Here we are, the time has come and every year it starts again... Christmas is coming and while you are looking for ideas for your gamer boyfriend, your gamer girlfriend, your gamer children or grandchildren, you are struggling...

Do not worry ! I am here to help you !

How ? Thanks to a selection with small onions which should, I hope, save you and please the recipient!

In this article :

  1. Understand what type of gamer it is
  2. Option 1: Games
  3. Option 2: Accessories
  4. Option 3: Decoration and atmosphere
  5. Option 4: Gaming furniture

What kind of gamer is it?

First, be careful, each gamer is different and not all gamers have the same practice of their passion. You may be in a good position to know this, but it doesn't hurt to remember it.

SO ? Your victim, finally your target or your addressee (We will call him Mr. X), belong to which category?

Multicolor pacman neon lights

👾 Sunday Gamer

He does not often play and rather plays "family" type super mario video games. For him, what matters is having a laugh (or tearing up little cousin Lancelot in Super Smash Bros. 

"He only had to be clever that one. Ohh and then it's fine huh, there's no point in crying Monsieur du Lac... you suck, you suck, that's all! How did he only 5 years? So what? hmm! I digress...).

🆙 Noob Gamer (beginner)

He begins to immerse himself in the world of gaming and needs to be coached. His goal is to progress, and as quickly as possible.

⚽Casual Gamer

He has been playing for a long time but no longer has time to finish his games. "The Witcher III" and "Read Dead Redemption II" are still in the packaging. So he prefers to play on a console and opts for titles with fast games like FIFA (or any other sports game), Rocket League or Call of.

👨‍💻 Advanced Gamer

He plays very often and rather on PC (and you have to admit that you would still like him to spend more time doing other things, how to put your P****! of socks in the dirty laundry bin. It's not complicated though, is it?! ).

⚔️Hardcore Gamer

He plays ALL THE TIME! He always goes after things and the score for him is very important. He seeks performance at all costs and prefers to launch a competitive game on Counter-Strike rather than playing Animal Crossing.

🎮 Bonus - Daddy/Mommy Gamer

Former hardcore or advanced gamer, he would like to find his skills of yesteryear but no longer has time for that.

Children, homework, dishes, laundry all that all that... (if you reader are a mommy or a daddy gamer, know that I share your pain. Together we will find our ancestral glory!

Writing this article allowed me to find and buy the next game that I will not have time to finish...)

Ok, you got the idea. The idea is already to know who this Mr. or Mrs. X. is in order to offer him something useful in the exercise of his passion.

And already, I wanted to congratulate you for your presence here, because if you're here when you're not a gamer yourself, it's already a beautiful proof of love (heart for you with hands) .

Now let's get serious. Here is what I propose to you (non-exhaustive list of course, it's more to give you ideas and it will stay between us.).

Option 1: video games

Ok it may look lame like that but in real life, if you want to please a gamer, give him the game he's been waiting for for months or even years, it's still the best gift idea.

Child playing on his new gaming PC with indirect lighting

Be careful however, before taking action check:

The platform your MX plays on...

If he plays on several supports, choose the support that seems to you the most suitable for the game in question.

Here are some tips:

  • Sports simulations (football, rugby, basketball, cars, motorcycles, etc.) work very well on consoles with a controller (note that you can play the controller on a PC too).

  • City-builder, management games or turn-based games such as Civilization or The Sims are more suited to PCs (mouse + keyboard).

If he plays on PC

Check that the computer is able to run the chosen game correctly (on console no problem as long as you choose the right version of the game). To do this, you just have to go to a site like " Can I run it ", preferably with the computer that will be used to play, look for the game in question and run the test.

If he doesn't already own the game.

Yes, it may sound silly said like that, but with the dematerialized catalog of your MX you could have surprises.

Finally, and this is the most important, do not buy video games if you do not know exactly which games would make him happy! It is very difficult to choose and unless you have some idea of ​​the title your MX is looking forward to, go for another gift.

And then remember, just before I asked you what type of gamer best suits your target. Here you have to take it into account to choose a game. If your MX doesn't have much time to play, choose a game that offers the possibility of playing fast games. Especially if he plays on the TV in the living room (I imagine you would like to continue watching it too).

