At Horus X we know how important sleep is. We’d be doing it right now if we could.

Sleep is restorative, rejuvenating and let’s be honest … everything just seems better after a good night’s rest. But so many of us struggle with sleep, especially with all the devices in our life keeping us doomscrolling or playing Spider-Man 2 till 3am.

That’s why we recommend these 8 accessories for better sleep.

1. The sleep diary 📰

image of a diary cup of tea and sleep mask, all accessories for better sleep

If you’re someone who really struggles to sleep, then it’s important you find the root cause of what’s keeping you awake. It could be you suffer from a sleep disorder such as insomnia, so it’s time to do some investigative work.

There are mobile apps and other sleep accessories that can help, and help figure out what’s making it so hard top close your eyes:

  • Relaxing sounds or guided meditation apps to help you fall asleep
  • Sleep tracking and cycle detection apps
  • Apps that can detect insomnia
  • Apps that detect snoring, teeth grinding, speech and even include sound recording
  • Sleep apnea detection apps
  • Apps that provide suggestions for improving sleep, depending on the issue detected.
  • Apps that wake you up during a light sleep phase, for better compliance with your cycle and to avoid feeling tired

👉 Some applications offer you a sensor to slide under the pillow, under the sheet or to wear on your wrist, for more precise measurements. Plus, a ton of these apps are totally free!

2. A dawn simulator and light metronome

a metronome with light behind it

Our body is set like a clock to the rhythm of light. Bad luck for those in places like Finland who only get 4 hours of daylight in summer.

Every evening our bodies start to produce larger quantities of the sleep hormone melatonin. But different factors like light from screens can trick our bodies into still thinking it’s day time and therefore not yet time for bed.

But there are ways to counteract this with a sleep gadget such as:

👉 For falling asleep quickly: Try a light metronome. Inhale, and exhale to the rhythm of a soft light.

👉 For the morning: Try a dawn simulator. This device simulates a natural and gentle awakening with increasingly strong light. (You can also get some smart bulbs that you can program to do this!)

There are even devices that combine both functions.

3. Anti-blue light glasses

older woman wearing blue light blocking glasses in bed

Blue light can be dangerous for many reasons, but one of which is that it blocks the production of melatonin. So, if you’re up at 2am playing the new Assassin’s Creed, your eyes are watering and yet somehow you don’t feel tired… blue light is to blame.

Blocking the production of melatonin means interrupting our natural circadian rhythm which determines our sleep cycle. That’s why we recommend using accessories that negate its effects.

👉 That’s why we created anti-blue light glasses. These bad boys block up to 86% of blue light, making them the best filtration on the market. Plus, we care about how you look so they’re stylish too.

4. Choosing a good mattress and pillow: Essential accessories for better sleep

2 dogs relaxing on a bed

Only in the dark dungeons of MMORPGs can you recover your HP on threadbare, thin mattresses. Comfort is extremely important for your sleep, and for your back too; which is why it’s important you consider the quality of your sleeping items.

Our ultimate bedroom toolbox:

  • The best pillow is an ergonomic pillow or memory foam cushion, as these will protect your neck and improve your overall sleep quality. These pillows adapt perfectly to the shape of your body and come in a wide range of materials and textures to please everybody.
  • A quality mattress is essential… and expensive. Luckily, ergonomic mattress toppers are nowhere near as costly and do the same job very well. They’re often optimized by support zone and provide an additional layer of comfort for better sleep. Your future self will be grateful you splashed out on a mattress topper.
  • A weighted blanket can make you feel like you’re getting a giant hug from Jason Momoa. And like a hug from Jason Momoa, it will help reduce anxiety and stress.

Try adding a side pillow. The big “7” shaped pillows that allow you to pretzel around them and put a barrier between yourself and any other annoying humans you share your sleeping space with. It will also help you get in the optimal sleep position for maximum comfort.

5. Accessories to block noise

woman with headphones on in bed

The earplug is a time-honored noise blocking sleep accessory most people have tried. They’re eco-friendly and most importantly… they’re cheap. So, if they work for you, we recommend sticking with them. You can choose between foam, wax and even custom-molded earplugs, but make sure whatever you pick is comfortable as they can get less so over time.

With earplugs you can block out 6am roadworks, busy streets, or members of your family screaming for your attention. Bliss….

👉 If putting an object in your ears bothers you, there are lightweight headphones, including active noise reduction headphones. Very effective against noise pollution during the night; especially against snoring.

Just like Christian Bale preparing for a role, there are lots of different shapes and types to try. Pay attention to the headphones weight, ventilation and shape in relation to your face/ears. We recommend trying before buying!

6. A connected sleep mask

woman using face mask as an accessory for better sleep

Even masks have joined the world of technology. No longer just a piece of fabric covering your eyes, you can now buy an eye mask with built in speakers for playing music or providing a guided meditation as you try to fall asleep.

It’s more practical than playing Candy Crush for hours on end. You don’t even need to look at your phone at all; just put in your headphones and drift off to the calming sounds… 💤

Sounds have a very strong influence over our bodies and minds. Choose something calming or try binaural beats  that imitate the waves emitted by your brain during deep sleep.

Either way, don’t go blasting EDM or DnB. The increased tension ups your heart rate; which is the last thing your brain needs when it’s trying to sleep.

7. Accessories for relaxing before bed: Yoga mats

dog and human doing yoga

Doing a meditative exercise like yoga before bed helps you relax and get better sleep. In fact, meditation is a good practice to include in your life regardless, as it has many health and emotional wellbeing benefits.

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️Any sport is good for your health, and yoga definitely counts. It contributes to restful sleep and allows you to enter a space of meditation and concentration that calms your mind and lets you fight the stress of daily life.

A youg mat, or yoga blocks if you’re particularly advanced, are useful objects for sleeping better. Choose the material types of your yoga accessories carefully, we recommend cork as it’s comfortable, lightweight and eco-friendly.

You also don’t need lots of floor room. If like most people younger people, you live in a fairly small space or studio, you can also do yoga in bed. (Thanks, cost of living crisis).

8. Natural remedies: Essential oils, herbal teas, and infusions

flowers in small glass bottles steeping to make tea

Nowadays, we can use plants for their health benefits without being labelled the village witch and hanged in the square.

There’s a whole range of plants useful for a good sleep. We recommend infusions of chamomile, valerian, or passionflower to help relax the body before bed.
if used in moderation, they can really influence your body, helping to promote good sleepy feelings.

P.S: Natural remedies also useful if you suffer from issues like dry or watery eyes.

Essential oils also have the power to soothe, and create an atmosphere conducive to sleep. You can leave diffusers on (a low setting) all night so that the essential oil continues to dissipate and help prevent nighttime waking. We recommend linen or lavender scents so you can feel like you’re camping on a cloud…

There are multiple ways to use essential oils:

  • Diffused into the air
  • On the skin
  • Inhaling their scent
  • On a piece of fabric
  • Sometimes orally (check with a professional first)

Developing good reflexes for a restful night’s sleep

Sleeping well has plenty of advantages. It charges the batteries, makes you feel rejuvenated, and more friendly and approachable in the morning. No need for family members and coworkers to continue hiding behind bits of furniture when they see you before coffee.

It’s in the best interest to take good care of your sleep. Our selection of accessories will help you on your journey, but one of the most effective things you can do is establish a routine.       

Accessories for better sleep: Final thoughts

From high-tech gadgets and apps that monitor your sleep to good old fashioned herbal remedies and lavender; there are plenty of options for getting a better night’s sleep.

With them you can wake up and feel refreshed and ready to conquer Ganondorf.
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