role in the health of your pupils. Fruits, vegetables, beef or soy meat, sweet potatoes, all are foods that will lend you a hand in this long adventure of eye health. Avoid foods that are bad for the eyes as much as possible.

      So prepare your bowl in the shape of Yoda's head (yes, yes, it exists!) and pour me a good amount of chia seeds with a little fresh yogurt and some blueberries! Your eyes will thank you!

      baby yoda horus x soup bowl

      Find out more: the eyes at the center of medicine

      For several decades now, in dark laboratories on the edge of the desert, a handful of scientists have been working on new ways to improve human vision… Hey, what? It's not that ? Damn, that wasn't the right script...

      Alright, fine, these aren't obscure labs in the middle of Nevada, but many eye experts are looking into new technologies to boost our vision.

      For example, have you ever heard of super-lenses? Researchers from prestigious European and American schools are working together on contact lenses to increase human vision. And it goes even further: some researchers have even created prototypes of smart lenses that can zoom in with the blink of an eye.

      Optical technologies and advances in eye medicine are so advanced these days that most eye diseases can be cured.

      If you suffer from a pathology and it worries you about your future in the world of gaming, know that there are hyper-sharp surgeries to remedy your myopia or your astigmatism. These operations can be covered up to a certain amount and they present less and less risk for your sight (we advise you to go see your doctor for more information if you are interested).



      Ultimately and to see more clearly on all that has been said, never forget that the health of your eyes implies some good practices:

      • Resting and resting his pupils, sometimes only for a few minutes. Use the 20/20/20 rule, that's what we do best if you don't have protection.
      • Protect your eyes from blue light and glare with special glasses.
      • Do not smoke and drink, or else, always in great moderation.
      • Monitor your diet or adapt it to boost the health of your eyesight.
      • Do exercises to make your eyes less lazy and more efficient.
      • Consult a vision and eye specialist at least once a year.


      With these few tips and recommendations, you guarantee your dear pupils better health but also better condition during big matches and during very long training days.

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