Which brings me to tell you about the following gifts...

Option 2: accessories

Accessories are always a good idea. They will add comfort, performance or style to your Mr./Mrs. setup. X.
These gift ideas are very suitable for any type of gamer but they are especially suitable for noobs gamers to help them get started!

two gamers playing with a video game controller

Classic controllers

So yes, like that it looks like it's a bit classic, but a controller is always used (unless MX already has 4 or 5.). And it's a great gift that allows you to share your passion with friends, family and maybe with you too!

I personally have a preference for the original controllers regardless of the console.

They are often well finished and offer more guarantees than controllers from other compatible brands. On PC, just check compatibility and there are very good wired controllers at Nakon For example. Note that all Xbox controllers are generally compatible with a Windows PC.

Exception to the rule of the original controller, if your MX is an inveterate Super Smash Bros player, a gamecube type controller could make him very happy if he does not have one.

Be careful to buy the new models designed to be compatible with the Switch! As this controller at Micromania For example.

Specialized controllers

A very nice gift for any simulation enthusiast if they don't already have one. Particularly suitable for advanced or hardcore gamers looking for performance and immersion.

Whether for a steering wheel + pedals, flight controls, space or other, Trustmaster is a reference at contained prices for this type of equipment.

Prefer wireless if possible to facilitate installation / uninstallation.


We don't talk about it enough, but for greater immersion and even more when playing online multiplayer, a good helmet is essential !

It's also a very good gift idea for daddy/mommy gamers so that they can better isolate themselves during their sessions and fully enjoy their games.

From this side, if X plays on console, check that the helmet is compatible and you can possibly opt for wired if the controller is equipped with a jack port.

Remember to check that the helmet you choose is equipped with a quality microphone (moreover, it is often the quality of the microphone that leaves something to be desired on entry-level models).

If you don't want to ask yourself any questions, you can go on a Turtle Beach headphones . The brand is recognized in the gaming world for the quality of its products and offers some pretty cool designs.

Here too there are a lot of headsets that can be compatible with consoles and PCs, it's up to you to see if X intends to use them only for video games. Otherwise you can opt for a more discreet model like the JBL Tune 660NC .

Do not miss our selection of helmets for those with glasses !


For Mr./Mrs. X. who play on PC, if they are still on the original keyboard or if they play on the keyboard of their portable PC, it can be a good option.

Try to put some color in their life as gamers with the range of RGB backlit keyboards from Corsair .

On the mouse side also you can perhaps give a boost to the setup of Mr./Mrs. X. with some beautiful mice at Corsair also.

A gaming mouse generally has greater precision and more buttons than a conventional mouse, which in particular allows you to configure in-game shortcuts and perform better.

gaming glasses

Among all the ideas I could give you, this one has the advantage of protecting X.'s eyes and improving his in-game performance but also and above all his visual comfort and his sleep.

It is therefore a very suitable gift for all gamers, but especially children and those who spend the most time in front of screens (advanced, hardcore gamers).

black and orange horus x revolution gaming glasses

These glasses filter the blue light emitted by the screens in order to limit the undesirable effects of this on our bodies: headaches, red or dry eyes, difficulty falling asleep, impaired sleep. In short, if your Mr./Mrs. X. often plays in the evening and/or for long sessions, it's almost a must.

Several brands offer this type of glasses but be careful because they are not all the same and some are even totally ineffective. You will have to check the information concerning the filtration rate of blue light and prioritize comfort and efficiency.

At Horus X we offer several models of gaming glasses at affordable prices but without denying product quality or performance.

The models in this range have the particularity of having an amber tint to which the eye quickly gets used to and a very high level of protection (they filter 86% of harmful blue light and 100% of the most dangerous part for health).

However, if you prefer, you can opt for models with clearer lenses and a more discreet design with our collection of glasses for mobile screens .

A range with more chic and urban accents.

You see, gift ideas, I have plenty, and still all that is obviously not complete and I invite you to consult several sites to find the best gaming accessories! What is certain is that with the shortage of Playstation 5, it may be time to strengthen the current setup of MX rather than renewing it.

