Blue light filter glasses, or blue light blocking glasses as they’re also known, are designed to provide comfort in front of screens.

By filtering out harmful waves of blue light projected from our devices we can protect ourselves from the scourge of visual fatigue and other health issues.

But what is blue light? And why do blue light filter glasses help?

Let’s take a look!

What is blue light?

illustration showing the wavelengths of blue light coming from the computer

We talk about this a lot.

More often than Na’vi interrupts you in Ocarina of Time.

But it’s for good reason. We care about raising awareness about the dangers of blue light. So much so we’ve created a complete guide to blue light: its risks, and our invaluable advice.

Here’s a snapshot:

Blue light refers to the part of the visible light spectrum where wavelengths are between 380 and 500 nm. There are several types of blue light, but not all of it is harmful.

The main part of the spectrum to be concerned about is blue light between 380 and 450 nanometers. This blue-violet light is made up of particularly energetic and powerful short waves, more dangerous for your little peepers.

Unfortunately for all of us, blue light waves can be found everywhere:

☀️ Natural blue light: The sun’s rays contain blue light which means we are always exposed. That’s not always a bad thing though! It helps regulate our circadian rhythm, which ensures we get to sleep at night.

💻 Artificial blue light: The main source of blue light in our homes is our digital screens and artificial lighting; particularly if you’re a smart household (smartphone, tablet, computer, your TV and LED lighting).

But then, what are the effects of blue light and the risks of too much exposure?

One of the main symptoms of exposure to blue light is digital eye fatigue. But it can also cause more pressing issues like disrupting your sleep pattern, and, if exposure is excessive, even lead to an increased risk of AMD (age-related macular degeneration).

But don’t panic. This doesn’t all mean you need to forsake all devices and worldly possessions and disappear into the forest to live like a mountain person. It just means you need to be a little bit more aware of the impact of blue light from screens.

Because we live in a digital age, we’re exposed at the wrong times of day and for a much longer period than before, causing issues.

Do glasses with blue light filter work?

illustration showing how Horus X glasses can block blue light from laptop, phone and TV

Are blue light glasses really that effective? Do they do what they say they will?

Or are they full of more empty promises than Handsome Jack.

Well, turns out they do work and are really helpful at preventing quite a few issues. Glasses with a blue light filter reduce the chances of being affected by overexposure to blue light.


  • 😩 Reduce visual fatigue
  • 🕰️ Avoid disrupting the circadian rhythm and thus, your ability to get a good night’s sleep

But how do anti-blue light glasses work? To take care of your little eyes, manufacturers of this type of glasses can do several things:

  • 🖌️ They apply a special coating filter to your glasses: This is done by opticians who also place optical coating on prescription lenses
  • ⚙️ They directly integrate filtration into the design of the lenses: No surface treatment for greater efficiency
  • 🥣 They make a small mixture of the two to boost anti-blue light effectiveness

💡Remember: Blue light glasses are not the same as prescription glasses! One does not necessarily equal the other. If you do wear prescriptive lenses and want to add a blue light coating, please speak with your ophthalmologist!

Still wondering how to choose?

You can’t go wrong with a filter glass made from polycarbonate for greater structural integrity, while remaining lightweight.  Make sure it’s anti-glare for added protection and truly effective filtration of blue light.

Not all glasses are created equal. Any reputable glasses company should have evidence of the filtration rates of their glasses. Too little and they’re no use at all, so choose a reputable brand that is high-quality and offers a high filtration rate.

You should also adjust some of your own habits accordingly. Reduce your screen time and activate night mode on your devices to reduce your blue light exposure.

Anti-blue light glasses for the whole family

a man wearing Horus X anti-blue light glasses while playing on a computer

The good news is that it is possible to find glasses with the best filtration rate for the harmful spectrum of blue light, available in several styles to suit your tastes, and without breaking the bank!

Hint: It’s Horus X glasses!

Blue light blocking glasses for heavy screen users: The Gaming range

Horus x Biobased anti-blue light glasses

Want to boost your performance without breaking your eyes? Equip yourself with the best gaming glasses on the market which combine ergonomics, anti-blue light and anti-reflective technology for increased efficiency.

Support your team in Helldivers, without damaging your eyes to do it!

👉 Our recommendation: Get ready to hit the top of the COD tables with our Gaming One Revolution glasses. Or check out our Bio-engineered Gaming Glasses! For those of us who love the planet, these glasses are made with solely biosourced material. Game while feeling better about your carbon footprint!

For filtration and protection at work

a man wearing Tortoise colored Horus x Stockholm glasses

Gaming glasses look slick, but if you’re in an office all day, you won’t stand out as much with a pair of our Office range glasses with transparent lenses.

These glasses are simple, elegant and timeless, so you can wear them all day every day, if you really want to.

👉 Our tip: Our founder, Paul, is rarely seen without his own pair of attractive tortoise shell Stockholm glasses. But there’s also our retro chic Ushuaia frames for those who prefer a rounded lens.

Anti-blue light glasses for children

a little girl and a little boy wearing Horus X glasses

It’s even more important for small humans to get used to wearing blue light filter glasses early. Their eyes are still developing and need more protection. Especially nowadays with children getting far more screen time on average than any other generation before. Quality protection is essential in keeping their vision healthy.

👉 Our recommendation: All our anti-blue light glasses offer maximum filtration for little eyes. But if your kid is already kicking your butt at Mario Kart, you might want to get them the Hope frames. For those who are more outdoorsy and need everyday protection. Check out the Osaka and the Helsinki frames for use in and outside.

And because kids are clumsy (or deliberately destructive), these are unbreakable and have a lifetime guarantee!

All that for just $39.

Glasses with blue light filter: Final thoughts

Blue light can cause serious damage to your comfort and sleep. This is why it is important to limit your exposure to blue light and protect your eyes from artificial blue light.

To do this, you can start by reducing your screen time but also, and above all, equip yourself with screen glasses that filter blue light using quality technology. The lenses of anti-blue light glasses protect your eyes against blue light because they have the ability to filter the rays emitted by screens.

Be careful though, not all glasses with an anti-blue light filter are created equal: Choose a lens that incorporates effective filtration technology rather than a simple blue light filter coating.

If you want to buy anti-blue light glasses online, you've come to the right place! All our models have polycarbonate lenses with integrated filtration technology, compliant with safety standards, for the office, everyday life, gaming, adults and children. The little extras that make the difference? Quality, comfort and style at the best price!


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