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Type of solar glass

Versatile sunglasses optimized for reading screens - Cat. 3

Polarized sunglasses optimized for adventure - Cat. 3

The extra thing
Take advantage of the outdoors and be able to watch your phone or computer without distortions. Go on an adventure and face the most deceitful reflections (water, snow).
UV filter (A,B,C)
100% 100%
Ultra harmful blue violet light filter 380 - 400 nm
100% 100%
Extended Spectrum Harmful Blue Light Filter 380 - 450 nm


Polarized lenses*
Optimized screen reading*


Regardless of the filter chosen, you are equipped with the best solar technologies on the market. Protection from UV, glare and the long term effects of intense blue light (HEV). Polarization is a very useful technology but as popular as it is, it is not essential and simply depends on your daily use.

*Polarization is in principle in "conflict" with the screens, our polarized glasses work on many screens but it depends on the angle and the device.