Speaking of gaming setup, where are we? Not because playing video games is one thing, but playing in style is better!

Option 3: Decoration and atmosphere

If your Mr./Mrs. X. has its own corner dedicated to gaming, there is plenty to have fun here. And if he's a noob, this might be the opportunity to help him build his gaming room!

gamer poster with horus x logo

The figurines

If he is a fan of a particular license (Super Mario, GTA, The Witcher, COD...etc.) then you will find on various sites an incalculable number of objects such as figurines and thematic decoration.

The best known recently are of course the POP figurines that you can find in many shops or online at Popinabox For example.

The wall decorations

Like any decor that respects itself, we will try to put a little life on the walls if this is not yet the case.

For that you can find a lot of choices, especially in the gaming category at Displate .

I think you will find your happiness on their site, especially since there too, you may find the favorite license of MX or Mrs. X.

Lighting and ambient lighting

Contrary to what is said, the gamer is not a living bear reclusive in his cave and good lighting actively participates in improving visual comfort.

Beyond that, a few well-placed LEDs will immediately give a very nice style to this gaming room.

There are all kinds and at all kinds of prices.

If you want something original and qualitative, look at Nanoleaf which offers really very very stylish LED panel lighting.

Otherwise there is also the more classic led garland but which already has its little effect if it is well positioned. More advice on the lighting atmosphere here.

Personally, I really like the neon signs at YellowPop which, without being specific to gaming, can contribute to the atmosphere of the room.

Well, are you still not convinced? Do you need other ideas? Ok, let's continue!

Option 4: furniture

Are you tired of Mr. or Mrs. X. playing in the living room? Or do you know that he or she is very badly installed anyway?

It might be time to fix it.

So yes, we are entering a category of gifts that may require a little more budget, but which will be useful and appreciated without a doubt. Adapt your budget according to the type of gamer you are targeting. If he's a noob, there's no need to go immediately to the most expensive items, if he's a hardcore gamer, he favors performance and the level of equipment to please him!

gaming computer on a desk with red and blue backlight

armchairs for gamers

Yes it exists, no it's not superficial or just marketing. Just like you in the office when you are badly positioned and installed, gamers are less efficient when the seat is not suitable.

Whether playing the Playstation 5 or for PC gamers, a good chair will always be appreciated.

Here too there are some in all price ranges but if you want quality count all the same between 130 and 180€ for the first interesting models like this Homcom model with adjustable, reclining seat and footrest.

For the largest budgets we appreciate the quality of the brand rekt but at the price positioning a little more expensive.

The gaming desk

Stop the received idea that a console must be connected to the television in the living room!

Whether for PC or console gamers, a desk will create a space dedicated to gaming and can therefore be a great gift idea, provided you want to pay a little price.

The price, because on this type of purchase, you might as well favor quality, practicality and durability to avoid wanting to change them too often.

For the tightest budgets we can opt for simple models like this IWMH with cup holder and headphones with a design completely in the spirit of gaming.

For larger budgets, we can start looking for connected and adaptive offices such as this model from the Eureka brand .

There you go, my little list is finished! I hope you've found one or more gift ideas and if you're feeling generous don't hesitate to send all of this to me at:

Elon Mucus
99 Tweet to tweet ave.
ZXP-973 North Carolina

The final word: Christmas gift for gamer

Shortage of Playstation 5 obliges, it is necessary to turn to other ideas.

Don't panic, we sit down and think.

What kind of gamer or gamer hides behind my Mr./Ms. X.? What type of gift and what budget do I want to put?

Never forget

A gamer, to fully enjoy his passion alone or with friends, needs video games but also a good setup and a good environment. So look carefully for accessories (headsets, mice, keyboards, etc.) and ask yourself if you could help him improve the atmosphere of his gaming room with unusual objects or his favorite games.

If you also want to protect his health

think about gaming glasses (obviously ours are the best, and if you don't believe me, try them, they are guaranteed for life.).

Take good care of yourself and happy Christmas!

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